The middle agers group. (Upper 30s,40s & 50ish folks)



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    New to the group/ app. Always are healthy.. soni thought. I always had a sweet tooth though figured it balanced out.. pre diabetes so started watching what I eat... Getting my a1c and triglycerides down now... Finally back to normal yeah soni thought every thing good but ldl up.. had to much to monitor so downloaded the app to help so I can see where I went wrong.. and coarse correct. Has helped a bit only one week in though still loading my receipts as I cook.. hard to do as I cook to taste never been a recipe follower..
    Not big on fried food or red meat so looking for the cholesterol culprit. Goal come march everything will be good..
    Hell 6m on the sugar watch and adjustments already down 27 lbs and not even trying. Maybe this will get me to my late 20s weight.. sorry but high school was too skinny.
    High school 125
    Boot camp grad 98
    Weight room junkie till 23 hit 198 with 28 waist.. wife said had problem so made cut backs
    Settled on a 138 to 150 range and nice medium
    Early 30s crazy work hours and fast food had me up to 200
    Dropped it in 6m to a fit 155
    10 years later slow shift in diet and not even realize I was doing it and back to 198.
    I knew I was putting it on but 42 had blood work and said sugar.. said oh *kitten* yeah I have let my sweet tooth take over yes I still eat healthy food but I have started eating mores sweets too. 6m and at 172.

    Sorry about the life story just putting it out so y'all know my journey.. eat all the food you want it just takes the little bit of negative food left in monitored to override the good you put in. My weakness PBJ..Reese's.and Mt dew. Yes I drank almost gallon water a day. Ate granola.. high fiber diet along with fish 3 times a week and red meat maybe e times a month. Fried food no more than once a week. But my what can I hurt was actually hurting me.
    Now my dew is limited to wr ounces over a week
    Reese pieces now and no more than 6 pieces aday and sometimes I won't even grab them anymore. Pbf is half a sandwich low sugar 8 g or less and smart balance PB and try not to eat more than 2 of those a week. Not removing it just moderation
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    Hey folks am 42 and getting bk into the swing of fitness and could always use some advice and motivation and food ideas feel free to add me folks .
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  • Chihuahua_Momma_
    Hi. 44yr old female taking Ozempic while on the road to bariatric surgery. I’ve lost 30lbs since mid July. 248lbs and 5’7. Just wanted to let people in Ontario Canada that OHIP pays for gastric bypass and gastric sleeve. To qualify you have to get referred to the program by your doctor and have a BMI of 44, or 40 if you have certain medical conditions. Talk to your doctor.
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    53 yr old male from the UK, always happy to have new friends 😁
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    Hi, I’m 37, on a journey, and discovering that life is good again! Anybody from North East Scotland ?
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    Hello all! New here, so be nice! Looking for friends to keep me motivated and hold each other accountable. Today is day one for me 😁
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    Bumping this thread. Good to see some familiar names still posting here. Happy New Year, all!
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    Just rejoined MFP after being away for a while as life got busy, especially with young kiddos! Hoping to find some friends here for motivation and accountability!
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    Embarking on a transformative fitness and weight loss journey! 🚀💪 Excited to share the highs, lows, and everything in between with an incredible community of like-minded individuals. Let's uplift, motivate, and achieve our health goals together! If you're ready for a supportive and fun-filled journey, let's connect and inspire each other on this incredible adventure. Together, we'll turn dreams into reality and make every workout count. Let's be the unstoppable force that transforms challenges into triumphs! 🌟🏋️‍♂️ #FitnessJourney #WeightLossGoals #TogetherWeAchieveMore
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    Hello all! I’m turning 50 this year and my husband and I are finally empty nester. We realized like a lot of parents do we’ve neglected ourselves over the years. I’m hoping this year will be a year of rediscovery and getting back to a healthy lifestyle with some new friends along the way. Also, I’m glad to be included in with the 30 year olds 😂

    I’m starting off doing strength training in the gym and starting keto to jump start some things
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    Man when did I become a middle ager? It was just yesterday I was 22 with a six pack and drinking a gallon of jungle juice and not waking up with a hangover the next morning. Now I sag, cant drink a shot of tequila without dying the next day and lets not talk about doubling 21 and adding 7. Oy Vey! Feel free to add me. I am active, fun and try to comment. If you want a like minded 40 something to share general woes with I am your man.
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    Hi, 44 this year I’m so rubbish with food I either over eat or not eat at all. I go to the gym regular and lift, I try to stay active also.
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    Just joined Myfitnesspal - used to use the Livestrong MyPlate app to track my meals and just discovered it closed last year (fell off the tracking wagon but 2024 is a new year). I'm 52 and fighting the good fight - been enjoying the Les Mills exercise videos on demand. You may have participated in BodyPump or RPM at your gym... now I do it at home and it's just as good. Only downside - not terribly social, lol. So maybe the middle agers group is the final ingredient I need? I also think it's very cute that you 30 somethings want to be middle agers. At least you'll get a glimpse of things to come. ;-)
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    Happy to accept new friends
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    drvaljones wrote: »
    ... I also think it's very cute that you 30 somethings want to be middle agers. At least you'll get a glimpse of things to come. ;-)

    I'm way north of 50. What a long, strange trip it's been. Buckle up, buttercups. You're in for a hell of a ride. 😁

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    Using this app again to track food calories and nutrients, although I wish it provided more detail on nutrients than it does. Tracking meals definitely puts perspective on how much is what and what certain portions should actually be. Combining this with cycling although it’s hard to do so outside here in Colorado this time of year. Thanks to Wahoo it’s actually not so bad inside on a stationary bike. Been doing it for years and am hoping to step it up in 2024. Wish I could run, but ACL issues prevent that now. Oh well. Taking up indoor rowing in the next week to compliment cycling. Hoping that goes well to help with overall health, strength and my golf game. lol. Anyone else do the indoor rowing thing? Advice? Cheers! Ps, hoping to drop 30lbs and become 18 again ( I am 52 now ) ha!!! Got to have goals and inspiration.
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    Going to check out Wahoo..I have an under desk elliptical, but I'm looking for more options to do indoors on my breaks working from home. My main exercise has always been hiking, which I still do once or twice per week, not near as much as I used to.
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    What other nutrient information are you looking for?

    The database is crowd-sourced. Some of the entries are more complete than others. If you see something that's not complete, look for another entry for the same item. Sometimes they are wrong, so keep your eye out for that. You can revise the data if you like - the revised item with corrected nutrition information will be in your "my foods."
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    The middle agers :D love it!
    Hey everyone, I am new to this.
    My goal is to lose 20lbs, I am 5ft 8, female starting at 160lbs.
    I have done intermittent fasting for a year ( OMAD ) however needed to ramp up my progress, so thought this might help me.
    So far I am loving it, although I am always under my 1200 calories I have tweaked to allow myself.
    I think it's because I only eat once a day, any advice would be greatly appreciated, I am not sure if I should try and eat lunch then a dinner or stick with being under for the one meal.
    I am eating clean, low carb, highg protien and fat, so I do get full quickly.