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    I’m 5’7, 29 years old, female. I follow a lifting program and would like to decrease my body fat while maintaining muscle mass. My strength programming is 6x/week and I’m considering doing doubles twice a week since it’s so hard to fit in a workout when I leave for work at 6am and get home around 8pm 3x a week.

    My starting weight in Oct 2021 was 156.6

    Goals: stay in a mild calorie deficit, hit 110-140 grams of protein per day, avoid added sugars, 20-30 minutes of cardio on lifting days (4xweek, non-work days), add one day of double strength training per week.

    11/28 151.2 surprisingly stayed the same weight after the Thanksgiving feast yesterday. Cardio for the day 20 minutes of single arm devils press, overhead walking lunges, and box jumps. Reload week on my strength training programming, but still lots of Bulgarian split squats today (the worst move ever). Meal planned and bought groceries for the week. Dinner was sautéed mushrooms and riced broccoli with a balsamic reduction and baked tofu. Protein: 135g

    11/29 150.2 woke up with a bit of a head cold, but the weather was lovely! I took a walk, did some a farmers carry step up and rowing workout for some cardio and then a press day for strength. I intended to do double strength today, but felt pretty sickly. Dinner was a bok choy, mushroom, soba stir fry with baked tofu. Protein: 143g

    11/30 151.2 still have a cold, but it’s a minor annoyance and not a miserable bug.. Plus it’s during a stretch of 5 days off. Took a walk, did 20 minutes of KB swings, push-ups, wallballs, jump rope, lunges for cardio and then a light pull day. Dinner was spaghetti squash, mushroom, kale, leeks and seitan. Protein: 141

    12/1 152.1 cold still lingering but improving. Another day in the 70’s (isn’t it December??), so I’ll take a nice walk. I’ve been double checking my recipes for accuracy since the scale hasn’t been moving but can’t find any discrepancies and I weigh everything to grams 🤷‍♀️ Rowing, DB snatch, sit-ups for cardio and light leg day for strength. Lunch will be leftovers as always, dinner is roasted cauliflower and chickpeas with a herbed tahini sauce and baked tofu. Protein: 131


    Oooo! Can you tell me more about the roasted cauliflower and chickpea dish? What spices/flavors do you use? I have a head of cauliflower in my fridge I want to do something fun with and combining it with chickpeas and tahini sounds yummy