Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 194



  • Krysless2
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    PW: 156.3
    • Tues 8/02: 159; +2.7lbs
      ~ Clarifying my notes: ^^ this gain is the result of throwing caution to the wind for two days in a row(Sun-Mon); eating when I wasn’t hungry and then not tracking any of it
    SW158.6 ✅Stayed Below SW
    • 8/03
    • 8/04
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    • Mon 8/01: ???
      ~ Afraid to look TBH!🫤
    • Sun 7/31: 156.3; +.9lbs
      ~ I think I did very well considering they had a large platter of those Publix little Cubans at the poker game last night. Those are huge weakness for me!
    • Sat 7/30: 155.6; -0lbs ~ No comments/concerns, so I’ll use this time to make a to-do list. 🤔 To-Do(productive) List
      • Run to Macys and JCPenney
      • Order daughter’s senior pictures
      • Run to the store for some emergency keto snacks
      • Try to wrangle up Kyndall to purchase school clothes while it’s tax free week
      • To be continued gotta go for now… Had to put a halt on my list for now. I couldn’t go to the mall because the crowds were so extreme.
      • Fri 7/29: 155.6; -2.4lbs ~ not bad.. 🙂and kind of predictable since I know I’ve been recovering from my 2-day-sushi “event” earlier in the week. I’m not sure what’s in store for this weekend though. I am going to my monthly poker game on Saturday night and usually it’s a long night full of junk food so I hope I can refrain from going overboard with the salt and carbs! My actual birthday is on Monday so no big plans which is kind of a blessing in disguise. Every year I struggle to get back on the wagon when I’m faced with back to back celebrations.
      • Thur 7/28: 158; +.9lbs ~ uh-oh.. mini-goal is coming up tomorrow… really needing to stay on point today!
      • Wed 7/27: 157.1; -2.5lbs ~ and so the see-saw begins! I really am thankful for this and the GoT Challenge for pushing me back into the land of the living
      • Tues 7/26: 159.6; +1lbs ~ Weekend temptations poured (more like crumbled) over to Monday. Family came over and played Jack in the Box and husband thought of a great idea to bring home Crumbl Cookies for everyone to try for the first time! It’s kind of like a specialty cupcake shop, but instead of cupcakes they create humongous cookies which need a small pie cutter to eat(which I ignored completely)
      • Mon 7/25 : 158.6