Just Give Me 10 Days -Round 217



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    @SheilaBoneham Yay! I'm copying your tracking method :)

    100-day Binge-free Challenge starting March 13….
    *=1 day. ⭐️=10 days
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    @SheilaBoneham Yay! I'm copying your tracking method :)

    100-day Binge-free Challenge starting March 13….
    *=1 day. ⭐️=10 days

    @SheilaBoneham @shmmm3 @musicsax I like this tracking for our 100-day challenge. I'm copying it too! :)
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    @fmfdfa2020 I make my oatmeal with almond milk. Tastes much better than with water.

    @SheilaBoneham I haven't tried almond milk. I don't know why since my husband drinks it and has tried to get me to try it. It may be a mental thing with my severe allergy to peanuts, I've always stayed away from all nuts except for pecans (why, just pecans, I have no idea ;)) I'll have to give the almond milk a try, or maybe soy milk. There are certain times where you just need milk, like yesterday when I wanted mashed potatoes. :) Thank you!

    I'm glad to see you and @shmmm3 are joining me and @musicsax in the 100-day binge-free challenge!!
    Not sure if you're willing, but I've also tried oat milk (not a nut!) if you need to ease it. I bounce around the non-dairy milk types based on what is on sale/cheaper at the time.

    My little DGS is dairy free and drinks oat milk, on the odd occasion when they have visited us (it's normally easier for us to go there) I've got oat milk in for him and if I forget to give it DD to take home I've used it on cereal or in oats for porridge; it's ok. Don't think I'd like it in coffee though!!

    Oof, I can imagine it wouldn't taste great in coffee! I don't drink much milk related, but each has its own little flavor profile that some people do or don't like. I'm not terribly picky, depending on what I'm using it for. I have oat milk for my protein shakes as it's thicker/creamier than the others and makes the protein powder taste so much better than almond or soy so I stick to it. During summer if I make iced mochas or lattes at home, I usually go for soy or almond. I want to say I've tried a couple others, but I don't see them often at the store. Maybe I'm overlooking them because of instant recognition of the other common types?