How to kill "being hungry feeling"?



  • dekrugermolly
    dekrugermolly Posts: 25 Member
    You’re hungry because you’re skipping dinner. Try to eat around the same time every day for each meal, for example, I try to eat breakfast between 9-10, lunch 11-1, dinner 5-10. It depends on the day for me. Secondly, you should eat when your hungry. Snack on rice cakes or carrots or apples, eat a spoonful of peanut butter, drink more water. You got this ❤️
  • cnodonnell1
    cnodonnell1 Posts: 6 Member
    For me what works is having some form of protein in the late afternoon (usually between 1 and 3 pm). It can be a couple of eggs, some tofu, or tuna most of the time.
  • wilson10102018
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    Ask yourself: "Do people who live in North American above 43 degrees latitude feel cold all the time?" I know I would regardless of how I dressed for the weather.

    I pose this question because we know that many people who live in places like Toronto are not at all uncomfortable. How can that be I would ask. I'd be cold all the time.

    There is nothing wrong with feeling hungry. Its just different for different people.

  • dogmahill
    dogmahill Posts: 3 Member
    Fiber is your friend. Up your fiber and you won't be hungry.
  • linadpetrova
    linadpetrova Posts: 8 Member
    Try sugar free jello or tea. Also a little of white wine can relax you and distract you from thinking about food 😊