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    If I average 92 g of protein in a day, that's enough, right? It's 30% of my calories, but I don't think that matters so much. I seem to be getting enough protein and 21g of fiber, so that's good. Then I'm trying to eat more fuits and veggies, but that's not tracked for some reason. I'm at about fifteen servings a week, near as I can tell. I ought to add some broccoli to my routine. I wish it came in little cups like my yogurt!

    There is no straightforward answer to this. Generally, 30% of your daily calorie intake is good. However, if you are exercising a lot or doing a lot of resistance work, you might want to bump it up. However, you might also see recommendations of .8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. It totally depends on your goals.

    Most would say getting more fruits and vegetables into your diet is never a bad thing.

    I bet you can find broccoli in small cups. Looks in the food for kids sections of stores. You could portion it out into cups yourself as well and it will likely be much cheaper.

    Tina in CA
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    Stats for the day-

    Walk w/family- 1hr 56min 58sec, 70elev, 3.0ap, 86ahr, 114mhr, 6.01mi= 531c
    Strava app = 685c
    Walk home to gym- 11.24min, .52mi= 54c
    Strava app = 60c
    Elliptical machine- 25.36min, 10incl, 2-4resist, 117ahr, 128mhr, 2mi= 178c
    Lateral machine- 28.12min, 10w, 2-3resist, 53aw, 60arpm, 122ahr, 149mhr, 2mi= 160c
    Walk gym to home- 11.47min, .53mi= 51c
    Strava app = 61c

    Total cal 974
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    Terri – I would THINK that being a city now means that the city takes care of the roads, you have city water, sewer etc. We live right outside the city limits, in addition to lower taxes (which is real good), we are responsible for snow removal, maintenance, etc

    Local government already take care of water, sewers, waste collection, roads, health, education, etc.
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    Not much to add ladies
    Tracy ,Miles and I went shopping this morning and i got gas for the car and brought them home..
    Then came home.. Alfie was happy to see me..
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    Thanks Tina! I think I'm on a good path for now!
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    Tina – thanks for your encouraging words regarding PJ. I do believe there are things that he can do. May not be perfect, but that’s OK. I have to remember to take some sprinkles with me for him to decorate “his” cookies. I want to try using a zip-top plastic bag, put water in it, and shake it real hard to see if any of the water comes out. If nothing, then we can use that for the Shake & Bake. He can shake and shake and there won’t be a mess. Let’s hope. An indoor water park! Sounds wonderful.

    Went to ceramics and picked up Smurf. I’ll post a pic tomorrow. We realized that we won’t be back for 3 weeks!

    Today was rainy so washed all the windows upstairs. All 24 of them (yes, I counted). I’ll do the downstairs another day and probably the garage at that time. I’ll “start to put up the pictures in the bathroom downstairs” since I have the step stool already down there. I know once I start, I won’t do it right and Vince will then want to do it. Hey, anything to get it done!

    Anne – I used to go to the infant section of the food store to get dishes of vegetables for me to have while traveling since they don’t need refrigeration

    Ran Buzz (robotic vacuum), cleaned the stove and front of the microwave, now want to use the Swiffer on the kitchen floor

    Michele NC
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    Regarding going to see PJ, I'm already hearing "this trip is getting to be expensive" <sigh> I don't think we have a choice.

    Michele NC
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    The family are currently up in the air and flying over Northern Italy. I've installed a flight tracker, so I can see them in real time.
    Of course, I woke up at 3 am, when they did, and didn't get back to sleep at all. I dozed under my mask for half an hour once they were in the air. They are now about half way there.
    The kids all have ipads and loads of films, games etc downloaded, so I hope it all goes smoothly. I think Edie will, be having a Harry Potter fest. We bought Max a Kindle for his birthday.
    I will doze off this afternoon and then go for my massage. Can't wait. Walking home yesterday was really, really uncomfortable, :o but I'm not too bad this morning.

    Sending best wishes for Kaitlyn, Tracey. <3

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx

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    Landed! On time. :D<3

    Done a truncated exercise session and then 30 minutes of back exercises.

    Now to finish the second draft of my book. :o

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    The best sleep position for minimizing aches and pains
    Here's how to train yourself to lie down correctly—and why it can help.


    I start by sleeping almost on my stomach, transition through sleeping on my side, and at some point in the night, I end up sleeping on my back, often with my arms above my head. But I have to have enough sleep time to get to my back. I don't usually get there in a 7-hour night.

    I started sleeping with my arms above my head in 2007, right after a bicycle accident that partially dislocated my left shoulder. I discovered that I suddenly had way more flexibility in my shoulder than ever before, and it was most comfortable to place the arm on the pillow above my head.

    M in Oz
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    Good morning and happy Tuesday! It was a great long weekend for me...did some cleaning and relaxing at our cottage. We spent some time with my sister who came home for the long weekend, we actually share our cottage property so we have lots of time together in the summer. I did good eating and logged at least some of my food. Sun is shining although it's cool out. I'm enjoying reading through your posts and getting to know you all.
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    Morning ladies
    Miles sleeping in my arms and will get Carmine to school and then back here with little boy..
    Going to do some cleaning when i get home...