Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 166



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    Elbee1 wrote: »
    4’9” petite-sm. boned female. 59 yrs
    Ultimate goal: 98 lbs (subject to change)
    SW (starting over--May 24, 2021): 160.3
    I started mfp on 2/20/11 at 160.2 lbs.
    My lowest weight on mfp was 140 lbs in 11/2013 and 5/2014.
    My highest weight ever: 168+ (and I wasn't even pregnant at that time... ) That was in 12/2016.
    Just for the record used to be an athlete a long, long time ago. Used to teach Aerobics and Step Aerobics. Used to LOVE exercise.
    Nowadays, I don't exercise at all. Why, oh why not? How can I go from loving exercise and doing tons of exercise to nothing at all?
    Going from low blood pressure to being on medication for high blood pressure. What have I done to myself?!

    Round 151 Lost 3.1 lbs. EW: 157.2
    Round 152 EW: 159.6
    Round 153 EW 158.6
    Round 154 EW 157.8
    Round 155 EW 157
    Round 156 EW 159.4
    Round 157 EW 158.6
    Round 158 EW 159.2
    Round 159 EW 158.8
    Round 160 EW 158.4
    Round 161 EW 158
    Round 162 EW 159.6
    Round 163 EW 155.6
    Round 164 EW 154.8
    Round 165 EW 154.4

    Round 166 goal: end this round below 154.4 (That was my EW the last round...)

    I'm not giving up! I know that I "can do" it!!! And, I know that I will!!

    10/19 152.4 :smile: Yay!!!
    10/20 152.4 :)
    10/21 153.2
    10/22 154.2 :( things going badly here. Dad is dying. Mom is very bad now. I was on my way to visit her yesterday to see how she is with my own eyes. Had to turn around & go to Dad. This is bad situation. And I need to pay bills & submit LTC claims. I’m behind in paperwork & covered in it. Disorganized. Etc. almost got fired a few days ago due to having to take so much time off from work. Stressful job, stressful life still. Both parents at once is rough. I don’t know what I’m doing. Trying…

    Hang in there. I understand completely. Have you applied for FMLA? This will protect you from getting fired.