2022....52 Pounds in 52 Weeks Challenge



  • CoryBIsMe
    CoryBIsMe Posts: 74 Member
    Starting weight: 222
    Goal weight: 170
    Current weight: 219
    Total weight lost: 3
    Last week's successes: drank more water
    This week's challenges: journal everyday
  • Chalmation
    Chalmation Posts: 2,625 Member
    Starting Weight: 141.8
    Goal Weight: 125 (will reach in March or April)
    Current Weight: 138.8
    Total Weight Lost: -3

    1/1: 141.8
    1/8: 140.4
    1/15: 138.2
    1/22: 138.8 Went over my calories on Monday, but was under them every other day this week. I drank 64 oz minimum of water daily and even upped my exercise by 15 per day to compensate. This has to be water retention because I didn't eat that many extra calories to gain fat.

  • saz605
    saz605 Posts: 31 Member
    Hi everyone :)
    Starting weight:140 lbs
    Goal weight:112 lbs
    Current weight:139 lbs
    Total weight lost:1 lb
    Last week's successes: swimming, going to yoga and a exercise class
    This week's challenges:to cut out all the junk food
    will weigh in every sunday
  • Leezy55
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    Leezy55 wrote: »
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    Losing 1 lb per week starting today 1/3/22!

    1/10 Week 1

    1/17 Week 2

    1/24 Week 3

  • JolieSvelte
    JolieSvelte Posts: 21 Member
    I just (re)started on MFP last week. My weigh-ins are weekly and my weigh in day is Monday. My goal is to lose 47 lbs.

    I plan on posting before and after photos in Success Stories with every 5 lbs lost. I will also take new measurements with every 5 lbs lost.
    If you wish to see my Before photos, they are here: https://community.myfitnesspal.com/en/discussion/10854113/i-did-it-before-and-ill-do-it-again-before-photos#latest

    I did this same thing back in late 2020 with much success - I lost 20 lbs in 4 months.


    Week 1: 1/17/22 - 177.1 lbs (starting weight)
    Week 2: 1/24/22 - 175 lbs (today's weight)

    lbs lost: 2.1

    As of 1/17/22:

    Height: 5'7"
    Size: 14
    Measurements -
    Bust: 41 in (40C)
    Waist at belly button: 38 in
    Hips: 43.5 in
    Thighs: 26 in
    Jeans size: 32

    Goal Weight: 130 lbs
    Goal Size: 6
    Bust size Goal: 36B
    Jeans size goal: 28
  • gamespriteicon
    gamespriteicon Posts: 66 Member
    Start weight: 188.4
    Goal weight: 150
    Total weight lost: +0.3

    01/03/2022 188.8 0.4
    01/10/2022 189.2 0.4
    01/17/2022 188.7 -0.5
  • HollyAnn148
    HollyAnn148 Posts: 2 Member
    Love this! This would put me very close to my goal! Feel free to add me! I'd love some accountability and motivation

    Today is January 25th
    Starting weight January 2022:235
    Goal weight:175
    Current weight:231
    Total weight lost:4
    Last week's successes: exercise was great. Weather was nice so we went for walks a lot. My nutrition was decent
    This week's challenges: sweets and snacking. It's hard for me to make things for my family and not over indulge. I really want to be better at having a single helping when we have treats. Or at least not 5.
  • Angelsjourney22
    Angelsjourney22 Posts: 8 Member
    Can anyone join in this challenge? Just downloaded the app today and still learning about it.
  • experimentofone
    experimentofone Posts: 28 Member
    Hi everyone..... I'm looking forward to being able to look back..... and smile at my progress.

    So.... onward and downward ;)

    Starting weight: 292 (Nov 5, 2021)
    Goal weight: 170
    Current weight: 265.8
    Total weight lost: 26.2
    Last week's successes: hit water goal….. yay !!
    This week's challenges: still working on 2 fruits/2 veggies per day. 5 outdoor workouts

    Challenge Tracking

    START Jan 1: 270.0
    WK01 Jan 3: 268.0
    WK02 Jan 10: 269.6
    WK03 Jan 17: 267.2
    WK04 Jan 24: 265.8
    WK05 Jan 31:

    2022 weight loss: 4.2 lbs
  • CrazyComicLady
    CrazyComicLady Posts: 98 Member
    edited January 2022
    Hi all. I’m Steph, 33yr and 5’4
    I got very close to my goal weight last summer then fell off the rails big time due to extreme stress. Back on the waggon now and ready to undo the damage. Aiming to lose 24lbs

    Dec 28: 10st/140lbs

    Jan 02: 9st11.5/137.5lbs
    (-2.5 lbs)
    Jan 10: 9st 11.2/137.2lbs
    (-0.3 lbs)
    Jan 24: 9st10/136lbs

    8st 4 (116lbs)

    Started a new medication called mirtazapine 2 weeks ago. I’m feeling better than I have in years, the downside is it’s really affecting my weight loss, every pound is putting up a fight now. I’ll get there ^_^ I’ve made tremendous progress with cleaning the house and selling/donating things.

    I have 5 days left to complete my Fitbit bingo board. 30k steps to go! Wish me luck.
  • roz0810
    roz0810 Posts: 1,244 Member
    Starting weight: 267.8
    Goal weight: 165
    Current weight: 258.8
    Total weight lost: 9lbs

    Been a good few weeks back on it. Simply counting calories, doing intermittent fasting, some exercise and plenty of water!
  • csneal1140
    csneal1140 Posts: 11 Member
    Starting weight: 256
    Goal weight: 200
    Current weight:253.6
    Total weight lost:5.4
    Last week's successes: I was able to get closer to my calorie goal by planning my lunches.
    This week's challenges: Drinking 64 oz water everyday
    Weigh in days - Wednesdays

    Challenge Tracking
    START Jan 05: 256
    WK01 Jan 12: 253.6
    WK02 Jan 19: 252.6
    WK03 Jan 26:250.4
  • MsArriabella
    MsArriabella Posts: 469 Member
    Can anyone join in this challenge? Just downloaded the app today and still learning about it.

    Yep! Just post your info each week. It's easiest to just copy/update/paste each week (for me anyway)
  • stormywxs288
    stormywxs288 Posts: 798 Member
    Start 1/1 > 190.4
    WK 1: 1/8 > 180.4
    Wk 2: 1/15 > 179.2
    Wk 3: 1/22 > 178.2
    Wk 4: 1/27 > 174.8

    Last week's successes: Finished January with my biggest weight loss since week 1 of the new year.

    This week's Challenges: January was easy for me to stay motivated. Now comes the first week of February. One pound per week will be more difficult than it was in January, but I accept the challenge!