A SMALLER SIZE, but HOW Did I do this?

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Last week I had on a pair of jeans. I saw some people I knew and was talking to them when I realized I NEEDED TO PULL UP MY JEANS!! We know what that means!! YES!! I have lost weight!! WOOHOO!! They are in the wash, for hopefully the last time I’ll wear them!! Onto a size 14 jeans! I’m THRILLED! My largest jeans were a size 22/24!

How did I find the support to not need so much “support” (LOL jeans) and have the success I am having? I belong to the 5% Challenge! With the encouragement, the exercise I’ve worked at to help my team, and working on healthy habits.

This is your chance to also join us for the 2022 Spring 5% Challenge.

Here’s the link since it’s in a blog you may need to copy and paste it if it doesn’t work by clicking on it



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    Nice job - soon it will be size 12