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    Kylia thank you! And back at you!

    My store sells huge chicken breasts too. I usually cut each one into three 4 oz servings.

    Annie in Delaware
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    Heather - Yes, that was the first one they had me on for the Crohn's. It helped some (not lots), and plateaued after about six months in terms of improvement. Home injection every two weeks. It's a TNF-inhibitor. It was scary at the time, as that was right in the middle of the worst of the pandemic, so I was avoiding any outside contact at all for months longer than most. My biggest side effect was dizziness, which was just horrendous, but mine was complicated by the issues with the A-fib and them starting me on blood pressure medication that was too strong. He's an athlete, and should tolerate it really well.

    Oddly, the VA requires that I have tried one of the TNF-inhibitors but have it fail to put the Crohn's/UC in remission before I can take Stelara (ustekinumab) that they're trying to get through the VA approval system now. Interesting changes on each side of the pond.

    For any number of reasons, I won't address the life animals lead before we kill them and eat them. Most of the reasons stem from my childhood, helping raise calves and chickens. I have no illusions about any of it. Humans find interesting things to think about our omnivorous eating habits.

    Corey's outside and I'm headed out there. The day's warming fast, and the sunshine looks so inviting...

    Later y'all,
    Love y'all!
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    Rita glad you had such a good zoom nurse visit. My mother used to swear by metamucil.

    I use acacia fiber ( Called Heather's Tummy Fiber) daily in my smoothie. I also eat yogurt daily. And I don't eat the large quantities I used to eat. All of that has made my belly much more reliable. Yay!

    Annie in Delaware
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    Rebecca when I get a cold I make a soup using fresh ginger, cucumbers, onions, black pepper, lemon juice super hydrating and helps clear out the sinuses. Sinus infections are no fun!

    HeatherI took a class on posture taught by a nurse years ago. I bought her CD because I like her exercises. She would always do a counter exercise to the one she would demo. Just thinking about it made me stop typing and take a moment to stretch pulling my shoulders back. When you paint or craft maybe you could set a timer so every twenty minutes arch your back in the opposite direction giving yourself a good stretch. I know I do not take the time to stretch enough during the day. Good reminder for me.

    Thanks for the recipe! I will try it!
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    :) One of the hardest lessons I had to teach myself was to say "no thank you" or something similar to food that was offered to me that didn't fit my eating plan. In some cases the person who offers the food is quite understanding and in other cases they are pushy. Either way, it has been my plan and I need to stick to it. One woman in our RV club actually pushed a plate of food at my face. I stopped eating anything at potlucks because it was impossible to figure out what was in most of the dishes so I attended for the friendship and fellowship not for the food. When I stopped eating at potlucks I was amazed at how many other people didn't eat the food, either. Some felt that they had to explain their reasons (food allergies, concern about the cleanliness of the kitchens that the food was prepared in, or other health concerns) and other simply said "I don't eat at potlucks". If someone is actually offended that I won't eat their food, I have to question the quality of our relationship and whether it's one that I want to continue. Would they push alcohol on an alcoholic or peanuts on a person with a nut allergy?

    :) One of my top reasons for wanting to lose weight when I started on MFP was so I could wear cute clothes that never looked good on my chubby body. Now I've lost the weight and am happiest wearing the same style jeans, turtleneck, and sweatshirt every day.

    :) We buy boneless, skinless chicken in large packets at Costco and cook in large quantities. Either we use the several packets to make a special recipes in the slow cooker and freeze it in jars the right size for one meal for the two of us, or we bake the chicken and freeze it in single meal amounts in freezer bags. We don't have "leftovers" Every meal is exactly two servings.

    :) I have no opinion about standard time versus daylight time. If you live on the edge of a time zone, you're not far from a place with time an hour different. I don't like the abrupt change twice a year. I wouldn't care if the whole USA were on the same time as long as it stayed the same all year. I walk morning and evening, in the dark and in the daylight. I think daylight savings time is appealing to people because it happens when the days are already getting longer and they think DST causes the longer daylight and the return to standard time causes the darkness.

    <3 Barbie in NW WA
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    Well I have figured out a way to sleep easier without getting my hair in my face. I put my hair up in a tie, like a ponytail up on the top of my head. I look like the little kids in Whosville but at least I am not wrestling with my hair. Its only a bit longer than shoulder length, but its that long pretty much all over as I just curl it under. Clips on the sides make my hair weird, but the ponytail on the tip top just keeps my hair fuller, and I can take it out, comb it, and voila! Husband just smiles sweetly at me in the morning, because the ponytail usually moves forward and I must look quite entertaining!😂😂
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    This is the Iberico Bellota ham. It is from black Spanish pigs who gorge on the acorns and are slaughtered sometime afterwards. True free range.
    We have it for almost every celebration.

    :D Love Heather UK xxxxxx
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    Chicken ... finding tender chicken breasts is a challenge! I try to find the smallest of the packs at the store. Anything the size of a football you have to question whether it's really chicken! :D

    The best chicken I ever had was from an older man who drove a truck with a freezer in the back and delivered to our home. Small, free range frying chickens from his poultry farm. I was so sad when he passed away. The family wasn't interested in delivering anymore and turned their attention mostly to raising turkey. Not a fan of turkey.

