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  • Taytaylynn92
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    Hi everyone.
    I’m 29 5’4.5 and currently 150lb.
    Unfortunately I fell on Monday and sprained my ankle 😅
    So I am hammering down on my food. 1700 calories a day with 20lb lost by my 30th!
  • nay0m3
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    43 and have lost 30 pounds and recomped my body. Always looking to connect and support others on this journey! It's a lifestyle for sure. I love talking all things lifting, nutrition, mental health, sleep--it's all awesome stuff!!!
  • npatel160
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    Turning 34 looking to lose 25lbs by April would love to join
  • brisingr86
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    Hi ladies, I've pretty much stagnated, but at least I'm down a few pounds and that's without really logging consistently. Working this year on finding balance between work, family (being a wife and mom), and me. Need to get back to logging consistently/less snacking. REALLY need to get more movement, especially since I'm back working from home. I also have something weird going on with my wrist that I can't press flat palm (i.e., pushups).

    @Taytaylynn92 , So sorry about the ankle! Take it easy so it heals well and quickly. Maybe search some seated workouts for upper body? (Pretty sure I've seen some on Darebee).

    @npatel160 , not sure how much you have to lose overall, but please be careful (25 lbs in ~12 weeks is aggressive unless you have a lot to lose). Like @LaurenMargott says, make sure you're doing something sustainable (or chances are you'll fall off the wagon in May and may end up in worse place.
    Age: 35
    Height: 5'5"
    SW (this time): 192 (15 June 2021)
    CW: 172
    - 22 Oct 2021: 175.4
    GW: 140
  • MrsHermit
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    @Taytaylynn92 ouch! Hope you feel better soon!
    @brisingr86 Balance is something I regularly struggle with. I'm trying to work my goals into my routine, and make the habit goals really small. So it's small, specific, and attached to something I'm already doing. Maybe you use 5 minutes to log when you have your tea/coffee sometime midday?

    @nay0meh @npatel160 It is a lifestyle change not a fast sprint. Choosing smaller, specific, sustainable changes is better. Try drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning, or go for a walk before dinner.
    One step at a time!
  • makattack220
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    A reminder to myself and anyone else who needs to hear it.

    If you deprive yourself completely it won't be sustainable.

    I am terrible for going super hard then falling off the wagon. Got to remind myself those slow days when I'm on nightshift and I just want Tim Tam's are okay as long as it's not every day.

    Slow and steady

    Great reminder. Agree 100%! What’s working for me this time around is that I’m not setting myself on a timeline, I’m taking things slow at higher calories than I ever used before for weight loss, and I’m not trying to remove all my favorite foods in the process or stick to some new way of eating. I’ve made so many simple, healthier swaps for ingredients in my recipes that I feel no deprivation at all since I’m eating my favorite foods each day. The better I feel, the more I have naturally started eating less of the processed/treat foods for snacks and more of the nutritious foods in general. I’ve also learned to make my daily exercise FUN. (What?!) And now I look forward to it as a needed break. And perhaps most important: I’ve started talking to myself how I’d talk to/encourage/celebrate my best friend. I had no idea how important the mindset work is until this past year. A mantra I’m using right now is: “I am lovingly and joyfully releasing this weight.” It is actually working and I can feel my mindset shifting. Hope you’re all well!
  • TwinMama91521
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    This is great!

    I'm 33 years old and gave birth to twins in September. All but 10 pounds of my pregnancy weight fell off pretty easily. Life has been hectic and exhausting but it is time to start working on my fitness and health.

    I'm focusing on diet and doing what I can, when I can, when it comes to working out, but realistically, I'm not sure how consistent that will be, other than daily walks with my boys.

    My goal is to lose 30 pounds. I'm currently 5'3 and 160 pounds. I'm looking for friends, for accountability and motivation, everyone is welcome to add me.
  • brisingr86
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    Welcome @TwinMama91521 . Are you nursing or weaned (or did not BF)? I struggle enough with one so I can only imagine the challenges of twins. As others have said in general, definitely focus on the little things (and walks with your littles are great!). I failed, but you could also do squats with your little guys; natural weight progression ;)
    How was everyone's weekend? Weekends are always hardest for me not to snack and eat too much.
  • Had a false start with my diet/ got covid. So I'm starting over today. Up 14 pounds from last spring when I think I last weighed. Went to the gym with a friend today and it felt good to workout again... Eating within calories not so much. 😅 working on fighting the good fight. Good luck with your efforts everyone.
  • MrsHermit
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    @makattack220 Great tips - swapping for healthier ingredients, making exercise fun, different mindset : )

    @MamaNessa228 @Katebook309yahoocom940 @TwinMama91521 Hello!

    @brisingr86 Weekend went okay. Over calorie lower goal but still tried to keep moderation. I'm still unable to exercise because there's no room (boxes everywhere for packing). Did a lot of lifting weight for packing today so that's okay. Another day tomorrow of packing!!
  • LaurenMargott
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    Dealing with the Spicy Cough seems a pretty solid reason for the delayed start! Welcome and enjoy!

