15 pounds to lose challenge November 1- January 31, 2022



  • swimmom_1
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    I don't know about you, but I usually seem to have an uptick before a drop, even when staying true to my WOE.
  • RunDMC2021
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    Nov 8/21 Progress

    (F, 54, 5’5”)
    SW 162lb 01/21
    GW 145lb 01/31/22
    TW 151.2lb
    LOSS 2.8lb

    I pushed myself this past week with 5 out of 7 days of exercise minutes, and followed my calorie intake….for the most part.😏
    5 out of 7 days I stayed at or under, and 2 days I binged and went about 500+ calories over. But all in all the calories for the week averaged out to be just below my daily goal.

    What I learned……MOVE! I need to keep this level of exercise minutes going not just for weight loss but for my mental health.
    My big binge day…..I bought 2 cinnamon buns Tuesday night for super, with containers of icing 🧁 It was delicious! But I had another horrible migraine the next day which knocked me on my A**. Migraines have been weekly of late and totally related to sugar intake! Stay as far away from refined sugar as is reasonable do-able. I bought sugar free jello for that after dinner craving.

    I read some large weight loss success stories on here for inspiration…..may I just say WOW

    I’m feeling hopeful today, that perhaps getting down to 140lb may even be possible! I haven’t felt hopeful for a while, and it feels good😁

  • run_sara_run
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    Saw a lost this morning and was pretty well within target over the weekend (which is usually where I just completely fall apart).

    (F, 37, 5'6")
    SW 158 10/26/2021
    GW 140 ??

    Weighed in 155 this morning. It's a start!

    Happy Monday everyone!
  • ltimbers
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    A new week! Striving for a couple more pounds gone!

    Female, 5’6” (Was 5'8" but shrinking!!)
    HW: 170 pounds
    Nov 1 Start Weight: 164 pounds
    Jan 31 Goal Weight: 150 pounds
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 145 pounds

    Nov 1: 164 lbs
    Nov 8: 163.3
    Nov 15:
    Nov 22:
    Nov 29:
    Nov 30:
    Total weight loss/gain to date in November: +/- 0 pounds