Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • Imperfectsuccess
    Imperfectsuccess Posts: 72 Member
    Feel free to add! 🙂
  • sweetpepper13
    sweetpepper13 Posts: 2 Member
    Saying hello as a newbie to the community. 🤗

    I've been using the app off and on for a few years but somehow never stumbled in here. Hopefully with some new friends I'll be more consistent this time around.
  • Hi all. Returning after a long break. I'm 53. I went from 240 pounds to 175 pounds. Now I'm in the process of gaining muscle. I am from Utah and I am always looking for friends.
  • wvtracyann
    wvtracyann Posts: 106 Member
    Hey I just started my Journey again trying to drop 15-20 before Jan you are more than welcome to add me :)
  • Apeboyo124
    Apeboyo124 Posts: 179 Member
    You can add me :)
  • Vegito21
    Vegito21 Posts: 6 Member
    Need the motivation too!
  • Eltriste73
    Eltriste73 Posts: 116 Member
    It is always encouraging to see others working out and making progress…feel free to add!
  • New today would love some friends I haven’t got any 😊

    Welcome on board. Like you, I'm new here. A friend would be good to help Motivate.
  • Texafornia23
    Texafornia23 Posts: 177 Member
    Would love some active friend to encourage… and of course to be inspired by.
  • MK2326
    MK2326 Posts: 9 Member
    More friends would be great! 😉💕✌️
  • crystaIwings
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    edited October 2021
    Hello I just joined MFP a few days ago through my friend Deanna. I really love this site, from nutritions to exercise. Hope I can stick to it, and would like to have some MFP friends to motivate each other . My username is crysta1wings. Thank you
  • Yes !!! I need a little kick sometimes :-)
  • Movemoreguy22
    Movemoreguy22 Posts: 377 Member
    Need a few more motivation friends, deleted a few on my friend list not being active
  • Hendy406
    Hendy406 Posts: 1 Member
    I’m looking for friends! Lost 65 lbs and working to lose 75 more. Looking for new meal ideas, especially low-carb.
  • Ilovecereals82
    Ilovecereals82 Posts: 135 Member
    Heck yes - just rejoined today and am currently friendless 😭
  • dotts6
    dotts6 Posts: 2 Member
    Yes please. Always more fun with friends!
  • BridgetPhom
    BridgetPhom Posts: 2 Member
    Please feel free to add me. I’m returning to the app to get healthier.
  • TryingHarder08
    TryingHarder08 Posts: 1 Member
    Hi! Feel free to add me. I really need some friends to stay motivated.
    So far I’ve lost 44 pounds!
  • muscular81
    muscular81 Posts: 16 Member
    Hi! Feel free to add me. I really need some friends to stay motivated.
    So far I’ve lost 44 pounds!

    Congrats on such accomplishment!

    Everyone on this thread please add me, I'm very supportive