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Serial Starter looking for some people to help me stick with it till the end this time.

mitch239 Posts: 78 Member
If you go back in my profile I have said this a few times and I can't lie, it's frustrating as hell to admit it but I need to admit it. Hopefully the fact it's coming back into summer is going to be a kick up the backside I need to be able to get an actual kick start on this so in the winter I can slack a little whilst having the discipline to keep going.

I'm 24, I work a retail job but since moving to a smaller store I am not moving as much as I could really do with, I'm also not having to walk as far to work which is a pain. I have also noticed I'm eating bad things just due to simplicity, I have a housemate that is pretty fussy and I don't always feel like cooking something 'proper' after work and he won't, which is a pain xD

Ideally I'm looking for some people to drop in with either daily or a few times daily, just to keep my mind on the weight loss I need to achieve. But if you just want some more friends then absolutely send me a request. The more reason and influence I have to come onto the app the higher chance I actually will.
I have already switched a few things out, stopped drinking fizzy drinks and swapping it for some 0cal versions. (I understand they're probably not 'better' for you, but I'm just concentrating on the cals atm)

If you're interested in doing this with me an helping each other in making the change for the better then feel free to ping me a message and let's organise something.


  • mylaineriobe
    mylaineriobe Posts: 4 Member
    Hey Mitch! Glad you're here. Have you tried signing up for a meal delivery service? Many of them you can prep in 15". That might take the work out of cooking and counting calories after work. I find that doing breathing exercises keeps me focused even though that has nothing to do with food! I wish you the best on your journey. One day at a time and you'll get there! :)
  • NotiaMay21
    NotiaMay21 Posts: 2 Member
    Hi, Mitch, I'm May. I was in the Getting Started section and saw your "Serial Starter" title. I am also a serial starter (new profile this time for a fresh start) and am looking for some support. I have about 70 lbs to lose and want to do it gradually, with sanity intact throughout the process. Let me know if you're interested in checking in with one another a few times a week.
  • patmoomur
    patmoomur Posts: 31 Member
    Hi Mitch. I am just back at this after a longish break. I was also a TOPS member until I moved and Covid hit. Now I have joined TOPS online and use MFP to help me manage my daily intake with more detail. I am retired so I have the time but really haven't taken it seriously enough until now. I have gone down so much in energy and interest in life since my move. I am in my 3rd year in this location.
    I am home a lot but don't have internet everywhere I go, unless there is WIFI. I may change that but for now I have internet at home morning and evening generally but often midday as well.
    I have 110 lbs to lose so I am up there pretty high. I am a good penpal to a couple of people on FB.
    Not sure if I can be what you need but it might work.
  • gravaged2668
    gravaged2668 Posts: 12 Member
    Is this the Serial Starters club? I'm into it. My job does not necessarily allow me to be a regular poster throughout the day but I'm up for some people to be accountable with.
  • greenbean909090
    greenbean909090 Posts: 1 Member
    edited June 2022
    I'm glad to join this club!! I don't have a ton, just thirty pounds, but it's still daunting and I'm want to really do it this time. I've made a new account for a fresh start :)
  • MaryQueena
    MaryQueena Posts: 9 Member
    Hi, I'm looking to shed about 80 pounds, and its been an issue for at least 10 years! now, I'm 55 and well into 'mental-pause' with all its extra challenges re: metabolism, flexibility; plus several major life stressors aside from covid have taken their toll in the past couple of years. I'm looking to start by checking in everyday, maintaining my calorie counts even if some choices are less than ideal. I weigh in every day, to lessen my 'fear of the scale' (265 SW), because I know I fluctuate by a few pounds for no apparent reason almost every day. I'm working towards real loss, not just 'water' weight. I want to get back to a gym workout, I like using weights, hate bikes of all kinds (no body is actually made to sit on those hard nasty little seats). I do not need my doctor to tell me, again, that any complaint I have would be fixed if I wasn't so heavy.... sigh..
  • NotiaMay21
    NotiaMay21 Posts: 2 Member
    Just checking back in today--good to see others posting. I thought I'd mention my plan to begin working out M-F for 15-20 min per day. I know it seems like a short period of time but I struggle most with consistency. Will check in to report my progress.
    MaryQueena, I hate bikes, too!!
  • papercut2k
    papercut2k Posts: 83 Member
    edited June 2022
    Another serial starter. Used to work at an Amazon fulfillment center. Did about 20,000 steps per shift.

    Now I got a work from home job an barely do a 1,000 steps, lol. I seriously packed on the pounds. Got back on MFP in April. Kinda been losing/gaining the same 5 pounds to this date. Really frustrating as I have a lot of weight to lose.

    Well, I plan on changing things up by adding some walks around the park on the weekends and crank out at least 4 workouts a week.

    I hope this stint is the one that finally ends the cycle. Good luck everyone.
  • Mtbox51
    Mtbox51 Posts: 1 Member
    I can relate to the bike haters for sure, those evil tiny little wedges on some of the bikes must have been designed by some sort of devilish person. Im here with about 100 pounds to lose in total. But for the near future I need to loose at least 50 by the end of august. Got shoulder surgery and the doc wants some of this weight off before then. Doing the Keto diet, been on it for three days and ran into problems with two different apps, so here I am. Lost 11 pounds since 29 May. I'm kind of stoked to see it go.
  • annliz23
    annliz23 Posts: 3,512 Member
    Good luck
  • katrina8039
    katrina8039 Posts: 13 Member
    I’m a serial starter too. Count for a few days then quit. This time I’m looking for people to help keep me accountable. Good luck to everyone!
  • mahepri
    mahepri Posts: 3 Member
    Add me
  • lisaneale2013
    lisaneale2013 Posts: 2 Member
    I’ve started today too… again! Deleted all previous weigh in!!! Just going in now to put my start weight in!!! I’ve literally started HRT.. so very conscious about more weight gain! I need to lose 3 stone at least! Xxx
  • KelleyGirl74
    KelleyGirl74 Posts: 182 Member
    Hey there Mitch. I'm a SS too. I've been fighting to be more active for years. But I'm very driven this time. I have a lot of space to myself and room to do the things I want to do. I have a whole team working with me at my new job and a gym on the premises. I'm allowed time to go to the gym at the top of my lunch or at the bottom. They give me the time and it's not counted against me. I'm more than happy to do check-ins with you, if you'd like. Hope your journey is going well!
  • CaptainMariahca
    CaptainMariahca Posts: 1 Member
    Hey, I’m 26 and I’m also a serial starter. If you want we can message each other to hold each other accountable! Let me know. Thanks!
  • karilbrandt
    karilbrandt Posts: 55 Member
    I am a serial starter too and re-started at the end of May as well. I would love someone to check in with daily. I have been very motivated, but it is getting harder as time goes by. Having someone to check in with and share the experience with would be great. I have almost 100 lbs to lose so I have a long way to go. I have lost 10 lbs in the first 30 days. Now I have to keep it going. Let me know if you want to keep in touch.