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Need new friends! Add me :)

Hi everyone! My name is Michelle. I'm sort of respawning and trying to lose weight for the first time in years. I had some success with MFP a few years ago and got down to 180 ish, felt in really good shape. Then I had a few crazy years where I broke up with my ex, was in a car accident, got laid off, and my best friend passed away. Then a pandemic happened which made my mental health and binging issues way worse. Totally lost track of health and fitness and now I'm up to 270 :(

I'm in a better place lately. Have my depression under better control with antidepressants and stopped binge eating every week. Instead I go to therapy once a week and feel my feelings haha

I decided to switch careers and am now in nursing school. The goal is to help people and make a decent living, eventually travel and volunteer abroad too. After my friend died, I felt like I owed it to her to not give up and try to better myself since she was all about that. It is difficult being older in school, but it's been really good to have a goal to work towards and I feel like I'm on the right track.

As far as interests go, I like to joke around and talk about movies. Also nature, yoga, dance, mental health awareness, video games, fan fiction, sort of a history nerd, and a bunch of other stuff I'm sure I'm forgetting right now.

If this hasn't scared you off, feel free to add me! Would love some accountability buddies to chat with about trials and tribulations. Especially anyone with depression or binge issues. It would be nice to vent with people who understand the struggle :)


  • katrose1985
    katrose1985 Posts: 45 Member
    Sending you a friend request!
  • JennasJourneytoFitness
    You can do this. I myself kinda similar situation. Sending friend request.
  • blueelephant1212
    blueelephant1212 Posts: 100 Member
    COVID the past couple years has definitely not been a friend to my waistline. I was down to 170lb but now I'm pushing 230lb. Starting my journey back today!
  • xtraKEWLbruva
    xtraKEWLbruva Posts: 5 Member
  • Chanda4life
    Chanda4life Posts: 8 Member
    Request sent! 😊
  • anniekaypants
    anniekaypants Posts: 23 Member
    We have a lot in common! Similar weight, goals and struggles. Sending you a friend request.
  • kaysfieldnotes
    kaysfieldnotes Posts: 6 Member
    Similar situation. 50-60lbs to lose. Had great success on here years ago & I’m looking to get back at it! Feel free to add me!
  • BeccaLouise30
    BeccaLouise30 Posts: 29 Member
    Hey Michelle, mental health can be hard to get through but you can rise up from the dark hours. I have high anxiety and was diagnosed with autism late, and some guys can be jerks.

    I'm sorry to hear you're going through all this in your life.

    If you ever need a friend to chat with, you can chat with me, so if you'd like to add me then I don't mind.
  • Luckielyss
    Luckielyss Posts: 1 Member
    Let’s get this girl sending you a request time for a new fresh start!
  • mrskfc
    mrskfc Posts: 2 Member
  • imcantu09
    imcantu09 Posts: 2 Member
    Add me! I'm in the wagon to drop 50 more in 2022!
  • kerrymelissa1
    kerrymelissa1 Posts: 24 Member
    Hi there. Feel free to add me too 🙋🏼‍♀️
  • Ridelikethewind1
    Ridelikethewind1 Posts: 46 Member
    Just saying hi to you Michelle, just joined app again and I’m determined to make this work this time for me, hope your doing well, I’ll try to add you as a friend if I work out how too 😁
  • papercut2k
    papercut2k Posts: 83 Member
    Giving back is a great way to commemorate your friend. I work at a College and honestly, it's the older students who happen to be some of the best. They've been there, done that and just want to take care of business, get that degree and make a living.

    Sending huggles and love your way. Hoping you can beat back depression to the point you won't need drugs.

    I understand the struggle. Being scared to death about this Covid thing lead me to balloon up to 250+ lbs.

    Well, there's nothing for it but to take action today and work on achieving better half. You got this.
  • LadyInTheArena
    LadyInTheArena Posts: 11 Member
    Hi Michelle! You have been through so much and coming out strong! I’m a social worker and love working with nurses- you guys rock! I’m sending you a friend request! 😀
  • phil4v7
    phil4v7 Posts: 68 Member
    I'm in much the same boat and let my weight get away from me. Seeing others walking the same path certainly has helped me in the past, so here's hoping we both succeed.