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  • tishawj
    tishawj Posts: 542 Member
    clprieur wrote: »
    tishawj wrote: »
    My 10 day friends....Let's DO this!!! I'm so glad I decided to search out this challenge again....My morning read to follow everyone's progress is inspiring and motivating. It keeps me on track everyday!!
    25 days until we leave for Mexico...that's two and a half 10 day rounds, my goal is to get to 170...or under by then.
    Female - 51yrs - 5'5"
    R15 EW 3/02 - 175.2
    GW - to hang out somewhere 145-150

    3/10 - 174.6 - Took all week but I'm finally back where I started this round. This weekend will be interesting. It's Hubby's birthday today, I should do ok with food, even with his creamy sauce dinner request.... but there will be cake. Tomorrow I'm heading down to Toronto for a "sleepover" with a couple of housemates from my university days. Dinner out and of course cocktails...these ladies fill my joy bucket so it will be worth it!!!

    @tishawj Oh, aren't you getting the weather we are getting here in Burlington? It's miserable! Yuck! Stay put!! Lol

    @clprieur We didn't get much snow at all here yesterday, a bit in the evening and it stopped overnight. The last few snow/ice systems that went through southern Ontario missed us. We're in a funny spot where we either get hammered when no one else does or nothing when everyone else does. Plus we're used to the snow...everyone has a snowblower, and our services handle it pretty well....we'd never leave the house from Nov-Apr if a bit of snow made us stay put LOL.

  • quiltingjaine
    quiltingjaine Posts: 6,013 Member
    edited March 2023
    @clprieur I was also confused about goal weight. As whacky as it sounds, I think feeling as if it is right is pretty accurate. WW said my high limit should be 136 or 137 but I was never comfortable there and found it impossible to eat their way and get lower-as a matter of fact, when they made all fruits and most vegetables “free” I regained 30#! When I started low carb I just lost until I felt comfortable-I weighed but did no measurements. When I went to my new doctor at 117# he said that was a good weight for me. I found this chart which you may have already seen but thought it might give you some numbers to think about.8chxwylszc85.jpeg

    Having said that, I need to get my happy A.$.$ to a gym!!!!
  • quiltingjaine
    quiltingjaine Posts: 6,013 Member
    @GirlOnTheRebound said “Eating my coleslaw before we go so not tempted by hotdogs!”

    There is nothing that will stop me from having a dog at the ballpark. LOL Just as inconceivable to me as a movie without a BUCKET of “buttery” popcorn.
  • musicsax
    musicsax Posts: 4,434 Member
    clprieur wrote: »
    Christine from Burlington, Ontario, Canada 😊
    6th Round
    Age 53, 5’5”
    Heaviest Weight: 345+ lbs (my highest known weight prior to gastric bypass in Aug 2005)
    Weight in March 2022: 220 lbs
    Weight beginning this Round: 148.4 lbs
    Goal Weight: 145 lbs

    This round's daily goals:
    1. <1500 calories 10/10 days - ☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹😊
    2. 14K steps 6/10 days - 😊😊😊☹☹☹☹☹☹
    3. Attend work 6/6 days – 😊☹☹😊😊☹☹☹☹
    4. Gym/strength-training 3/10 days - ☹☹😊☹☹☹☹☹☹
    5. 7 cups fluids 10/10 - ☹😊😊☹☹☹☹☹😊
    6. 5 mins affirmations 10/10 days - ☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹😊
    7. 10 mins meditation 10/10 days - 😊☹☹☹☹☹☹☹😊
    8. Iron 5/10 days - ☹😊☹😊☹☹☹☹☹
    9. Vitamins/supplements 10/10 days - ☹😊☹☹😊☹☹☹☹
    10. 60+ grams protein 10/10 days - 😊😊😊😊☹☹☹☹☹

