Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 212



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    Have you tried Monkfruit sweetener? It natural, ZERO calorie and often touted as a better sweetener because of all its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It's definitely a little pricey but a little goes a long way. Good luck and Happy Friday!

    @amnu_co I have not heard of Monkfruit sweetener. I searched for info on it and I'll give it a try. Thanks for letting me know!

    Anytime @fmfdfa2020 ~ it's a new discovery for me also! Since being diagnosed pre-diabetic, I'm constantly on the look-out for anything that might tame this beast. Let us know if you like!
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    Robyn and Sheila I get to snacking when I am stressed, which is often. And I snack on cashews and dark chocolate. Calorie bombs. I don’t keep things in the house like chips or cookies but I swear if I don’t have at least one piece (0.98 oz) of dark chocolate per day, I’ll kill somebody. I cut way back on drinking in June and now that’s gone and nobody is taking my chocolate away. I just have to keep it to one piece. Since the beginning of January I have been trying to get more fruits and veggies in, they keep my mouth busy but sometimes the snack/stress monster still wins.

    @joans1976 You made me actually laugh out loud (haha!). I had to quote your entire post because your words describe me. I keep Ghiradelli 72% squares in the house and/or Lindt Lindor 60% truffles (haven't found darker). I try to stick to one of those a day. Like you I do not keep junk food in the house and I eat lots of fruits and veggies too. When I binge it's on the cashews, almonds, cheese .... the "calorie bombs".
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    @musicsax ~ oh my heart, my heart ... he's precioso!! how sad and lovely beautiful circle of life. #blessings to you and your family {{{{{{ air hugs }}}}}
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    64 yr young F, 5ft 4 Round 212 (my 144th).
    1/29 138.6 – no structured walking; took our caravan in for part exchange and bought our new one home, spent the rest of the day re-packing all the contents back in. looking forward to getting out in it in a few weeks. The numbers are feeling the effects of reduced walking!! Today we celebrate DGS 3rd birthday at DD's with a lovely roast dinner & no doubt birthday cake. I am feeling vey emotional typing this, there were times 2.5 years ago that I doubted I would ever say that when he was so ill. Yet again I am so thankful to the brave family that donated their loved one's liver to save our little brave lion's life and the marvellous NHS. I hope that they also get a little comfort from the fact that a very important part of her still lives on in a very independent, larger than life personality of a delightful 3 year old, 2 and a half years on from their very sad loss.

    1/ 31

    I'M WORTH IT !!

    @musicsax May God continually and always protect this little fella. Happy Birthday little one!