15 pounds to lose challenge August-October 31, 2021



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    Looks like your going to hit your goal! And probably surpass it!
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    Thanks @Toronto6fan ... appreciate it!!
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    Donna I hope everything went smoothly with your surgery. Sending positive thoughts for a quick, and smooth recovery time.
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    I am consistently way under for my Protein intake. Anyone else have this issue and found ways to get more protein in? It’s hard to get it in on 1330 calories per day I find🧐

    I struggle with protein too. I switched to Greek or Skye yogurt to help.

    I have several protein shakes a day. Each scoop of (whey) protein powder with 12 ounces of nonfat milk is 255 calories and gives me 38 grams of protein with only 1 gram of fat and 23 grams of carbs.