    3/3 – 148.4 lbs – Well, I am really pleased with my progress! I was looking back and I started these challenges on January 13, 2023 and I have lost 9.2 lbs since that time! Thanks @quiltingjaine! Considering the time of year (poor mental health + bad weather usually = annual weight gain, for me), and the fact that I am pretty close to my goal weight, this is wonderful! I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I am TWO HUNDRED POUNDS LESS THAN I WAS IN 2005. Like wth? That is so bizarre. So bizarre. I mean it has been a roller coaster of losing and gaining since gastric bypass, for sure, but still. And now I have a glimmer of hope of being able to maintain this weight (145-150 lbs) by just continuing to log my calories, and walking every single day. I mean, it’s a pretty simple formula. It’s not rocket science. LOL! Anyhow, honestly, if I can lose 0.8 lbs by the end of this challenge, that would mean I have lost 10 lbs in 2 months, and that is more than okay by me! 😊 You will see that I have set A LOT of goals for this round. What I did was look back over the last 5 rounds and put together every single goal I have attempted since January 13th. (I left out a goal I had originally set about calming down on ice-cream sammiches, as I have completely stopped eating those.) Some goals I have been very successful at, some I didn’t achieve even once. So, I thought that for this round I’d try to go all in and challenge myself! The only new goal I’ve added is getting to the gym. I have reinstated my gym membership and I want to get back into the habit going 2-3 times per week. Anyhow, in the spirit of the success I have had over the last few days by posting this up in the morning and then feeling like I need to live up to all the “happy faces” I’ve projected for the day ahead, I am going to give myself all happy faces above and then do my absolute best to stay the course. Let’s go people! Let’s do this!! 😊
    3/4 - 149.2 lbs – First of all: HAHAHA at myself for being so raring to go yesterday morning and then finding myself eating McDonald’s chicken nuggies and fries by the end of the day!! Like what the heck!! Where did my motivation go??? I only got 4/10 happy faces yesterday, AND I ate over 2500 calories!! Sheesh! Well, I guess you win some, you lose some. Let me try to do better today. However, I am a bit concerned because we are in the middle of another frickin’ blizzard and I am not even sure how I am going to take my dog out for pee-breaks, let alone walk him (and he is used to 1-2 hours of walking per day – pray for my sanity). It’s treacherous out there and I can see it is white-out conditions and I can hear the wind howling. So… this is going to be an interesting diet/exercise day. I don’t think am going to hit my 14K steps goal today. Wish me luck. Today is supposed to be a gym/strength training day according my schedule. I haven’t been there since before I rescued Goliath on January 2nd. This is going to HURT. Luckily my gym is just about a block away so I can walk over, if I can trudge through the snow on the sidewalks. I could use the weather as a reason to skip it, but I had planned to go today and I am really looking forward to starting up again. Because I had gastric-bypass, I am at high-risk of developing osteoporosis, so in addition to taking my supplements I am also supposed to be doing regular weight-bearing exercise to try to keep up my bone density. So it’s important to build this into my weekly schedule and stick with it. Oh, and you will see that my weight is up today. I am very close to going over the upper-level of my goal range. This is VERY motivating. I do NOT want to creep up. I need to nip this in the bud. With all your support, I know I can do it. 😊 I put in my pre-planned “happy faces” above and now I am going to post this so you all can hold me accountable! HAVE A GREAT DAY EVERYONE!!
    3/5 – 148.8 lbs – Well, yesterday was a decent day – 5/10 happy faces - and I am glad the scale is down a smidge. I did go over my calories yesterday by 330 cals, but I also walked almost 26K steps so I am not too worried about that. What I am worried about is the fact that I invited my sister, her daughter and daughter’s fiancé over for lunch today, and I said I’d order Chinese food. Now I am worried about the calories in Chinese food and wondering if I should a) just eat my Jenny Craig food while they eat Chinese food or b) try to cook us all something healthy. I am not much of a cook but I recently purchased a Ninja 13-in-one which is pretty easy to use. I’ll keep thinking about that and let you know how it goes. I mean, I know “treats” are okay sometimes, but on the other hand, I can enjoy their company and feed them healthy food instead of salty, greasy, (delicious) Chinese food which will result in a bump up on the scale tomorrow. I still haven’t been to the gym and I am actually motivated to go right now, which I think I will do, even though I feel weird about it because I have walked my dog every day at this time since I brought him home from the shelter. I feel bad leaving him behind. Also, I usually enjoy my walks with him around 4-5 AM as he is dog-reactive and we don’t run into many other dogs at this time, so it is our best walk of the day. So if I gym now and walk him later, being a Sunday morning, we will definitely run into other dogs, which is inevitable but also markedly less fun. Anyway, I am not going to pre-log my happy faces this morning, as I have no idea how the day is going to go. Obviously, I am a little indecisive this morning. LOL. Wish me luck.
    3/6 – 148.6 lbs – Well, the Chinese food lunch yesterday did not go as planned. Let’s just leave it at that. On the flip side, I am super proud of myself for getting back to the gym yesterday morning. And I am also impressed with myself for being proud of getting back to the gym instead of fixating on the fact that I didn’t do my entire routine or beat myself up for the fact that I needed to do less weight and fewer reps. I was just happy with myself for making it there. That is a HUGE improvement in my attitude and I feel like it shows significant progress. 😊 In addition to going to the gym, I also got in 23k steps. So overall it was a good day for exercise. I am a bit concerned with the fact that at some point yesterday I just gave up on logging my calories. I lost track with the Chinese food and after that things kind of went to hell in a handbasket, which is NOT a sign of progress. LOL. It is that old mentality of “oh well, the day is already ‘ruined’, I might as well eat anything and everything now, especially since I stopped logging for the day!”. It is not a wise approach, as I have learned time and time again in my weight loss journey. Er, weight-gain journey.
    3/7 – 148.8 lbs -
    3/8 - DNW
    3/9 - 142.2 lbs – One word: gastroenteritis. 10/10 would not recommend.
    3/10 – 142.8 lbs – Well, I guess poor hubby did not wash his hands enough while he was caring for me because now he is sick as a dog and I am still not recuperated enough to care for him. This is not going well, folks. Counting calories and steps is about the last thing on my mind. Just trying to get rehydrated.
    3/11 – 145.2 lbs – Okay, I guess by the scale it looks like I am getting rehydrated. I am feeling better this morning, although still feeling weak. Apparently, I will feel weak for some time, according to my GP. Nonetheless, I have decided to get back to my usual diet and exercise today. I put my Fitbit back on and I got my Jenny Craig food all organized for the week. I am worried about walking my dog this morning. The dog walker has been walking him since I got sick on Tuesday, but I said I would do it today. However, last night I took him out for 2 quick pee breaks and I could barely walk around the block. I was exhausted. Plus, yesterday was a big friggin blizzard so I was trudging though snowbanks, so that didn’t help. So I am concerned about getting out there with him and not being able to (a) control him – he is a crazy maniac – and (b) walk him for 60-90 mins, which is what he is used to every morning, and another 60-90 mins later in the day. It is times like these that I wonder if I have over-conditioned my dog. LOL. In any case, I am interested to see where my weight will land once I am back to normal with hydration. I really have no idea what my goal weight should be and no medical professional seems to be willing to give me a number. They say stuff like “whatever you feel comfortable with” and “you’ll know when you get there” and “something that you can maintain” etc. That is just not helpful to someone with body dysmorphia and an eating disorder. I need a number! Well, actually, my pharmacist, (who is awesome), did give me a number. I was picking up my Saxenda (which is used off-label as an appetite suppressant) and she looked at me and said, “You aren’t going to lose any more weight, are you?” I told her that I have having a hard time knowing when to stop. She whipped out a calculator, did a bunch of math, looked up at me and said, “The lowest you should go is 143, at our age.” LOL. I was like, okay, that was my first direct answer. She went on to explain that as we age we need to protect our bones, and that if we don’t have enough muscle and fat, if we fall we are more susceptible to fractures. That makes sense to me. I still feel like I have blubber on my torso and butt. But some of that is probably excess skin that after a 200 lb weight-loss is only going to be fixed by a plastic surgeon. Ahh, to be rich!! Anyhow, I apologize for going on about this incessantly but there is nobody in my life that can bear to hear me talk about this anymore. LOL! Well, I better get out there and walk my dog. Wish me luck and hopefully I don’t end up face first in a snowbank…

