Women 200lb+, Let's Have A Nifty Novemeber!!!



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    💜💜💜Hey, ladies!!!💜💜💜
    Next month's group has been posted in the Motivation and Support forum! Hope to see you over there:

    ❄️Women 200lb+, Let's Dream Big This December!!!❄️

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    Hey, @kiteflyer105! I have been MIA. I got really sick with an infection in my mouth (super gross) and had a really high fever. I couldn't really eat/open my mouth much. I had to cut bananas down the middle and I ate a lot of scrambled eggs. I was in bed for about a week. I went to the dentist and then to an endodontist, and while I'm 80% better, I still have to go see an oral surgeon. Ugh. Super terrible. But I'm alive and back and I'll see everyone in the December group!
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    Accountability time-How was your November? Wins/ Losses? What are you most proud of? Anything you are struggling with that you need support on? Goal for the end of the year?

    November was ok, I feel like I got my mojo back but it’s hard to keep the momentum esp when it comes to eating clean. I’ve been letting my mood dictate what I do more than I should. I hope to be in the 100’s by nye
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    I'm new! Back on my fitness journey. I'm really aiming to get my blood pressure down and to have more energy. I'm breastfeeding and have a four year old and one month old, so I plan on taking it slow. I'm here for accountability and weekly check ins. Would love accountability partners. I'm doing macros.

    Goal this week:
    Track current eating for three days
    Walk 1 lap of neighborhood 4 days
    Amp up breakfasts with protein

    GW: 190
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    RavenStCloud-We missed you. I hope you are feeling better! Good luck with the oral surgeon!

    sugagirl5-I have a list of my goals posted on my refrigerator, on my nightstand, and in my purse on an index card. This way it is easier to resist temptations. It is about commitment, instead of moods. It is like cleaning, doing taxes, or cleaning a bathroom. We may like not it; we have to do it.

    Sydsunflower88-I will check in for exercise, if you want to do the same.
    I am rooting everyone on!

    Let’s do it, so January won’t be such a drag, meaning we still have much more weight to lose.
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    This is a repost. I never know where the best place to create messages on the message boards.

    My results for 2023! Thank you to all that have supported me. I have had some more NSV's. I found out I have sleep apnea and my oxygen level was at 74% (This should be at 99%)! no wonder I am so tired a lot of the time. It is not just my medication! I am getting a CPAP machine and get another sleep study done. It will take 3-4 months to feel better.

    I have gone from (290 lbs. with Heart Failure) 32 jeans to (203 lbs.) 22 jeans. 60 lbs. were from water weight. This is super embarrassing. I am petite. I have lost 87 lbs. for the year! I'll take that! My goal is size 8-10 size jeans for 2024! I can do it with enough sacrifice and hard work. No more hoping and wishing for me. I will make it happen. Consistency and dedication are the only things that will get me there. I made it to the 2 mile mark this year. This is from breathing so hard, due to my heart failure. I was so out of breath, I could not cross the street without it feeling like a monumental task. After out of a 13 day hospital stay, I fell up the stairs with medication I was taking, I felt dizzy and light-headed. I felt like I was going to pass out. I did not get normal sleep for months. I take 6 diuretics for my heart a day. Fighting my way back has been worth it.

    I had severe health issues (chronic conditions) in 2023, and almost died. I had “imminent death” written in my medical records. Do not let this be you! If I can lose weight and not make excuses, you can too! You are the only one that holds yourself back. This is coming from someone who has been binge eating for 38 years! Rehab is next year for me. I know I’ll never keep the weight off without it until I stop running and face all of my issues that held me back. I know I am my own problem. So, I can fix myself.

    I wish I had a workout partner at the gym. That is for a later time though.

    Next year, I have more challenges to overcome. For instance: coming through a successful second ICD surgery, finishing cardiac rehab, finishing PT, getting to 3 miles, walking less than a 20 minutes mile by myself, etc. I am going for it, to hit 130 lbs.

    To get a tummy tuck, I need to keep 100 lbs. off for a year, according to my insurance company. I will need to document the negative consequences for it. All I want is to look normal in a dress or jeans. Later on, I will get a breast lift. Skin is like a napkin, once it stretches out to a certain point, there is no turning back, no matter how much cardio, core work, and weight training you do.

