Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 171



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    31 yo female
    5’2” Small frame according to my wrist circumference
    SW 126.2 (April 14th, 2020)
    Highest lifetime weight: 138 lbs. August 2011
    Goal Weight: Stay around 115-118
    Previous rounds: 125.2 -> 122.8 -> 121.6 -> 121.2 -> 119.8-> 119.4 -> 117.8 ->116.6 -> 117.2 ->117.2->114.8 ->116.8 -> 116.4 -> 114.0 -> 115 -> 115.4 ->115 ->113 -> 113-> 113.8 ->114.6 -> 113.6 -> 115.8-> 116 -> 115.6 -> 117.6 -> 115.8 ->118.2-> 117.4 ->116.6 -> 116.8 ->115.6 -> 116.6 -> 115.4 ->?-> 116.6 -> 116.2 -> 115.4->?-> 117.8 ->116.6 -> 116 -> 116 -> 115 -> vacation -> missed about 3ish rounds-> 117.4 -> 115.4 ->117.2 -> 118.2 -> 116.6 -> 118.2 -> 118.4 -> ? scale was wonky -> 118.8
    Goal for this round: Maintain weight while continuing to focus on strength training and running

    Previous days
    12/8 119.6 Cool with that weight today. Went for a run this morning and it felt good but it was chilly, so I sweat less than the past two days of using the spin bike inside. I plan to spin tomorrow morning, so I don’t push it with my knee. Food was good all day, although when I was done with my day/finished dinner I was still hungry. I ended up going over on calories but spent them on a microwave baked apple (core an apple, pop in the microwave for 4-5 minutes with a splash of water, finish with a sprinkle of pumpkin pie spice) and that helped curb the hunger a bit.
    12/9 Did not weigh this morning. Did a 60 minute spin bike ride this morning. My husband came home super early this morning because there was a fire at my in-law’s condo complex. He was okay but he could smell and see smoke in the building’s hallway and the fire fighters were starting to show up, so he didn’t stick around to see what happened and just grabbed his stuff and headed home at 3:30 in the morning. That was a scary text to see when I woke up but was so grateful that he was okay and that he heard the faint fire alarm going off.
    I have my food all planned for the day and it should be a solid day.

    12/10 did not post
    12/11 did not post
    12/12 Feeling tired today. I had caffeine yesterday and thought I slept okay but I guess I didn’t because I’m definitely not energetic. TOM is due in the next 5ish days and I’m just feeling funky from it, I feel puffy, blah, and just sick of the extra weight creep that has happened over the last few months. Now, when I cut I end up feeling extra hungry (even if it’s like 200 cals max but typically 75-100) so it just makes me want to eat at maintenance but then the Christmas treats have been showing up randomly and my will power is gone at the moment (my mother In law made anise cookies and I had three of them but that was probably 300 empty calories and on Friday and Saturday I ended up going over my calories too) . It’s probably just hormones but it’s really annoying. Then on the other hand, I know I’m getting stronger and my runs have been improving a bit along with my strength routine, so I guess I’m just having a struggle moment. Sorry for the ranting but it’s my truth right now.

    12/13 Feeling a bit better this morning, there was the most incredible sunrise on my run, to the point where I turned a corner and said, “Holy ****” and proceeded to pause and take a picture because it was so magnificent. I’ll add a picture below even though it won’t do it justice. Preworkout I was 120 but felt less puffy and post workout I was 119. Went for a 6 mile run this morning at a very slow pace because I’m still nursing my knee and my forever tight right hip. Looking forward to the massage I booked for myself next week. I hope she can dig out all the tension/tightness in my hip that I can’t stretch/ theragun massage out. Breakfast was a pre-run raspberry mini corn muffin, and post run was a protein shake, bakery wheat toast with peanut butter and a drizzle of local honey, plus some mushroom tea full of chaga, turkey tail, and a scoop of Thrive 6. Not sure what lunch will be but dinner will be meat loaf with roasted potatoes and Romanesco. I also plan to do a strength workout during my lunch break.

    @playhardkf2017 What an absolutely STUNNING sunrise!