    **thoughts for next challenge: journalling, Grow With Jo videos on cold days, X pages of reading, neck stretches, no devices for 60 mins before bed

    Never apologize for getting it off your chest, we all do it and we all support each other.
    Good to hear you are starting to feel better, try not to do too much too early, build up to it.
    Your pharmacist sounds very sensible and looking at your height I reckon she's spot on.
    Take care, and hope your DH starts to feel better soon too.
  • musicsax
    musicsax Posts: 4,434 Member
    Round 216


    ROUND 173 FOR ME.

    “Today….I am choosing Me”


    Highest weight ever (05-10-2016): 253
    Original starting weight on MFP: (01-11-2018) 235.0
    R215 EW= 193.2
    R216 EW= TBD

    Current New Goals:
    Short Term Goal: To weigh less at the end of this round than I did at the end of the last round.
    Final goal: 145-155. We’ll see how I look & feel when I get there.
    Exercise: Move 30 minutes per day rotating activity.

    COLOR CODE: Fuchsia is a Happy Weight Loss for me. Blue is a sad weight gain.Black is no change.


    R43 thru R52 (06/07/18 thru 09/23/18) = -19.4 LOST (Ending weight 179.0)

    R53 thru R62 (09/24/18 thru 01/01/19) = -4.1 GAINED (Ending weight 183.1)

    R63 thru R72 (01/02/19 thru 04/11/19) = -8.1 GAINED (Ending weight 191.2)

    R73 thru R82 (04/12/19 thru 07/20/19) = -5.5 GAINED (Ending weight 196.7)

    R83 thru R92 (07/21/19 thru 10/28/19) = -8.7 LOST (Ending weight 188.0)

    R93 thru R102 (10/29/19 thru 02/05/20) = -2.0 GAINED(Ending weight 190.0)

