JUST FOR TODAY--One Day at a Time--Daily Commitment Thread for 2022



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    Caught up on reading with time for just a few comments before bed. (Not going to make it by midnight again tonight :| )

    @Snowflake1968 - What a sweet photo of your little birthday princess! She does indeed look happy.
    Holiday season birthdays can be such a challenge, but it sounds like you made hers special <3

    @Bex953172 - I remember when my three were the same ages as your girls. I never managed to get the little ones to do chores. All I can say is it will eventually get a bit easier, especially if you teach them all to use the washer when they start caring about what they wear ;)

    @TerriRichardson112 - I'm glad you were able to see your family despite the delay.

    @cschmitz110515 - Gorgeous sunset!

    @littleblackskirt - Ah, what views! I sometimes think I love the sea most when it's brooding and restless.
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    Morning all. @mytime6630 sounds like you have the right attitude in response to your daughter’s actions. I hope you managed to avoid the stress eating, but if you didn’t, I also hope you are kind to yourself and don’t feel bad.

    @MrsHermit Hi - hope packing is going well. I hate moving!

    The pretty views are making me feel a bit sorry for myself. I’ve barely left London since the start of the pandemic and I’m fed up with it! Have booked a trip for the summer and really hoping we make it.

    I’m up early today and got in a quick mile on the treadmill just to keep the RED January thing going. But yesterday was hard as my cat is not well. We took him to the vet last night and they found a puncture wound on his back but he was too stressed for them to finish checking him. They gave him antibiotics and painkillers but this morning he has left bloody urine on the floor so I don’t think he is right. Will have to squeeze in time to take him again but they may need to sedate him. 😔

    Wednesday goals:
    Morning run ✅ 1 mile
    Builder to visit for shed base quote 7:30am
    Call vet again
    Finish planning
    Check with M re MTP
    Stay within calorie goal
    Pick up LFD tests at school
    Leave on time
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    Word the year: Determination
    Bex953172 wrote: »

    JFT Tues 4th
    - Log all food ✔️
    - Drink 4 waters✔️
    - Ring dad to borrow money✔️ (hate doing this but needs must.)
    - Mini exercises❌ (DONT FORGET)
    - Iron school clothes for morning❌
    - Clean kitchen/take out rubbish🔘
    - Neaten soil in garden ❌

    Not a bad day really, I logged everything and was under :) and got my waters in.

    So I didn't do my mini exercises again but in my defence TOTM started and I had baaaad cramps.
    Couldn't iron the girls clothes because I can't see the carpet in their room to even put the ironing board up, but they look fine today and are all back in school, yayyy

    I took great pleasure in waking THEM up this morning haha, they're lucky I didn't go in with a pan and spoon 😂

    Forgot to do the garden, plus it was really cold outside and totm.

    I cleaned half the kitchen, and did half the rubbish so that's why there's a blue dot for that one 😂😂

    JFT Wed 5th

    - Log all food
    - 4 waters
    - 10k steps (kids are back at school so getting my steps in)
    - General house tidy and finish putting Xmas decs away :)

    Good luck with your goals today everyone!

    I'm excited at the minute, so far I've been under calories everyday (I set it to 1lb/week) it's been so much easier to manage with the extra calories, 1200 was getting too restrictive. But I'm hoping to see if I've dropped my first 1lb!
    Maybe not with totm so need to bare that in mind but I feel good ATM, which is rare for me 😂
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    Up early and out shopping this morning. Glad to be back home in the warmth. Will be taking it relatively easy today.
    ❄️⛄️JANUARY 2022 ⛄️❄️
    Life Affirmations
    🔹I am in tune with my dreams
    🔹I know what is right for me
    🔹I will pursue my dreams and greatest passion
    🔹I live in congruence with my authentic self
    🔹I am mindful
    🔹I am creative every day
    🔹I foster positivity
    🔹I am compassionate
    Keep your chin up!
    Turning up is the ultimate success!

