Women 200lb+, Let's Have A Noteworthy November!!!



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    If you have an insulated lunch box or small cooler, you could always put hot food in there. Maybe buy some hand warmers to toss in for heat. That'll open up the door for warm food options! Maybe also buy some hand warmers for actual hands.
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    Age: 51
    Height: 5'
    SW: 266.6 (1/4/21)
    SW November: 233.5
    GW for November: 229
    GW for 2021: 220
    GW for October 2022 because that's my focus: 165

    I have a lot on my plate this month, but I'd *really* like to step up the pace of my weight loss. I'm going to try varying my routine a bit. More strength exercises? More protein? Less garbage? I'm eating near my calorie goal (1200+ exercise) but all too often taking the easy way out and dinner is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on garbage bread or some such.

    I can *do this.*

    @goal06082021 could you possibly link those Planet Fitness videos you mentioned? Maybe knowing what to do when I walk in will help me get my shrinking-but-not-fast-enough backside in there.

    ETA: Thank you, @RavenStCloud !!
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    I cannot BELIEVE it's November already!!!!

    40 y/o. 6'0" tall
    SW: 277.7
    November 1: 232
    November goal: 226
    Ultimate goal weight: 180-185(ish)

    I weigh in on Fridays
    11/26: (I will not be weighing in this day. I'll be in Mexico)

    My goals for this month:

    Continue to stay under my calorie goal
    Avoid evening/weekend binges
    Increase my movement as I've slacked on that lately
    Not gain a ton of weight on vacation.
    Find a bathing suit that doesn't make me feel huge.
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    It just got colder here in coastal Virginia, and I've been craving richer, cozier dinners. I use a cute meal planner that I added magnets to so I can place it on the fridge. Keeps me honest and really helps me keep the grocery list trim. I also exclusively use Instacart for my main grocery shopping (except Trader Joe's runs) and that really helps reduce the impulse purchases! :lol:

    Made a pumpkin curry last week and tonight I'm making a creamy pumpkin pasta. Beefing up the recipe by adding in some rotisserie chicken breast because I'm just not feeling into a lot of cooking tonight. Anyone else feeling this temp change?
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    @sargemarcori they're in the PF app under Workouts, I'm not sure if I'm able to link them directly. If you have a PF membership you can download the app and access them, though. The specific ones I'm planning to do are the Beginner Strength Series parts 1-6, Beginner Dumbbell Series parts 1-6, and Beginner Cardio Series parts 1-6. They can all be done at home, no equipment necessary except for a dumbbell (or can of soup, bottle of water, whatever). I think it would be hard to follow a workout video on your phone at the gym; there's not really a good place to do that, IME, without being in someone else's way, at least that's the case for all the PFs I've been to. I also find it hard to focus that closely on my phone's audio, even with headphones, in the middle of a gym that's blasting music interspersed with the unintelligible club announcements about washing your hands or whatever. If your goal is more to learn how to use the stuff at the gym and figure out a program to do while there, you would probably be better served by going at a not-busy time and starting in the 30-Minute Circuit section. You just move from station to station when the timer tells you to. Bam, full-body workout in 30 minutes, and 30MC usually at least has bollards around it to demarcate it as its own section, if not actual walls or half-walls.
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    Height: 5'4"
    Age: 61
    SW: 245
    CW: 197.4
    GW for Nov: 192, I would like lower but this is a good number to strive for.
    UGW: 145 is my BMI healthy weight, but I think 165 is more realistic.
    My weigh in day's are Tuesday's
    11/2: 196.8

    November goals:
    Keep moving as much as possible.
    Drink at least 6 glasses of water a day.
    Eat under 1200 calorie limit per day.
    Create more meal plans.
    Start back in on my hobby, Scroll Sawing.
    Make an effort to clean out the spare room.
    Declutter, declutter, declutter. (The older I get the less I want to keep track of)
    Sort and donate all of the books my husband has read, I see a large pile next to his chair.
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    @celticcapergirl1 Welcome! You just did it. All you gotta do is post here and, as if by magic, you're part of the group. :) Most of us weigh in about weekly or so and post those updates; usually the first week-ish of the month is about setting goals and intentions, then we post about how we're doing with meeting those.
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    @sargemarcori I have Planet Fitness as well. They offer free training sessions. Their new member session walks through the machines; outside of the circuit room. If you’re not familiar with machines; I second what goal06082021 said – try out the circuit room. The location I mostly go to by myself didn’t have many regular sessions after 5pm but another location did; but mine did offer the new member session after 5pm I think. Also, they have “group” sessions where at least during covid times it’s a group of 1 but I haven’t tried those yet. The machines also all have a scan code that should bring up a tutorial of how to use it. The machines (at least the regular outside of the circuit room but assume they do too) have images for a quick view of how to use the machines. You can always try out a treadmill first and people watch those using the machines. I do that for some of the machines I haven't used yet lol.

    @goal06082021 Wonderful news for DH!

    @celticcapergirl1 Just jumping in as you did. If you want to, you can post your goals for the month/weekly but entirely up to you. It’s a great group of ladies!

    DH did not have the conversation of my moving into his house last week. I thought that would be the case. Probably didn't have it this week either. Since I'm needing space to get things out of my car and not back in my house; I got a storage space. So we'll see how far that takes me and giving me time to go through things afterward too. No space at mom's house unless I start going through the basement things. Just starting one room at a time for the moment.