Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 165



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    @fmfdfa2020 and @quiltingjaine
    I took all that candy upstairs to her room and avoided the temptation. I wouldn't call it willpower though. I was just too busy to go up & down to get it, in truth. Tonight when she got home from work, I asked her the plans for all that candy. Not a good idea in the house of two diabetics. She said she is still going to make the goodie bags for all the kids that had been invited and hand deliver them to all their houses. Anything left she said she would take to work and put on the break table in a nice halloween bowl. I'm relieved. I just hope she does it quickly. My plan until then: I have 2 large bars of dark chocolate. One is 70% cocoa and the other is 90% cocoa. If I must have something sweet, that's my two choices. I am used to only eating one square to minimize the calories and carbs. That is a good habit I'm glad I formed when doing strictly Keto. It has saved me many times!

    That's such a good plan! I would never be able to cope with that temptation lol My daughter loves sweets but tends to have 1 or 2 then leave the packet so I've also taken to putting it in a draw in her room :D I'm so pleased that she's not like me! I would finish the whole thing in one sitting lol!