    Personal Stats:
    • Name: Terri
    • Age: 75
    • Height: 5'2"
    • [/b]SW: 227 (Mar 2014)
    • Joined MFP: Jan 2015
    • 1st Goal: 190 Sept 2015
    • UGW: 145
    • 01 Aug 2019: 170.1
    [*] 31 Dec 2019: 151.2
    [*] 31 Dec 2020: 145.6
    [*] Total weight loss: 81.4 lbs
    [*] (30 Dec 2021: 138.6 - Total Loss: 87 lbs)
    [*] 3 Jan 2022: 138.9

    January Daily Habits: Week 1
    Sat: ✅ Sun: ✅ Mon: ✅
    Tue: ✅ Wed: Thu: Fri:
    1. Weight < 145: ✅4/7 (I weigh each morning after ablutions)
    2. Reduce Fat%: ✅ 29.3; 27.1; 25.1; 24.5; 24.2 23.4 21%
    3. Increase Muscle%: ✅ 28.7->30.1; 30.6; 30.7: 30.9: 31.8
    4. Calories in the green ✅4/7
    5. Steps > 7500 ✅ 4/7
    6. Intentional exercise > 50 mins daily✅4/7
    7. Active hours > 6 daily ✅4/7
    8. 11pm shutdown of devices✅4/7
    9. Cleanup sweep of ground floor rooms✅4/7
    10. after making bed > 10 minutes of flex✅4/7
    Positive intentions for yesterday:
    • Meditation 👌🏻
    • Daily Flex👌🏻
    • Outdoor walk👌🏻
    • laundry👌🏻
    • Daily Chores👌🏻
    • Self Care👌🏻
    Positive intentions for today:
    • Meditation 👌🏻
    • Weekly shopping 👌🏻
    • Daily Flex
    • Crochet/Jigsaw
    • laundry
    • Daily Chores
    • Self Care

    Terri 🦄
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    JFT for 1/5 (today): ✔️
    1) No dessert today (last 1/3), unless I want sugar free or no sugar added.
    2) No peanut butter today (last 1/2)
    3) Don't weigh again until Thursday, 1/6
    4) Up to 1.5 oz hard cheese today (trying not to have cheese everyday) (last 1/3)
    5) Starting to allow honey again, but not everyday. No honey today (1-2 Tbsp). (last - 12/13)
    6) No peanuts today & No pistachios today; walnuts & almonds ok, up to 1 oz of nut gift OK today
    7) No dried apricots today. (last 12/13)
    8) None of DH's treats today.
    9) No turkey jerky today.
    10) No turkey Vienna sausage today

    Mrs. Hermit - Thank you!

    I've been so busy getting caught, and so many things to do in January.

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    @Faebert (((Hugs))) for you and your cat... our furbabies are our family!

    @MrsHermit For your back seat, maybe try YouTube or Google to research. My hubby does all the time for repair stuff & it really helps.

    Recap T 1/4 ~ Reset early alarm & no pre-work workout. Ack.
    1) Move hourly / stairs breaks (3rd floor to basement & back) :smiley: 13/14 & 33 floors & 9.7K
    2) Leftovers day / net calories zero / 14c water :s if only I'd not had the peanuts snack after errands before supper! -347, sodium not horrible, fiber & protein excellent, sugar ok, 14c water
    3) Clear more items on time-sensitive list / discuss ROP-BJ draft issues w/ asst. mgr. if available / Facebook Live 12:00 / req'd training / pack laptop = 4/5
    4) On way home buy dog food, cat greenies / at least 2 ta-da's = 2/2
    5) Evening workout? :#
    6) Unplug 9:00 / floss / retainers / Voltaren / Calm app / 6:00 alarm (pre-work workout) :smiley: 6/6

    JFT W 1/5
    1) X-trained before work (circuit/weights in basement) :smiley:
    2) Move hourly / stairs breaks
    3) Net calories zero / 14c water
    4) Make skillet pan lasagna for supper / shovel snow? / 1-2 ta-da's
    5) Unplug 9:00 / floss / retainers / Voltaren / Calm app / 6:00 alarm (treadmill before work)
    About me: Carmela
    Height 5'4"
    64 yrs old
    Reside in Green Bay, WI, USA

    2022 Goals: mainly updates from the last two years
    1) Weight 150#
    2) Plan meals most days & prelog meals/snacks whenever possible on MFP
    3) Post weekly weigh-in on JFT for accountability. Saturday a.m. is my "official" weigh-in day, and I track daily on a separate app (for the visual). My digital scale only shows half pound increments & I'm too cheap to buy a fancier scale.
    4) Take measurements & log on MFP every month end
    5) Exercise 5-6x per week (minimum 4x) ~ mostly walking dog, treadmill in winter, but include weights/my home version of circuit & other x-training
    6) Participate in race or challenge events hopefully fewer virtual this year ~
    • started MapMyWalk app You Vs. the Year 1,022km challenge on Jan. 1
    • registered for Frenzy on the Fox 5K on 1.21.22
    • registered for Seroogy's Valentine 5K on 2.5.22
    • will register for Bellin 10K on 6.11.22 ~ first time in person since 2019
    • will register for Packers 5K when July details announced
    • will register for Bellin Women's Pink Pumpkin 5K when Oct. details announced
    • will register for Run for the Hill of It (trail) 5K when Oct. details announced
    • watch for other events to add
    7) Be considerate and loving to hubby and have fun together ~ excellent goal last two years to be continued
    8) Make efforts to keep in touch with parents, siblings and friends (most live in other towns or states) ~ keeping this goal as well
    9) Continue to declutter bedroom, home office, former work from home space (a/k/a dining room) and basement

