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  • cathyb60
    cathyb60 Posts: 188 Member
    Oct. start weight: 241.50
    Oct. goal weight: 235
    Ultimate goal weight: 190 (to start)

    Oct. 6:
    Oct. 13:
    Oct. 20:
    Oct 27:
  • FaithIt365
    FaithIt365 Posts: 334 Member
    Oct Start Weight: 360.6
    Oct Goal Weight: 355
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 180

    Oct 02: 360.6
    Oct 09:
    Oct 16:
    Oct 23:
    Oct 30:
  • pamelajmcnab
    pamelajmcnab Posts: 18 Member
    Hi, everyone.

    I refocused on my health when the school year started back in August. Unfortunately, I managed to injure an already messed up knee on the first day, so I've been limping around for 6 weeks, unable to exercise. BUT, this time I didn't let that interrupt the rest of what I could do to get myself into a better place. I'm awfully far from where I need to be, but I've lost 50+ lbs more than once in my life. Done it before, I can do it again, hopefully for the last time.

    I'm 58 and 5'4".

    Oct Start Weight: 229.6
    Oct Goal Weight: 224
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 165

    Oct 1: 229.6
    Oct 8:
    Oct 15:
    Oct 22:
    Oct 29:
    Oct 30:
    Oct 31:
  • H118
    H118 Posts: 7 Member
    Oct Start Weight: 117kg
    Oct Goal Weight: 114kg
    Ultimate Goal Weight: TBD

    Oct 1: 117kg
    Oct 8:
    Oct 15:
    Oct 22:
    Oct 29:
    Oct 30:
    Oct 31:
  • greencar98
    greencar98 Posts: 13 Member
    How can I keep a daily list going on my original post?