    I am determined, I want to live longer and have a higher quality of life. I finally believe I am truly worth it, and deserve nothing less from myself. The more I work out the more tenacious, disciplined, stronger, and more mental toughness I build. I refuse to play "volunteer victim' and "poor me'. That is for a wimp who gave up on herself. I want to change old, destructive habits. I can't change everything at once. Sometimes it is one minute at a time. I used to love going out to eat. Now, I’d rather eat at home. I know my nutritional values better. But I do plan in going out now. I eat salads most days. I’d rather be smaller. I need to do that a lot more.

    In my transformation, for me, I am using: CBT Cognitive Behavior Therapy with my Therapist, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT, Tapping with Brad Yates on You Tube; it is free), meditation, Yoga Nidra (The Mindfulness Movement on You Tube; This is free.), weight loss meditation (Honest Guys on You Tube; This is free.) and Navy Box breathing (check it out on YouTube; this is free!). I use a weight loss notebook, I write down weight, what I eat daily, my blood sugar, blood pressure, insulin amount given, medication taken, H20 drank, and exercise. I measure my portions and plan my “Treat Meal or Treat dessert’ sparingly. I eat sugar free popsicles, Skinny Pop with grape crystal light, and/or 12 peanut MnMs for a treat.

    A special message to the extremely obese person: If you are living a life of Groundhog Day (doing the same thing daily and seeing no change, again and again), feeling like your life is on repeat daily, aren't you truly sick of it? What are your peak moments in your life today and for this year? Did you have any or are you being a wimp? You were made to live at a higher level of life. You are meant to have friends and have fun in life.

    If you are truly lonely and depressed, get on the right medication prescribed by a psychiatrist and work through it with a qualified therapist. Please learn about nutrition and portion control. Buy a scale and start measuring everything. Work within your calorie allowance. You can look up your BMI and calorie allowance on the internet. This is what adulting is about…Don’t confuse your self-worth with the number on the scale. That is damaging to your self-esteem. Focus on what you give to the world. What skills and talents do possess? Build new skills.

    Above all, quit crying if you want a normal life and get to work. Take ownership and responsibility for your health. Be accountable to yourself. Crying never solved anything for me. Yes, there is "pretty privilege" and "thin privilege" in our society". Get over yourself, go get at it and work for it. You are the only one that is punishing yourself. You can experience positivity and joy. And for the first time in your life, be proud of yourself, despite what all the naysayers say about you. Prove them wrong. You owe that to yourself. You don't know your true capabilities, until you can safely work as hard as you can. Get your doctor's approval. Have them run blood tests on you. Get a true picture of your current health status; stop kidding yourself. Obesity can and will kill you if you let it.

    Be painfully honest with yourself. Stop lying to yourself. Take a front, side, and back picture of yourself. Put it on the fridge, so you can make the right choice. You absolutely deserve better. You are not doomed, unless you want to be. Get out of your stuck rut and move. Please weigh your food and count your portions. You don't have an excuse not to lose weight, even if you are bed bound. Unless you have a medical condition or medicine that prevents you from doing so… There are certain people who cannot.

    Please figure out a program that works for you. Everyone who is morbidly obese is choosing to be. You are not working hard enough, or you would naturally lose weight. Find your favorite foods and make them healthier. Experiment with everything and succeed. We are all responsible for our experiences in life. I will root you on. Friend me and I can and will support you. But you have to put in the effort and work daily. God Bless! Be the best you and live at a higher level. Be the hero in your own life. The only person that is going to save you is YOU. =) Stop being helpless and choose to save yourself. Positive vibes

    <3 Woo Hoo! I lost 10 clothing sizes in 2023! "If Vanessa Cross from "1000 lbs. Friends" can lose the weight, so can you."
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    I have a family member that informed me I would never get the weight off. I felt very hurt. Whatever. I will prove her wrong. My why? I need to be a fighter instead of a quitter. I owe it to myself to finish my weight loss to completion. I deserve to be the healthiest and best version of me.

    Good luck in obtaining your own results. Let 2024 be our best year yet. Happy Dance!
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    I have a family member that informed me I would never get the weight off. I felt very hurt. Whatever. I will prove her wrong. My why? I need to be a fighter instead of a quitter. I owe it to myself to finish my weight loss to completion. I deserve to be the healthiest and best version of me.

    Good luck in obtaining your own results. Let 2024 be our best year yet. Happy Dance!

    It's sad when people feel their negative comments are okay to share out loud. You WILL get the weight off! I have no doubts about it. 2024 is a new start for everyone!