What nobody tells you about losing weight



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    I stopped snoring!

    This is my dream! My husband and I haven't gone to bed at the same time in probably 5 years because of my snoring. He always goes before me so he's sound asleep when I go. It has certainly ruined the chances of spontaneity.

    My wife is a normal weight and snores like a chain saw. Sometimes losing weight doesn't help.

    Well I'll keep dreaming. LOL

    In 2004 I bought a CPAP machine and set it so the kids (age 7 at the time) reported they could not hear me snooze. They said I make the whole house shake. I had to start out with a setting of 12 cmH2O before they started reporting not hearing me snore. Now that I am about 60 pounds lighter I have dialed it down to 8. It sure makes mask leaks a less of an issue. The Dream Wear below is almost like I am not even using a CPAP.


    Mine was 10 from my first sleep study and was dialed back to 6 after my recent one, but the new machine is really an APAP and adjusts as needed from the default of 6. When I turn it off in the morning, I have to press the button twice. The first time it shows what it adjusted to. I have seen it as high as 8.2, but I have had more nights when it adjusted to below 5.
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    Vanity sizing is out of control. I fit into a size 38 at H&M but at Forever 21 it's hard to squeeze into a 46. It's just not right, if I was younger and less confident this would really mess with my head.

    I wear men's medium shirts now, except that some brands are way too big. They often make a M slim/athletic fit that will fit. Forever 21 L t shirts fit better now. I bought them when I was bigger and I could put them on but they were too tight in some places. They come out of the wash smaller and then stretch. Now I am not stretching them and they look okay, but not as good as the cheap Fruit of the Loom M v necks in lots of colors; I rock those now. :)

    Yep, I have 4 distinctly different sizes of jeans.....that all fit the same!!!! At least I know my exact size in Adidas soccer shorts. Everything I have to try on.

    Fruit of the Loom might be inexpensive, but they are not necessarily cheap (quality). I love them for my workout shirts.