    Do you all remember chicken coming in packages called "Pick of the Chix" ... two (with bones) breasts, two thighs and two legs. Can't find that anymore as everyone seems to be moving to boneless. I'm going to have to buy fryers and break them down myself. We like chicken pieces simply baked in the oven!

    Heather ... Happy Mother's Day!

    It's snowing here near Buffalo ... possibly 6-8" expected ... :s

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    My 11 reasons to lose weight

    1. Be pleased with my body
    2. Fit in my clothes
    3. Be attractive for dating
    4. Move easily
    5. Self esteem
    6. Less knee pain
    7. More energy
    8. Lower cholesterol
    9. Bathing suit
    10. Have success at a project
    11. Might go back to work

    Annie in Delaware
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    Afternoon ladies
    I made the mistake of going to Sams Club this afternoon..whoooo i put earplugs in and did deep breathing through the whole thing.. gosh it was a zoo.
    Alfie is with Uncle Tom and Auntie Elena for a couple of days..
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    Today’s gratitude: power was restored after only a few hours last night, mostly while I was sleeping. ;)
    Kim that’s a loving gift to your mom, cooking the cabbage and carrots with the corned beef and potatoes. I’m with you, carrots and cabbage are better not boiled ;)
    Allie ((prayers)) continue for Carmine, Tracy, Kyle and you.
    Rosemarie could you just not do some of the “still much to do” ? Enjoy the time with your son and DIL, much more important than vacuuming, imho. Brava for the changes you’ve made and are making, especially the exercising and joining the travel group. Soon’ you’ll be so busy the distance you want will happen naturally. ((hugs))
    Lisa try Ginny’s balsamic crockpot chicken. You won’t be disappointed.
    Machka I could no more do the pigeon pose than I could the butterfly. Hips way too tight.
    3/9: Move mins- wii:13 PT:13 d:0 x&a:0 dogs:48 Jeopardy walking:21 Steps:7899
    Fuel: sugar in vs mfp=6 CI<CO net=433 vits=1
    Live: Joe, readings, BP, ptT, ptS, laundry. Wt:133.6
    Only through pg 26 but want to play wii balance games and squeeze in some PT.
    Later, lighter, lovelies!
    Barbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD x8zcp1ya37k1.gif
    March: Move more than yesterday, fuel better than yesterday, live NOW.
    Open heart and mind before mouth.
    2024: Strengthen: body, mind, heart-connections.
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    Stat for the day-

    Housecleaning etc- 3hrs 56min 37sec, make/refill hummingbird food, laundry fold and put away, dust, sweep front entryway and front patio etc= 1094c
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    Pg 26
    Back in the morning to keep reading.

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    One of the things I'm finally beginning to figure out is something that came out of comments from Lanette and from Heather, and from Barbie, as well. I'm paraphrasing, but Lanette talked about using our bodies for functional things, like walking with buckets, getting wood, hunting, gathering, etc., and Heather said something to the effect that she wasn't fond of just walking to walk, she wanted to walk to do something or get something done. Barbie talked about the learning she does with podcasts when she gets her thousands and thousands of steps in every day.

    The point of all that being that I hate lifting weights because I can't tie it to anything concrete. It's also part of what Annie's doing by listing her reasons for losing weight. It helps tie something fairly specific, like lifting weights or losing weight to the specific reasons for it. When I'm out working in the yard, lifting much heavier weights for longer periods of time than I would with my small hand weights, I feel an immediate sense of achievement.

    I don't get that feeling with lifting weights.

    Later, y'all,
    Lisa in AR

    Lisa - I totally agree. I'm trying to find the balance now with getting enough activity to build endurance but still get the strength in my arms to carry a 5# bag of groceries in each hand for 5 blocks. Peter Attia said that in his book, about getting strong and in shape in our younger years so we would still be able to have a good mixture of strength and endurance as seniors. Guess I'm one.

    I think once I work through the foot and sciatic stuff I can get back to that goal.

    I dug out my old weight lifting records from 2017. I was up to 10# on bicep curls and 15# on ankle weights. I'm 7 years older now, and have been out of shape longer with hernia, frozen shoulder, and now both feet so maybe it's not an attainable goal anymore. And I don't have the enthusiasm I had for it back then, either.

    I know our Barbie had to adjust her exercise program after back surgery(s?) and is still doing a great job being active in other ways.

    So it's doable. If there's a will, there's a way, right? Go team, go!

    I'll admit I'm a little envious of the outside work you and Corey did today. :p We don't want to hurt ourselves but sore muscles from accomplishing a task and pushing ourselves is such a great feeling. :p

    Lanette B)
    SW WA State

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    kevrit wrote: »
    Quick question… Do any of you pay for the premium MFP? I had it and liked the info it shows but can’t justify the $19.99 a month fee any more. Do you find it is worth it to you??


    I got it for free for almost a year because I was doing Beta testing for MFP. It was all right, but I didn't miss it when it ended.

    M in Oz