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My husband was away recently for a week and kept to my exercise plan. As soon as he came back I stooped! I am angry with myself, I really enjoy exercising and it really helps in so many ways.
How do you maintain your goals while considering your significant others?
Tips and suggestions are really welcome 🤗


  • frostylisa
    frostylisa Posts: 1 Member
    I commend you for keeping to your exercise plan, I've become so lazy & undisciplined it's rare I make it into the gym any more (self conscience) I need someone to hold me accountable!
  • Sett2023
    Sett2023 Posts: 158 Member
    edited February 1
    I hear you. For me, the problem with relatives is the place of the house. I mean, not time, but the room itself where to exercise. I mainly walk, and this obviously I can do when/where I want, but pre-pandemic I really loved doing also about 3-4 videos/week of "Walk with Leslie Sansone". Nothing major, about 20 minutes each. Since 2020, instead, my husband works from home too, and he does it from the living room, so to leave me the office (I've always worked from house, also pre-pandemic). Now, the only screen + carpet for me to practice with Leslie is... exact!, in the living room. And, obiously, in the evenings the living room is for everybody, so I can't monopolize it. Result, from 2020 I stopped Leslie. But I was thinking about it just few days ago, and I decided that I loved them too much, so from this week I restarted. Solution? To fit in my hubby's non-working hours, I wake up a little before the others and do my video while husband and son have breakfast, and I eat after, while beginning my job.

    PS: the other thing I implemented from pandemic is having (a minimal) part of my walks with my husband. He hates walk "aimlessly", so I bring him to the coffee bar in the morning, or in trips on Sat/Sun ecc.
  • Jacq_qui
    Jacq_qui Posts: 441 Member
    Yeah this is really tricky, I have often found in a house with multiple uses, simply not enough space and many demands on my time. Eventually I joined a gym! if I'm out, I'm out! Also I'd say you owe it yourself to feel good about yourself and if that means doing some daily exercise, you deserve that. It's also, in the bigger picture, in your husbands interest too - if you are healthy, you'll be happier and hopefully reduce the risk of illness, disease and so on, as you get older. Hopefully he will support you in your quest to better health!
  • nossmf
    nossmf Posts: 10,058 Member
    My wife and I spend a lot of time together, but we are different people with different interests. She recognizes my desire to exercise as time I dedicate to myself, compared to the rest of my day where my work or family comes first. I recognize she needs time alone to do puzzles or games on her phone. We each feel better when we get to do our thing, and thus when we do spend time together it's less guilt, more enjoyable.
  • frhaberl
    frhaberl Posts: 145 Member
    If you share a few more details about what your preferred exercise routine is and what aspect of your relationship is negatively impacted (not enough time together, too much noise, not enough space, etc) it might help with more targeted suggestions.

    I have continued to hold onto the hope that my DH will one day wake up and want to walk/jog with me every day. My love language is quality time, so I sometimes feel like me exercising alone is taking away from our opportunities to have that. That said, I have not let that stop me. I give myself 60 minutes a day that are my exercise minutes. I use those minutes based on what I feel I need. If DH wants to go for a walk with me I might either use some or all of those 60 minutes for a different type of exercise that I do in addition to the walk. So DH exercising with me is considered bonus exercise time. I learned to do this because DH may be fully intending to go for a walk with me after dinner but change his mind and if I missed the opportunity to exercise earlier in the day and now feel like I will miss out on an hour of time with him in the evening then I have a tendency to feel resentful. Better for me to own the responsibility for getting in the minimum exercise I want for the day.

    You know who NEVER misses my exercise sessions? My two faithful dogs. :) But even they don't get to dictate my exercise time. My older dog can't always keep up with the last mile, so I've started doing a mile loop by myself, then taking them for the remainder of my walk.

    As mentioned above, taking that time for exercise definitely pays out for DH. I have so much more energy and a better outlook when I take that time than when I don't. I also often use that time to listen to podcasts or audiobooks which provide interesting conversation topics for us. It also gives DH the opportunity to be supportive of me and be my biggest fan, even if it's something he has no interest in.
  • mkculs13
    mkculs13 Posts: 649 Member
    I think it's important to claim exercise time for yourself, and get it done when you say you will get it done.

    I have found--over decades---that excuses pile up as the day unfolds.

    My preference is to go early a.m., which isn't feasible with my job, so my "rule" is I have to go at least 1 mile when I get home before I can do anything else. I've gotten my 2 dogs and at least 1 son addicted to the "forest forays" i take (exploring so many new trails in a new state) that it's rather easier now. But I go with or without them--even if it is just 1 mile on the neighborhood road.

    I've also learned to accept "less is more," where I will do 1-2 short walks and 1 longer one. There is no rule book that says I have to do 5 mi/day all at once.

    Some walks are so slow--I'm working on leash training my younger dog. But it still counts. And generally my pace is healthy, I jog a bit too, and my VO2 max seems great. \

    And taking about it helps me recommit, so maybe I am helping you and myself at the same time.
  • fred2004
    fred2004 Posts: 2 Member
    edited February 20
    I hear you. I think we all have that problem.

    I run a lot. I stick with it for several reasons. I enjoy it. I've done it for the past 15 years, pausing only for injury (I have two hip replacements). I always have a goal, which is usually a race. I like to run for distance, so my races are usually half or full marathons. However, whether it's a 5k or longer, always keep a goal in mind. I get out first thing in the morning, sometimes very early. I don't always like doing the training, some days are tough. Having a goal, and achieving it, make it easier on the tough days.

    If you don't enjoy an exercise you won't stick with it. So find something you like, that you can do year-round, and set goals. The longer you stick with it the less likely you are to quit.
  • willboywonder
    willboywonder Posts: 136 Member

    Getting a spouse on the same page as you is hard. I find the best thing to do is just carve out time for yourself. You can’t let your spouse keep you from your goals. You can ask from time to time to join you. But if you have to do it alone, that’s what you have to do. Just make some time when or where you can get it in. I commend you for being committed and interested in improving yourself. You can do it.
  • ninerbuff
    ninerbuff Posts: 48,751 Member
    My husband was away recently for a week and kept to my exercise plan. As soon as he came back I stooped! I am angry with myself, I really enjoy exercising and it really helps in so many ways.
    How do you maintain your goals while considering your significant others?
    Tips and suggestions are really welcome 🤗
    ALWAYS take an hour for yourself a day. Just make it a routine.

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