What did you learn using MyFitnessPal that changed your habits?



  • sargemarcori
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    @Cindy01Louisiana not that you asked, but if you haven't tried Bolthouse Farms, you might look for it! Made with yogurt, doesn't have a ton of garbage in it, low calorie (compared to most) and delicious!

    But yeah, that serving size thing. I remember confounding friends when I read the label and found that a "serving" of Pop-Tarts was only ONE! (when they, obviously, come in not-resealable packets of two!)

  • Vis77
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    comin in at a minus 200 cals is the trick point for me of not being hungry but eating,, also spreading calories out and having 200 cals left at end of day for almonds and dark chocolate
  • SpicyMeatball82
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    Tracking how much macronutrients I was really eating. What I thought was 200 calories was really like 500! Learned a lot about portion control.
  • wunderkindking
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    New Lesson, from maintenance;

    If I don't do some at least half-hearted logging... I keep losing weight I no longer want to lose. Meaning, yeah, I need to continue to do rough logging (all I did to lose, either, I'm pretty accurate) because now apparently I UNDEREAT if I'm left to my own devices. I NEVER thought I would see the day-
  • jrowens3102
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    I really do eat better, all day, when I log & get at least 8grams of fiber in my first meal. Also, as delicious as those 2 sea salt caramels are, I enjoy my Greek yogurt w/honey & pistachios just as much...and it's WAY better for me. Plus, the latter makes for a cuter macro pie chart at the end of the day. :)
  • jrowens3102
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    edited January 2022
    @kenyonhaff, love "You can't outrun a bad diet". Great post!
  • Portion sizes. I now weigh out certain things

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