When will I see results?

I know there is some number of weeks before being able to see anything. I’m a 5’9” 293lb female. I’ve been going to the gym and eating healthy/calorie deficit for 10 days now. I started at 300lbs. But worried that it’s just water weight right now? When will I be able to see the changes?

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    If you've dropped 7 pounds on the scale in 10 days, and you've been accurately hitting a sensible calorie goal during that time, the overwhelming likelihood is that some of that weight loss is fat. How much of it? No way to know. Fat loss is gradual, shows up in our average weight change over time (multi weeks, at minimum a whole menstrual cycle if you're the right age/stage for that to apply).

    Example: If Susie averaged 195-202 pounds the first week of July (up and down, not necessarily 195 on day 1 and 202 day 7), and she's up and down between 190 and 195 pounds in the first week of August, it's reasonable to think she's lost something around a pound and a quarter to maybe 2ish pounds of fat a week on average. That's good, right?

    Yes, some of what you've lost so far is water weight. That's normal. And water weight will keep bouncing up and down in a confusing way, all through the process. The multi-week changes in weight range tell a story, though.

    You're doing fine. Hang in there! Real-life loss of any material amount of weight is a long-term process, weeks to months and maybe even years . . . and then comes maintaining the loss, a forever kind of endeavor. That puts a premium on understanding how it works, and patiently yet persistently sticking with the process. Making it (relatively) easy is more crucial to success, IMO, than trying to make it fast.
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    cwolfman13 wrote: »
    Visual results are slow and very incremental. It's going to be awhile. This is particularly true the more weight you have to lose vs say 10 Lbs up or down on someone who is already very lean. Also, "problem" areas where we tend to want to see the most change are most often primary fat stores and a first on, last off kind of thing. Most people tend to lose from their extremities first which isn't really particularly visibly noticeable.

    I lost a total of 40 Lbs from 220 to 180 and there really wasn't any noticeable visible difference in my appearance until I got into the 190s and my face started slimming. My mid section was the last to go with my last 5-10 Lbs.

    Strap in, it's a long ride.
    You're a smart cookie.

    Don't be alarmed but I've never given a second thought to water weight. I don't care what it is. If it shows up on the scale, I take it for what it is. Oooo, don't worry, it's only water weight. Well, maybe it's the real deal. Lard.
    Only the Shadow and hydrostat pool knows for sure. I don't worry about it.
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    I lost 40 lbs before visibly noticing a change. Keep going. Take pics to help. And don't forget to add one here.
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    For me, it usually starts with the no scale victories like my clothes being not so tight, fitting better, stuff like that. I am really bad about taking photos, but as others have said that's one way to do it. Also tracking measurements.
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    Be patient. Avoid the scale if lack of progress bothers you. I'm around the same stats (5'7 and 280) and have gone from the same weight down to 145. It will take a 10-30 lbs to see a clothes size difference which should take 3-6 months. You don't want to lose too fast as it can result in lots of loose skin and/or muscle loss.
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    I take a monthly photo of me wearing a shirt which is currently too small. Today's photo is roughly 1.5 kg different from last month's photo and the difference is certainly noticeable. I also take measurements in a lot of locations. These really show how quickly (or slowly) I'm losing fat. Measurements have the advantage of not being affected by salt intake. Check out my posts on the Give Me 10 Days challenge if you want to see how it's going.
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    I started around 210 pounds and didn’t see a real difference in the mirror until I hit the 170’s. Other people started noticing around the high 160’s. Usually commenting on how “ flattering” my outfit was. The first “ oh my goodness you’ve lost so much weight” comment was in the 150’s. And then about every 12 pounds down after that brought comments.
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    Hey @pinkpop249

    Check in and let us know how it’s going!

    We’re here rooting for you!
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    That’s super good progress for less than a month!!!! Yay, you!!!!

    I used to do crazy stuff like hold a ten pound bag of potatoes, or cradle a couple large chuck roasts in grocery store, and silently tell myself,”Girl! You’ve lost this much!” and then think how awkward it would be to carry that around, 24/7.

    I know it sounds whacko, but it really helped me continue.

    It was awesome when I got to Kitty Litter size, lol.

    On top of things like that for thinking of how the weight feels, I like this picture to visualize the volume:

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    I too suggest focusing on non-scale victories, like in the thread someone mentioned earlier. My weight hasn't changed much yet (220lb in May, 210lb now) but after LOTS of lap swimming I can tell the legs of my jeans are now mostly filled by thigh muscles front and back instead of saddle bags to the sides. What NSV would help you feel good about progress???
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    How are you getting on now @pinkpop249 ?

    I find that fitness is a good way of having NSVs. Maybe walking the same route quicker, planking for longer.

    I noticed during my cool down stretches that my pigeon pose is really good and has really improved and I’m taking that as a win.