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    Good morning ladies!

    I did my yoga and my fast marching. My knee seems okay so far. Yay!

    I've been pretty good with the diet and exercise for a couple weeks now. Let's hope I can keep this up. I expect my sister will visit this summer, I would like to be thinner by then. I can do it!

    Annie in Delaware
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    It was a nice weekend. My talk on Saturday went well. Not sure what I said just said a prayer and started talking. Sunday went to church and DGS got promoted from Children's class to youth. He was so execited.

    Kylia--So happy you had a good weekend. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Hope DGH feels better soon.

    Annie--Sending hugs and prayes.

    Tracey-- Cute pictures. Glad DD and baby are alright. How scary.

    Really feeling off today. Not sure what is going on.

    Blessings, Vicki GRAND ISLAND, NE Where over the weekend had the heat and AC on, on the same day. Today is only to be in 50's so have a couple windows open for some fresh air. <3
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    Worked today then dropped off some containers for the lady who runs the Mon. senior bowling.

    M - “Does he have to help with the meat? Does he like meat? Does he like helping in the kitchen? “ Last time I was there he liked meat and I think he probably does now. Helping in the kitchen? I would think so. Last night I thought of pulled pork. I’m not crazy about it, but I can always have a sandwich. Oh, I know that things aren’t going to be “perfect”. But that’s what makes it extra special. I make pierogies, but Denise isn’t a cook so probably doesn’t have things to shape them. I don’t know what kind of stand mixer she has (I think it’s Hamilton Beach) otherwise I could take my pasta maker attachment with me. I don’t know if mine will fit hers. She probably doesn’t even have a potato masher so I would have to bring mine up. I’ll have to bring up a pan to make the meatloaf in and a jar to put the grease into

    M – speaking of Chuck E Cheese: one Mother’s Day Vince asked the kids where they should take me for dinner. They said “Chuck E Cheese” “Do you think mom would like Chuck E. Cheese?” “oh yea” So guess where my Mother’s Day dinner was?????

    Barbara – when I see the dermatologist for my annual checkup, I always tell him “I keep Coppertone in business”. No matter what I say or do, Vince doesn’t wear sunscreen when he’s outside. I know a while ago M mentioned that Neutrogena makes a sunscreen that isn’t greasy. Do you think he would even TRY it?

    Terri – I would THINK that being a city now means that the city takes care of the roads, you have city water, sewer etc. We live right outside the city limits, in addition to lower taxes (which is real good), we are responsible for snow removal, maintenance, etc

    It’s cloudy and starting to rain so I’ll probably bake the apple pie for tomorrow and then wash the inside of the windows

    Lisa – LOVED your mom’s reason for outliving the undertaker!

    Tracey – awwwwwww

    Michele NC
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    We have the beginnings of a bright, sunshiny day. I look forward to enjoying the view from our windows. I guess I am easy to please. ❤️
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    Kim ... what happened to your brother's friend once he realized that everything he had been told was a lie?

    Heather and Karen in VA ... I would be cautious with suction cup grab bars ... they are ok for steadying yourself, but in an actual fall, the force of your weight could pull them off. Instead, consider attaching permanent grab bars that are anchored into the wall's support structure. Sometimes this means opening up the wall to add support between studs.

    Vicki ... you had an emotional talk ... those always wipe me out.

    Tracey ... very glad that YD's sonogram proved all is well despite the spotting. They'll be keeping a close watch on her I'm sure.

    I am slowly tackling the overgrown weeds in the pool area. After my fall, my guys didnothing late last summer or fall in the way of weeding or maintaining flower beds. Oh so many muscles are complaining ...

    Beth near Buffalo
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    Hmm. My scale is playing mind games with me. I need to stay off of it until Friday, which is my weigh-in day.

    Annie in Delaware
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    My son says he will put in a grab bar when he gets back from the holidays. (Starting tomorrow) I have ordered one from Amazon. It will have to sit a bit high to avoid the tiles, but will be a reassurance. I'm debating whether to get a suction one as an interim measure. I've started using very oily bath oil which does wonders for my skin, but makes the bath slippery. Plus my back problems. Plus the bath is extra deep and no other holds.

    I don't envy the family getting up at 3 am tomorrow for their flight. The other grandparents, who live further away are catching the same flight!!!! I hope it will be worth it when they get there. It's an all inclusive resort in Greece with a very good kids provision. Climbing wall, canoing, etc. Edie chose it because it didn't have 'pull out beds'. She hates them. They didn't tell Bea they were going tomorrow until tonight, as she wouldn't have been able to keep it a secret from the school. Edie took great delight in informing her.
    The whole thing looked like utter chaos. A huge bicycle box in the hall and all their ipads etc. We were happy to escape early and wish them well.

    Tracey - So glad the crisis is over. What a worry for them. Sending ❤ Lovely photos. <3

    My back was SO painful on the walk home. :s Agony.
    Recovering with Pernod and paracetamol. I have my massage tomorrow.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxx
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    Tracey - So glad Kaitlyn's OK, and that the docs were wrong with their diagnosis. That kind of emotional rollercoaster is so exhausting. Many hugs to her, and to you...

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    If I average 92 g of protein in a day, that's enough, right? It's 30% of my calories, but I don't think that matters so much. I seem to be getting enough protein and 21g of fiber, so that's good. Then I'm trying to eat more fuits and veggies, but that's not tracked for some reason. I'm at about fifteen servings a week, near as I can tell. I ought to add some broccoli to my routine. I wish it came in little cups like my yogurt!
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