Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • shellyr112
    shellyr112 Posts: 1 Member
    I am new here. I'm struggling to keep to a diet and would love to make some new friends. I really would like to chat daily about goals, struggles and successes. Maybe challenge each other, support, give tips and more.
    I'm 46, going through menopause and own a Fitbit. I like tracking steps, activities and my diet.
  • AnnieH_4512
    AnnieH_4512 Posts: 1,421 Member
    Hey all!! I first joined mfp several years ago, but I’ve been on hiatus until last month. A lot of friends I’ve had over the years on here have since left, and I’d love to meet some new, friendly faces!
  • Jordie_887
    Jordie_887 Posts: 6 Member
    Hi! Jordyn here. Or friends call me Jordie. Brand new and seeking friendships to push towards goals!!
  • alleescott
    alleescott Posts: 4 Member
    Would love more friends as well for accountability!
  • RaeRosine
    RaeRosine Posts: 2 Member
    Feel free to add me! :)
  • melissaaridgeway
    melissaaridgeway Posts: 208 Member
    Definitely looking for more friends!
  • lrw327
    lrw327 Posts: 73 Member
    I’m back after a long hiatus, and would love some more accountability. Feel free to add me!
  • Wolverine197676
    Wolverine197676 Posts: 189 Member
    Recently back as well , new account happy to add new friends
  • evonday
    evonday Posts: 140 Member
    I've recently returned and could use some new friends!
    All my old ones are inactive. =(
  • amberfay85
    amberfay85 Posts: 32 Member
    Hey y’all!

    I’m fiercely at it and looking for anyone who wants to come along for the ride. Mutual support and active daily! Feel free to send me a request ☺️
  • highback77
    highback77 Posts: 2 Member
    Hey! Long time MYP member, but not a very consistent one and I am changing that. I'm also looking for support, motivation and tips. I'm 46 and believe I'm at the beginning stages of menopause. Boo!
  • Lightbeamer
    Lightbeamer Posts: 49 Member
    I am coming in from both FatSecret, and SparkPeople. I will also maintain the journal I have at FatSecret. After SparkPeople went downhill, I felt I had nowhere to go. But I remembered that this site exists, and so I moved back over. I cannot remember my past alias. So glad to meet you all!
  • nate8526
    nate8526 Posts: 1 Member
    Love to make some new friends.
  • ofek13levi
    ofek13levi Posts: 2 Member
    I always say that more important than motivation Is self discipline..motivation can light up the torch..but you got to carry it with you even if the fire is estinguished 🦅
  • ofek13levi
    ofek13levi Posts: 2 Member
    Friends are happily welcomed😘
  • Tensilver1124
    Tensilver1124 Posts: 6 Member
    More friends are welcome, went from 270 ish to 158 and still have a little bit to go and sorta staying on track this last 2 months.
  • Dulcebarajas8
    Dulcebarajas8 Posts: 3 Member
    Hi everyone. I have been on MFP since 2017. Just recently had to start a new account because my original one was acting weird. I am always looking for accountability friends!
  • kmbtrigger24
    kmbtrigger24 Posts: 11 Member
    Hi everyone! Looking for accountability and inspiration! Got serious about my healthy journey again and would love to share it with people. Not sure how to add friends, but would love to have some 😄
  • AshleighRose93
    AshleighRose93 Posts: 3 Member
    Looking for a group of friends in here for encouragement and support!
  • BethMarieVA
    BethMarieVA Posts: 64 Member
    I would love to have some new friends to support! <3 BethMarieVA