Women 200lb+, Let's Be Fierce This February!!!



  • cowgirlslikeus86
    cowgirlslikeus86 Posts: 597 Member
    Just going to put this here so I am ready come Thursday!

    Age: 38 (almost 39)
    Height 5'10"
    SW Jan 7 2021: 271.1
    SW Feb 2022: 186.2
    GW this month: 183
    Goal for 2022: reach maintenance (160-170?)

    2/3/22 - (My Birthday!)
    2/10/22 -
    2/17/22 -
    2/24/22 -

    LTD: 84.9 lbs

    Hey My birthdays the 4th and I’ll be 36! We have similar stats too! What’s your ultimate maintenance weight?
  • sandielewis2001
    sandielewis2001 Posts: 295 Member
    @cowgirlslikeus86 - I can admit that I have been totally lurking on your status updates because I love seeing people with similar stats to mine do so well. Congrats on all that you have accomplished so far.

    To answer your question I think my ultimate goal weight will be somewhere around 165. I will probably start upping my calories closer to maintenance around 170 or so.