What do your meals look like (show me pictures)....



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    Made with Miracle Noodles and veggies

  • Anewbody2021
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    Keto Taco Salad with Quest Chips

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    Week 1 and took some pics in the hopes it keeps me focused

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    315 calorie breakfast. Smoked Salmon, a Kodiak pancake and two eggs. So tasty 😋

    Feel free to add me, I post lots of pictures.
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    Decadent dinner calorie wise. Sea bass and carrot tempura with dipping sauce. Sides of rice, Sichuan blanched courgette salad, Japanese pickled celery and daikon. I have been experimenting with making tempura lighter. For the batter I used 2 parts rice flour (which absorbs less oil than wheat flour) to 1 part potato starch (which lends brittleness). I have been frying very hot for just a few seconds to harden the batter. Afterwards I finish in the air fryer. Next time will see if I can do the hardening step in scant oil in a non stick pan. You can't put a wet batter in the air fryer which will just blow the batter around. Cooking tempura in two stages reduces the stress around timing, for something that normally needs to be served immediately.

    That sea bass looks delicious!!! 😋
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    Sunday brunch:

    Multigrain French toast with pure maple syrup, sausage and coffee

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    Homemade salt beef we had in the freezer that had been cooked sous vide, dutch zuurkool stampot (mash with sauerkraut), glazed carrots, celery braised in the broth in the sous vide bag, roasted daikon.
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    Starter of half a roast cauliflower with alioli. Main of beef hor fun.