    Word for 2022: Tenacity ~ persistent determination; the mental strength to resist opposition, danger or hardship
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    Wednesday 5 January

    Recap on Goals for Tuesday
    Log 😊 had to guess on the homemade stew from the freezer
    Stay in the green - probably
    8 glasses of water etc. 😊
    5 fruit and veg 😊
    Fitbit exercise goals 😊
    Weigh 😊 trend ⬇️
    take the tree down ✅

    Goals for Wednesday
    Stay in the green
    5 fruit and veg
    Fitbit exercise goals :) muscles are complaining now!
    Weigh 😊 trend - scale is messing with me - it says I gained a kilo overnight and I know that's impossible!

    @Faebert - I hope your cat recovers quickly.

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  • mytime6630
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    Success last nite .... I did not emotional eat. Listened to music with hubby.. then started sorting through my fabric scraps, and cut out pieces for a quilt for my SIL.
    At the end of the nite, even though I was sad about how things turned out with our daughter, I was happy that I took care of me.
    JFT, Wed
    1. log all food
    2. concentrate on water
    3. plan meals: breakfast and lunch are easy; dinner will be brocolli/chicken casserole with a large salad
    4. snacks: apple or orange, maybe a cheese stick
    5. write in journal
    6. positive thinking
    7. start taking down xmas stuff
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    Hour commitment - I won't eat again until after 5 pm, except my dose of metamusal. No more chicken (that I made) today.

  • more_freggies76
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    I never did this yet for 2022.

    Name: (I prefer not to give because it is a very unusual first name and someone could find it probably. There are only 5 or 6 women in the world with the same name - that show up on the internet that is!!!)
    63.5 yrs old
    SW: don't know for sure, but I think 210
    Other : Dieted and binged since a child. Practiced bulimia in 20s. Finally found my groove. Now I have a healthy relationship with food. I don't eat any particular diet and can have everything, but I try to concentrate on vegetables and few carbs and sugar. Can have meat, but try to only have small portions. Recently tested in diabetic range, but managing with continued low carbs & sugar & metformin. Have worked with a nutritionist for about 10 years (she serves as a therapist too!). Lost a lot of weight on my own and then the insulin-resistance made it difficult to lose, even on a low-cal diet. As soon as I started metformin, the weight has been falling off.
    Ultimate goal: None -- just living each day.
    Philosophy: I want to eat a few times a day (usually 2 meals, sometimes 3) and do other things in between! Some exceptions are allowed, absolutely. Striving for perfection got me into too much trouble over the years.

    Many of you will see my hour commitments as well as daily commitments. I have found that I keep promises to "the world" better than the ones I make to myself. (Sorry to say, but it's true when it comes to eating.) Hour commitments have helped me in so many ways: stopping a trend towards eating too much at a meal (I call it food interruptus!), not eating too much of the same item in a day, etc. They serve to keep me "mindful".

    Thanks to all of you for being here and good luck on your journey!
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    AJB1014 wrote: »
    Hello friends!!! @maryrobinson40 messaged me a few weeks back - it was just what I needed, so THANK YOU to Mary! I've been thinking of everyone for the past year but was just not in a place mentally to commit any time to MFP. But I've been making my tiny changes and pushing on finally! I was SO happy to see a new JFT thread. I will probably go back to last years thread and skim thru to see what everyone has had going on, it will be nice to "catch up."

    @mytime6630 Thank you for hosting the thread as always! How is your husband doing, are his treatments done and doing well? Wishing you all the best!
    @Snowflake1968 Look how big Mikaela is! What a sweetie - sorry to hear your hip is still bothering you! I hope the physical therapy is helpful.
    @Bex953172 Cant believe Casey is 3! I died laughing at almost waking them up with a pot and spoon banging about the house!

    I am looking forward to joining you all again!

    I'm not going to post goals specifically just yet - my just for todays are going to be to show up, and be present...for now. And then I'll build from there.

    Yayyyy glad your back!!
    I went through my friends list yesterday and deleted anyone who wasn't JFT and your top of the list and I was wondering where you were!!
    Hope you're doing okay
    And showing up is the first step! You'll get there x