Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 212



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    I was part of this challenge a while back, and was glad to see it's still around (thank you @quiltingjaine! <3 ) In June, I was diagnosed with a serious medical illness. I had surgery with great results! I stress-ate like there was no tomorrow, and didn't exercise at all. I'm back to just 6 pounds from my heaviest. I'm having a hard time getting back to my healthy ways. This forum helped me before so I'm back, not just for the accountability but because how kind and supportive everyone is to each other.

    Goal this round:
    Do NOT eat sugar or white flour. These are my downfall. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Start back rowing/walking/weights. Eat healthy. Drink 80oz water each day.

    01/21 - Start Weight: 180.2

    Round 212
    01/22 - 177.9 - As I've gained weight this time, I've gotten closer and closer to the 180's and hitting 180 yesterday, I hope, jerked me awake. My plan was never to see that number again (and for that matter, I never "planned" to see any of the numbers I've seen, who does, right? ;)) . Anyway, yesterday was a really good day, finally! I did as I have done every day, which is eat healthy and keep my calories in check for the entire day, but all other days, I've ended up bingeing in the evening. Yesterday, I did NOT. Yay! Getting thru a day where I was in control and not my sugar-craving self was wonderful! Happy Sunday everyone, and for those who watch - football!!

    01/23 - 177.2 (weighed later than my normal time) - Second day on track. Need to up the amount of water I'm drinking - only drank a little over 40oz each of the last 2 days. I rode the stationary bike yesterday for a whole 10 mins, but you have to start somewhere. I haven't exercised since my surgery in June. My exercise today is snow shoveling. I shoveled once already and another round is coming in this afternoon. We have a 600ft driveway (no, not shoveling it LOL). We have a plow but there are all the side doors, sidewalk, getting out to my workshop, etc. I could use the snow blower but sometime it's easier just to grab a shovel and it burns lots of calories!

    01/24 - 178.5 - Perfectly normal to fluctuate but too many carbs/salt doesn't help. I did not have any sugar or white flour yesterday, which is great. I am very happy about that! However, I'm trying to make up for the lack of these with too many other carbs. For some reason the carb I've chosen to eat too much of is grits. I haven't really eaten grits that often since I was a kid growing up in Georgia. I know it's just my body craving the white flour and sugar. I also have been adding too much salt. Recognizing I'm doing this is the first step, now I'll adjust. More snow shoveling today. Yay! ;)

    01/25 - 178.7 - B)

    Every healthy habit brings me closer to scratching each of these off to NEVER see them again!
    180s / 170s / 160s / 150s / 140s /

    Long-term Tracking: Weight / No Sugar/White Flour / H20 / Exercise
    1/21 - 180.2 / None / 48oz / Walked
    1/22 - 177.9 / None / 48oz / Rode Bike
    1/23 - 177.2 / None / 48oz / Snow Shoveled
    1/24 - 178.5 / None / 40oz / Snow Shoveled
    1/25 - 178.7
    1/26 -
    1/27 -
    1/28 -
    1/29 -
    1/30 -
    1/31 -
    2/01 -
    2/02 -
    2/03 -
    2/04 -
    2/05 -
    2/06 -
    2/07 -
    2/08 -
    2/09 -
    2/10 -
    2/11 -
    2/12 -
    2/13 -
    2/14 -
    2/15 -
    2/16 -
    2/17 -
    2/18 -
    2/19 -
    2/20 -

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    @enlightenme3 yes - the more veggie forward, the easier you'll probably find weight loss and, I've noticed that the more veggie forward, the less cravings.

    @fmfdfa2020 Yay on the no's !! NSF (No Sugar, No Flour)