Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 162



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    @deepwoodslady - Thinking of you and really hoping your scans come back OK!
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    musicsax wrote: »
    29 yo female
    5’2” Small frame according to my wrist circumference
    SW 126.2 (April 14th, 2020)
    Highest lifetime weight: 138 lbs. August 2011
    Goal Weight: 110
    Previous rounds: 125.2 -> 122.8 -> 121.6 -> 121.2 -> 119.8-> 119.4 -> 117.8 ->116.6 -> 117.2 ->117.2->114.8 ->116.8 -> 116.4 -> 114.0 -> 115 -> 115.4 ->115 ->113 -> 113-> 113.8 ->114.6 -> 113.6 -> 115.8-> 116 -> 115.6 -> 117.6 -> 115.8 ->118.2-> 117.4 ->116.6 -> 116.8 ->115.6 -> 116.6 -> 115.4 ->?-> 116.6 -> 116.2 -> 115.4->?-> 117.8 ->116.6 -> 116 -> 116 -> 115 -> vacation -> missed about 3ish rounds-> 117.4
    Goal weight for this round: Getting to 115 or 116 would be fantastic!

    Previous days
    9/9 117.6 Breakfast was Trader Joe’s Paneer Chicken Masala with a cut up apple and peach. Not sure why but it sounded good for breakfast and was a decent amount of protein too. We have to pick my husbands car up tonight which makes planning dinner a little more complicated, so I’m not sure what dinner will be tonight. I kind of just want roasted veggies with some sort of protein.
    9/10 117.6 Went for a 3 mile run this morning. Ended up eating scallion pancakes and some crab Rangoon for dinner last night because my husband wanted Chinese. I originally wasn’t going to get it but then I decided to for whatever reason. I’m back on track today though and plan on using up the week’s csa veggies and produce over the course of the weekend.
    9/11 Did not weigh today. Woke up this morning and ended up going for a 7 mile walk/hike with my husband at a nearby conservation area. It was really nice to start the day off that way. Now I have the afternoon/over night to my self in Boston while I dog sit my cousin’s two English bull dogs. I love them to pieces and are one of my favorite types of dogs because they’re like the dog version of a cat in terms of energy 😊. Here’s a picture of them living their best life.
    9/12 Did not weigh. Back home after watching the puppies. Dishes and laundry done, now I just have to put the laundry away. Also did a hills based spin bike session for about 20 minutes, I’m a bit tired today because I stayed up a lot later than normal last night and then the puppies gruffed at the bedroom door this morning at 4:30 to come in and cuddle. I let them sleep on the couch because they both snore and didn’t feel like listening to all night. I compromised with half the night lol. They are such cuddle bugs too, so it was nice even if they did wake me up.
    I tried crumpets for the first time this weekend and thought of my UK friends here. I thought they were very tasty! I loved the texture of them, different but similar to something I’ve had before but can’t put my finger on what it was. I only put Kerry Gold butter on them for the most part and today I did little bit of butter and raspberry jam.

    Try them toasted with a little cheese on top , the melted cheese drops through the holes, delicious !!
    Thanks for the suggestion!
    I tried it that way this morning for breakfast and it was wonderful! I toasted it a bit then put the cheese on top and melted that in the toaster oven. Then, I dipped it into my two eggs :). It was the perfect way to finish the last crumpet in the package.
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    @jaccimc63 I cringed when I read “I heard my ankle crunch as I went down.” I hope all is well for you both.
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    @deepwoodslady I chuckled at “Have you ever seen the rain?” We had a downpour last Friday morning - it lasted about 5 minutes. By the time we went to early lunch, my husband wondered where the little water in the gutter had come from.