    @makattack220 I am there with you. Slower but far more motivated. I have the added advantage this time of currently living super, super remote. So I don't have anywhere to go or anything or anyone to distract me and plenty of time around work to really put effort into using my diary and exercising and just making sure it sticks! It's a huge help. No convenience food, takeaway or commute really help too. I'm resetting my work life balance like never before.

    @MamaNessa228 Get It! You know you can!
  • samdner
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    Hello! Happy to be here - I've used MFP before, mostly for maintenance, but I'm here for weight loss this time :) 29 yo, 5'3", 140 lbs right now... 15ish lbs gained just in the past year, so I'm here to reverse that unfortunate trend! Nice and slow though, only -0.5lbs/week

    I had a weird sort of motivational moment the other day... I've been back at MFP for about 2 weeks, and my husband told me the other day that my breath had recently been noticeably worse. Not normally a compliment, except I had just learned that weight loss and changing your diet can cause bad breath :D so maybe I'm doing something right?

    In my past MFP tries, I didn't participate in the community much at all - I'm hoping that participating in a group like this will give me a bit of staying power :)
  • samdner
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    I’ve made so many simple, healthier swaps for ingredients in my recipes that I feel no deprivation at all since I’m eating my favorite foods each day. !
    @makattack220 what are some of your favorite swaps? I've made simple swaps for snacks, but I'm such a recipe-follower that I'm nervous to swap out ingredients in them, for fear of messing them up. Would love to know what has worked for you!

  • TwinMama91521
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    brisingr86 wrote: »
    Welcome @TwinMama91521 . Are you nursing or weaned (or did not BF)? I struggle enough with one so I can only imagine the challenges of twins. As others have said in general, definitely focus on the little things (and walks with your littles are great!). I failed, but you could also do squats with your little guys; natural weight progression ;)
    How was everyone's weekend? Weekends are always hardest for me not to snack and eat too much.

    Thanks! They get about 75% breastmilk, the rest formula. I'm definitely not looking at anything to aggressive, just cleaning out the bad habits that have developed during pregnancy and the survival period of the early infancy.
  • MrsHermit
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    @LaurenMargott I can relate to being distracted by a lot, it seems hard to put the list down and take time for myself. I hope you enjoy your new surroundings and routine!

    @samdner Hello! I'm here to lose weight too, but a lot more! I've never used MFP before but it seems to help me learn about nutrition and portion control.
  • roz0810
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    Lovely to hear from you all. Hope you're well ♥️
  • samdner
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    Might sound weird, but I need some encouragement to be on MFP LESS! Starting is so simple - calories in, calories out. But I have gone down so many rabbit holes in the past few days that make me anxious and question everything about my current approach: many macro and micronutrient discussions, strength training vs HIIT vs steady-state cardio vs don't work out if you want to lose weight, fasting, refeeding/diet breaks, breakfast vs no breakfast, is alcohol ok or complete sabotage, are cheat days ok or dumb.... it's honestly overwhelming, and since I spend my workday on a computer anyway, the rabbit holes are eating into my work time!

    Is it ok for me to just focus on CICO and eating plenty of veggies right now, and forget the rest until later?
  • brisingr86
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    @samdner Total solidarity. I know exactly what you mean on rabbit holes. I think focusing on CICO and eating veggies sounds like a great place to focus. Maybe add getting some movement (whatever you enjoy, without worrying about which kind).

    I think a lot of those discussions become more different things to try if you need a different way to make things sustainable and/or if you have VERY specific goals around body composition beyond get to goal/healthy weight. I think our bodies all work a little differently and what's "best" seems to change constantly, not to mention, what works best for one person (or for men), is not necessarily best or sustainable for someone else. Keep it simple with what works for you. You got this!

    @roz0810 , lovely to hear from YOU. How are you doing?
    @TwinMama91521 , Sounds like you're taking a great approach. I really struggled before weaning because it seemed when I tried even just eating at maintenance, the act of logging, I would end up under calories and my supply dropped. Hope littles are sleeping and you're getting your routine (and not just in survival mode, at least most days). How is everything going?
    @MrsHermit , how is packing/move going? How's logging/staying under calorie goals going?
    @LaurenMargott , How are you doing? Understand the remote time being good for some work/life balance (no commute is nice), but can also feel a little isolating sometimes. Hope all is well.
    @MamaNessa228 , Welcome back. You've got this! (Losing 100 lbs is an amazing feat so thanks for the inspiration!) What are your goals and anything you are trying to do different to make it more sustainable for your lifestyle (although obviously lifestyle has undergone some changes in the last few years!)?
    @Katebook309yahoocom940, How are you doing? Have you been able to get to the gym or workout at home/outside more? Any particular challenges you can identify that are tripping you up staying within calories? Maybe folks have tips/tricks that have helped.
    @makattack220 , Your approach sounds amazing. How has it been going? What's your "fun" exercise? This is something I've really struggled with. The mantra stuff sounds really interesting. I've been seeing more and more how those things really work, but haven't been able to implement. Hearing your story gives me another push in that direction.

    General question: Do folks like this as discussion thread or would folks like an actual "group" (could be public or private)?