    R103 thru 112 (02/06/20 thru 05/06/20) = -14.9 GAINED (Ending Weight 204.9)

    R113 thru 122 (05/07/20 thru 08/23/20) = -4.7 GAINED (Ending Weight 209.6)

    R 123 thru R132 (08/24 thru 12/02/20) = -1.5 LOST (Ending Weight 208.1)

    R133 thru R142 (12/03/20 thru 03/01/21) = -0.7 LOST (Ending Weight 207.4)

    R143 thru 152 (03/02/21 thru 06/10/21) = -3.6 LOST (Ending Weight 203.8)

    R153 thru R162 (06/11/21 thru 09/18/21) = (b]-16.2 LOST [/b] (Ending Weight 187.6)

    R163 thru R172 (09/19/21 thru 12/27/21) = (b]-5.0 GAINED [/b] (Ending Weight 192.6)

    R173 thru R182 (12/28/21 thru 04/06/22) = (b]-7.0 GAINED [/b] (Ending Weight 199.6)

    R183 thru R192 (04/07/22 thru 07/15/22) = -1.4 LOST (Ending Weight 198.2)

    R193 thru R202 (07/16/22 thru 10/23/22) = -3.8 GAINED (Ending Weight 202.0)

    R203 thru R212 (10/24/22 thru 01/31/23) = -7.2 LOST (Ending Weight 194.8)

    R213 (02/01/23 thru 02/10/23) = -1.2 LOST (Ending Weight 193.6)

    R214 (02/11/23 thru 02/20/23) = -0.4 GAINED (Ending Weight 194.0)

    R215 (02/21/23 thru 03/02/23) = -0.8 LOST (Ending Weight 193.2)

    R216 (03/03/23 thru 03/12/23) = -xxx LOST (Ending Weight xxxxx)

    03/02 …..193.2….. ENDING WEIGHT LAST ROUND
    03/03 -194.6- (Trend weight 193.2)

    03/04 -193.0- (Trend weight 193.1)

    03/05 -194.0- (Trend weight 193.2)

    03/06 -191.2- (Trend weight 193.0)

    03/07 -191.6- (Trend weight 192.9)

    03/08 -190.6- (Trend weight 192.7)

    03/09 -192.2- (Trend weight 192.6)

    03/10 -191.6- (Trend weight 192.5) What a nice surprise on the scale today! I didn’t expect a drop even though my diet and calorie burn was excellent yesterday. The past two days I have not been able to take my water pill, (Wednesday because of concert and Thursday because of cardiac rehab & travel). So this a true fat loss. Today I will take my pill as I am home on babysitting duty for DGS and snowed in anyway after several inches dropped last night. My ankles feel like I have vice grips on them so it will be a relief to shed the excess fluid. It should show up on the scale in the morning too. I have already pre-logged my planned food for today. Exercise will be tough with grandson here until about 9:30 pm. I’ll do what I can when I can but it’s hard to have a whole 20 minutes doing anything without constant interruption. Enjoy your day everyone!

    03/11 -189.2- (Trend weight 192.2) Well, here’s the true weight after the water pill took all the excess fluid out that I spoke of yesterday. What a relief to my ankles especially! Interestingly, the last two nights I dozed off on the couch and woke up STARVING TO ABSOLUTE DEATH, both times at about 12:30 a.m. I was so close to a binge it was UNBELIEVABLE! I found myself justifying (out loud, mind you) why it’s okay for me to eat whatever I want right now, and in large quantities. Why I should just shove in many kinds of foods and “get it out of my system” as long as I’m so hungry anyway. I tell you folks, it took EVERYTHING I HAVE INSIDE THIS NEARLY 63 YEAR OLD BODY to stop myself. I grabbed a handful of almonds (21 of them to be exact, which is ¾ of a serving) and I ate those, drank water and focused back on something on TV. It worked both nights. Hunger banished because of the healthy fat. I would have grabbed walnuts (so healthy) but I had already had some during breakfast both days. I’m so glad I did this two nights in a row as I know it has helped continue my weight loss. I knew, by the way, that I had already had sufficient calories, carbs, protein etc. or I would have eaten something more. My body was fighting the weight loss. We were in a bitter battle – I won this time.

    Every healthy habit brings me closer to scratching each of these off to NEVER see them again!
    250’s; 240’s; 230’s; 220's; 210's; 200's; 190's; 180’s; 170's; 160's; 150’s

    Well done you! You are doing amazingly, so inspirational after all the duff directions from the medics, I'm so proud of you. Next time I get the urge to mindlessly stuff my face before I think, I'm going to try to think of you and the last two nights, going to get some almonds/walnuts and portion them up for those such emergency times.
    You go girl! 👍😘