Looking for friends

Hi I was a member of MFP many years ago but lost my account information. I have made this account but am now friendless.
Feel free to add me

I’m returning to my weight loss journey after taking a break due to health and mobility issues. I’m now ready to kick my flab’s *kitten*.


  • AmberlyMarlene
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    I'm glad you've found yourself in a better place where you can put your weight loss journey back into your list of priorities. I'm always down for more motivational and supportive friends to in return support. I find it helps me mentally stay involved with keeping my goals in mind and my head in the right place of keeping them a priority.
  • tiffanylacourse
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    Request sent! You go this!
  • msmichlle0607
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    AmberlyMarlene ! I’m so happy for you! Welcome back to MFP. Your story is inspiring to me. I relate in a with you. I ended up going through medical issues this past May 2022 and did end up giving me limitations on working out. I lost myself with in motivation and caring with in exercise from a learned taught behavior by everyone around me. Because I’m a cardiac patient and the fear has with me passing out they shelter me way too much. I was very successful on MFP , then just stepped away then every time I tried then did not log I’d make a new account. As you mentioned in the ready state of mind is where I’m finally at.
  • sherrylynnnorton
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    Welcome back! I’m also returning after taking a break that started with an injury then rolled into the holidays and then… well the beginning of this year rocky but finding friends that are also on a weight loss journey can be encouraging! We can do this!
    Feel free to add me :)
  • I would love to be a part of an accountability group. I am also back after a long time away. I needed to leave because my relationship with food was really unhealthy. I finally have my head on straight and am very motivated. I am aiming to reach my goal weight by late May. I don’t know how to add people. But if I can figure it out I’d love to add you. Strength in numbers. :)
  • Tail0rMade22
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    Looking for friends for a supportive and motivating atmosphere. So excited to see everyone's gains!