Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 174



  • SherryRueter
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    @AR10at50 Hope you enjoyed the Gumbo.
    @enlightenme3 I was just reading yesterday how when you drink a *kitten* ton of water it helps aid in weight loss. I need to up mine also. I also read a post where eating 3 meals a day helps more then 6-8. My last 5# are tough as hell also. I googled Jillian Michaels Last 10# and found a nice set of youtube videos on the subject. Great inspiration.

    @quiltingjaine – what did you order at the taco place for keto? Just was wondering.

    @whitej1234 - Hi! So your 178cm tall? That’s 5foot 10 inches in US? I have to be wrong. And your goal is to weigh 91 pounds? Just inquiring, not judging one bit. But it seems I have something wrong, as 91 pounds would be suitable for a person 5 feet tall, not 5 feet 10 inches.
    Thanks in advance.