What nobody tells you about losing weight



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    Two things:
    That at some point maintaining really does become very nearly automatic. I had some concern that what/how/how much I ate was going to always take up a lot of mental space. For me, it hasn't. There's still a need to check in and pay some attention, yes, both to my weight and what/how much I eat, but I don't really need to give it any thought anymore.

    Also: I LIE having my picture taken/watching myself in videos. For a while it was just that I was fatter in reality than I 'felt'/thought I was, but even after the initial loss it was very surreal to the point of discomfort to see the change and I hated watching/seeing myself from the outside. These days, please bring it. I look fantastic.

    I'm really nervous about the first part of your post. I really hope that at some point intuitively understanding what normal healthy eating is will happen. Right now I religiously weigh, measure, and log because if I don't, I start having problems.

    For some of us unfortunately no. It’s like Monica’s line from Friends. “There’s a fat girl inside of me. I never let her eat”. As an always healthy food eater ( fish, roasted veggies, lean meats, few carbs) , it’s especially a challenge. I don’t eat differently than before my loss. I just eat different amounts.
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