76 yrs old I really need to lose 50lb, finding it very difficult

I am 76 yrs old, I started keto just before Christmas 2020, I lost 35lb in 4 months then I caught covid, after I recovered I found it hard to stick to the diet, and eating the amount of meat and fats were causing health problems, and I yo-yo’d for the rest of the year until the weight gradually started rising again, now I am back to where I was 204lb, I am trying to reduce weight by calorie control now, 1400 day, I can’t walk as Much as I was doing as the extra weight has aggravated the plantar fasciitis in my left foot making walking a torture sometimes, I just find it hard to stick to my diet and often find I am up in 1600 calories, I try to stick to I F, 10/14, I have only lost 3lb in 6 weeks, but really have to find the motivation to stick to it, hubby is a naturally slim person who can eat anything and no weight goes on, pretty smug about it too sometimes, he says just eat less, I don’t find that helpful, bit scathing about me going on various diets and not getting results I want,
Any tips and advice would be helpful,
Thanks for reading, x


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    Hi, I am 75 and have been trying to lose weight most of my adult life. I know that, if I stick to my calories, 1550 and if I do some physical activity, I can lose the weight. It's my brain that is holding me back from sticking to the "Plan".
    I am working on my mindset and I have also started to record anything I eat or drink BEFORE I put it into my mouth. I got my scale out again and the measuring cups and spoons are sitting on the counter.
    I walk my little dog every day twice, that is my physical activity. When the weather improves ( I am in Ontario, Canada) I go swimming twice a week.
    Maybe we can help each other.

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    I found rolling a frozen water bottle & stretches helped. Best of luck
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    2 suggestions from me. I'm 51 and started IF last week. For about 4 years now I've been suggesting to mostly mature women to consider adding magnesium supplements with your doctors input. Better yet, try increasing foods magnesium rich intake. Magnesium will help you get a better sleep. Sleep is so important. Epsom baths can work too!

    I also eat 1 avocado per day. I do it to feed my brain. Its high in vitamin b too. It helps me have great REM sleep. I have lots of vibrant dreams when I eat avocados!!

    Research it. It could be an easy solution to rest your muscles, induce REM sleep, satiate your appetite and improve good cholesterol with some good fats. Improve your sleep quality and your body just may follow.
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    I am 60 and working on my fitness and diet but its hard, small steps snd adapting exercises as needed as sometimes my knees and back hurt so i adjust so i can keep motivated but i agree it is hard but you can do it.
    Add me as a friend if you want i have found that has kept me motivated
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    Covid can be really hard to recover from. I'm still struggling with a lingering cough almost a year later and I only recently got my taste back. It's almost as bad as dealing with a smug husband . . .

    Have you considered weight training? Building muscle can help increase your metabolism and you can do it despite challenges with walking.

    I'm 45 but struggle a lot with poor health. I've seen success in building muscle and it is helping me feel better even though I still need to lose about 90 pounds.
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    ❤️ Don’t give up! Asking for help is a great start. Not only is MFP wonderful for motivation, I constantly read, listen to podcasts and watch videos. Try The Fasting Method podcasts and you tube videos, Ramos is fabulous answering questions and giving tips. She works with Dr. Fung. IF. Also Dr. Berg, YouTube. Gaining knowledge takes half the struggle away because you focus on something other than yourself and the scale. Keep a diary, notes, info learned. Blog it! Share it! Would love to hear your monthly results! 💕
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    Hello, I was just wondering how you are doing? I'm 69 and back here to lose weight again and hopefully this time keep it off. I'm assumming you used the tool to calculate your calories. It does get tough because every year the number drops as we get older and also slow down, and of course it is based individual body size. If not, be sure you do that. I personally cannot do keto although it worked for my daughter. I have played around with my macros and find for me a higher protein and lower carb work without uping the fats too much. I have them set at 25% carb...0 sugar and white starch....I use stevia and erythritol and occassional healthy, whole grain...I also buy keto bread for rare use, 35% protein which I use supplements to help out...protein powder drinks, protein chips, protein tortillas, and occassionally a protein candy bar...oh and my favorite homemade protein cheesecake. I try to keep my fats under 40%....so, very different from keto and works better for my older age. I do yoga for seniors and physical therapy videos for my bad back and painful hip. I add those on as extra calories, but never consume more than half. I am on my way to losing 40 lbs with another 20 to go. I was stalled as you were after 2 months and decided to try intermittant fasting. I eat a "sweet sugar free snack around 8 PM and then fast until 10 AM. It is working for now. Don't let it get you down, and if it isn't working try something different until it does work. Good luck.
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    look on YouTube for advice on what has helped with planter faceitis. I had it for two. years a long while back.. The typical Podiatrist advice never worked. But it did go away ... for me. it was after i read to buy new shoes all the time.. and i used arch inserts from Target. It finally healed. I can see why that keeps you from the exercise you need to lose weight. Maybe a rowing machine .. a type of cardio that keeps you off your feet.
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    Hi all, sounds like a lot of us are suffering from pain that hinders our activity level. I have recently rediscovered the amazingness of water exercise. I go to the local YMCA, which offers gentle water exercise for “arthritis/injury” 3 times per week. In the shallow end, so you don’t need to swim or even get your hair wet…Participants are mostly older, and/or obese, so wearing a swimsuit is not awful. It’s actually freeing to just be however you are….Also, YMCA generally has financial scholarship assistance if money is an issue.
    Give it some thought-it’s really helping with my low back pain.
    Karen from Seattle
    (Aargh-not that kind of Karen…)
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    Is there a MFP group for 70-year-olds?! Asking for a friend. 😁