Women 200lb+, Let's Shine This September!!!



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    My worsts were/still are: tomato, casein, sesame. Also found out trout, peach, pomegranate, kale, and quite many others. Most of the additional things I barely have so isn't a big deal. The named are the ones that affect me the most. Many of those I had started having when switching to a more healthy diet. I didn't do the additional test for additives and such but after knowing my symptoms I also figured out: red 40 and caramel color. Right now the caramel color is having it's way; so I need to cut that a bit. Tomatoes have stopped being itchy but get to be nauseous or acid reflux after a few hours. I had found out that milk, other than the manmade sodium casinate in packaged items; didn't cause me a problem but I wasn't healing either. I've had too much dairy lately so I need to stop that too for a bit.

    I have a fructose intolerance, which is most fruit and most premade sweets, sodas, candies, icings, etc. It manifests as being hung over with headache, nausea, etc. almost immediately. I have to watch my simple carbs or I get sick to my stomach, and I have IBS which has decided that I shall not have most leafy greens or beans. I can have about a tablespoon of cooked spinach in a bowl of pasta alfredo for color, but only about once a week.

    This makes eating at other people's houses...interesting. If it's actually homemade (flour, sugar, butter, vanilla, etc) I can probably have a tiny portion especially if I've had plenty of protein. If it's a mix or it's one of those things where it's Box A plus Can B plus a jar of C poured over the top.... nope. I have learned to be a very good cook in self-defense.
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    September Challenge Weigh In Day

    Age 26
    Height 5'10"
    SW 246.9 on 7/13/2021
    CW 234.8
    GW for September: 228
    GW for end of 2021: 205
    UGW 180

    9/1: 235.1
    9/8: 233.5 (-1.6 pounds)
    9/15: 232.7 (-0.8 pounds)
    9/21: 230.4 (-2.3 pounds)
    9/29: 226.8 (-3.6 pounds)
    Total month loss: 8.3 pounds

    Victory for the week: I beat my goal! If I can lose 2 pounds in the next 2 weeks, I will meet my goal for weighing less than 225 at my brother's wedding. Also, I finally uploaded a profile picture of the puppy. She loves fetch and walks and keeps me active when I'm not working out.

    Aaannddd... my fitbit band broke. Need to order a new one off Amazon. Until then, no more measuring steps/sleep.
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    Hi all of you wonderful ladies. I am restarting my log ins, as it's been 3 months. My husband passed away unexpectedly in June and I have been overwhelmed with things to do. I'm 70 years old, and weigh 260, which is about where I was in June. My knee is bone on bone, and just got an injection to buy me time before surgery, maybe next year. I did start a chair yoga class, and that's been great so far. So looking forward to reading your posts again. 💕

    I’m so sorry for your loss. We’re here if we can help in any way
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    Age: 40
    Height: 6'0"
    SW: 277.7
    GW: 185(ish?)
    September goal: hit 250 MET
    Weigh in day is Friday
    9/1: 259.6
    9/3: 259.0
    9/17: 251.6
    9/24: 248.9

    I’m going to close out September today
    9/28- 245.8

    Total loss for September:13.8. While I love this number, I’m going to start eating back my exercise calories, as I feel this is too fast to be healthy/sustainable for me. Also, I’m grumpy a lot of the time. This may help (though I don’t feel hungry).

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    I'm so sorry for your loss, @finngirl61 Welcome back.
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    @finngirl61 I'm sorry for your loss. The ladies over here are very supportive and kind. Welcome back.
  • @kenziestabes what a cute puppy! Grats on your loss and you can do it for the wedding goal!!!
    @Deanner03 amazing loss! Doing what is healthy and sustainable is a very good plan!
    @finngirl61 (((hugs))) very sorry for your loss. We are here, welcome back to the group.
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    Hello. My goal for october is to loose at least 11 lb. I´m now at the end of September 286 lb (was 262 lb this summer). I´m 170 cm high. I so desperately need some motivation :#
  • @addyingadottir you are doing well so far. We have lots of accountability in a kind way. Motivation is a fits and starts sort of thing. Come in for the super low cal pumpkin almost milk latte - stay for the company :)
  • I use: 1) cold brew coffee I make myself 2) almond milk at 30 calories per 8oz and sweet leaf pumpkin spice 0 cal sweetener. If I am feeling particularly splurgy I will add super coffee kitu maple pumpkin creamer around 5 fluid ounces @33 calories. 63 calories plus coffee so maybe 65 calories (without the kitu it is around 50 calories) total for a HUGE 25 fluid oz cup of pumpkin java... cuz I like to drink *hiccup*
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    @kenziestabes your puppy is adorable!

    @Deanner03 sounds like a good plan!

    @finngirl61 I’m so sorry for your loss! ❤️
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    @finngirl61 sorry for your loss ♥
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    Thank you to those who texted their condolences. It means a lot. ❤
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    @finngirl61 So sorry for your loss <3
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    @finngirl61 so sorry to hear this. sorry for your loss ♥️
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    Good morning to all. Its nearly a new month woop woop. So far I'm 4.6lbs down in my first week. Now got TOM so I'm stuck on the scales for a few days. sending love to all 😊
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    September Challenge Weigh In Day

    Age 44
    Height 5'4"
    SW 249 3/2020
    CW 222.2
    GW for August 214
    UGW 145

    9/1: 218.8
    9/8: 219.0
    9/15: 219.4
    9/22: 220.8
    9/30: 222.2
    Total month loss: +3.4

    Weekly goals:
    -Continue logging on MFP
    -Work out 5x per week – 3 cardio & 2 strength
    -64 oz of water each day
    -Take some moments during the week to declutter

    Yup not a good month. I'm being hopeful the bulk of the uptick is mostly TOTM that is long past due. I'm seeing hopeful signs that give indication. Perimenopause certainly sucks for this reason; no idea when TOTM will come and each cycle is getting longer. Otherwise lots of sodium at different points. Besides this week's meal mentioned, I don't regret the other higher meals. I haven't done much of diet breaks so treated it a bit as such. No real binging either which for me is good.

    The plan for Oct should help me better. with Mom back from vacation and our usual Sunday dinners out I won't order as much at other times but need to go back through menus to help plan better. I'll just have to see with the semi-elimination diet how the healing goes to know how strict I need to be the whole month. Week by week basis ultimately.