What's Your Most Recent NSV



  • jrmint29
    jrmint29 Posts: 4 Member
    Being able to put things between your legs in the car. Such a moment 😊
  • Fattyohfat
    Fattyohfat Posts: 49 Member
    edited September 2023
    YES! Also when your stomach doesn't touch the steering wheel.
  • takinitalloff
    takinitalloff Posts: 1,384 Member
    Good for you! That’s awesome! Like you, I’m waiting for someone to notice… I’ve lost 21 since June, but no one has noticed (or at least they haven’t said anything if they did notice)… hopefully my time will come soon, like yours did!
    My NSV today was wearing a new bra, that’s smaller in band and cup than I’ve worn in years! My old ones were getting ridiculous, so I bought a smaller one on sale just to see…. And it fits! Yippee!

    Hey, congrats on your new bra, how exciting! I'm sure someone will notice soon. Maybe now that you have a bra that fits well, I bet that'll help with how your tops fit too... those little things can make a big difference in what people see when they look at you.

    FYI you need to put an @ in front of a username to make it ping the person, rather than a # :)
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