What nobody tells you about losing weight



  • SheilaDundon
    SheilaDundon Posts: 8 Member
    People noticing you a lot more and treating you with more respect.
    People wanting to talk to you about nothing and strike up convos out of the blue now.
    Looking much better in most clothes from the store.
    Less snoring.
    Running and walking long distances with no little / no heart rate increase.
    Improved hormone related bodily function (I'll leave that one there)

    Dull aches from working out a lot.
    Hunger pangs and belly growls from eating less.
    Missing out on drinks and food options now you're serious about the journey.
    Less social inclusion now you're not doing what most people do which isn't healthy.

    I'm 68, so I'm not noticing any attention, but then I have a ways to go. I am struggling with the piece about "Missing out on drinks and food options now you're serious about the journey" I'm not there yet, but your write up might motivate me.
  • sharon81
    sharon81 Posts: 73 Member
    mtaratoot wrote: »

    Why do you say the scale is a liar? It is a tool. If yours is broken, get a new one.

    I was just a joke 😉
  • Melwillbehealthy
    Melwillbehealthy Posts: 891 Member
    Nobody tells you to get a ‘nightguard’! It helps you lose weight. You can’t eat with a nightguard in your mouth🤓
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