Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • JMT42486
    JMT42486 Posts: 2 Member
    Hi, Everyone! I am back on MFP after having a lot of success with it 10 years ago. (Ugh, TEN years!) anyways, I found the online community here super helpful. Looking for motivation & support! I am 36 now, and the weight doesn't fall off like it used to! LOL

    I live in North Texas with my Dog & My amazing Husband!
  • BenjagoCrowe2112
    BenjagoCrowe2112 Posts: 1 Member
    Back at this and would love to have some company along the way. Feel free to add me.
  • angelmotooka
    angelmotooka Posts: 1 Member
    Hello! Looking for some friendly motivation, inspiration, and perhaps competition :) Please feel free to send a friend request and let’s become healthier together!
  • sean_d33
    sean_d33 Posts: 40 Member
    I want more friends!!
  • tarbaby82000
    tarbaby82000 Posts: 1 Member
    I've been a member of MFP for about 8 years, but haven't achieved my goals. Looking to lose weight and get stronger so I need friends to help me stay accountable🤦‍♀️
  • jaynerz
    jaynerz Posts: 31 Member
    Came to the message boards looking for friends! I have been on here in the past. Since then I have had two babies so I am at a whole new level of needing to lose weight! I have about 20-25 lbs to lose to be more healthy.
  • MyNameIsAlanna
    MyNameIsAlanna Posts: 1 Member
    I am back to mfp after a few years away. New account, so I lost any friends that might have still been there. Not looking for a lot of friends but definitely would like a good cheering section. I am going to look thru the message board and add a few but please, add me if you see this.
  • ozgurvh
    ozgurvh Posts: 182 Member
    Feel free to add me :)
  • brandikelliott86
    brandikelliott86 Posts: 2 Member
    Hello Zach! Im new here! Im Brandi frim Tennessee
  • llashawn
    llashawn Posts: 17 Member
    Hey everyone !!!!
  • ksnolte87
    ksnolte87 Posts: 8 Member
    Add me! This is boring with no friends!
  • annika_leee
    annika_leee Posts: 5 Member
    I am starting over for the 100th time and looking for friends! Feel free to add me!
  • Zakkery86
    Zakkery86 Posts: 22 Member
    Hey team, be good to have some more 'friends' to help with kudos, comments and accountability. Been logging for a month [after a previous break], and trying to stick this time! Cheers!
  • jamessurrell2901
    jamessurrell2901 Posts: 1 Member
    Had MyFitness over the years but never been on the community section! I have my wedding next year so want to get in the best shape possible.

    I’ve changed my garage into a gym so looking to add some friends on here who are looking to shred but maintain a bit of muscle (the little bit I have) before doing a winter bulk!
  • AnnieinLeipzig
    AnnieinLeipzig Posts: 1 Member
    Hi everyone!
    I've just started again for the millionth time and would love to get connected with other people with the same goals to try to keep each other on track.
    Take care. :smile:
  • jothekid
    jothekid Posts: 230 Member
    Back at it for the Xth time…pandemic really hurt 😩 would love to have new friends to start this new journey 🥰
  • 486dx
    486dx Posts: 9 Member
    edited July 2022
    I'm Dan, 37 from S.W. England. I've been here before. Not looking for a massive friends list, just for a few people who will actually interact with me rather than just to make up numbers.

    I'm hilarious, honest. Looking to lose the dad bod, but not the dad jokes.
  • Jennifertucker7079
    Jennifertucker7079 Posts: 2 Member
    Could always use a friend or two! Everything changed I don't know how to send a request
  • AquaMeow
    AquaMeow Posts: 296 Member
    I could use some new MFP friends :)
  • Flutterby2021
    Flutterby2021 Posts: 47 Member
    Trying to lose weight again and tone up if you want support add me 🤗