Just Give Me 10 Days Round 255



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    SW RND 151.2

    Day, Weight, Comment
    4/3 151.2 - Took my mounjaro .25 shot
    4/4 150
    4/5 - 148.6

    I have been as low as 134 and started at 183 with mj and was 206 at my highest. Right now the plan is to get to 141 and reassess.
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    I'll just need to figure out when I'm in ketosis without relying on on strips, lol

    By the time I bought strips I had been eating keto for about 6 weeks. They never changed color when I tried them. I bought a KetoMojo meter (amazon) and strips eventually and now have strips on auto ship from Best Ketone Test dot com. The people at BKT are awesome. I did not experience that when I contacted the people at
    KetoMojo. Just my experience. No affiliation.
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    @reshii_devi, I did use those urine strips when I began keto. They're really useless after your 1st significant rise in ketones. I knew I was in ketosis, or maybe I should say, my body was using ketones as fuel, when I could be around grain carbs and sweets and had no desire to eat them. Even fruit smelled extremely sweet to me.

    hmmmm ... I've felt like that occasionally, but not often enough, lol ~ I've been intermittent fasting 18-20+ hours several days per week regularly, but with carbs in the 70-100+ range most days. Hoping cutting carbs to 10-12%, eating my first meal earlier and ending last within circadian window will make a noticeable difference. Working on finding the balance of getting into deeper ketosis without losing muscle, weakening my bones or raising cholesterol with too much fat.
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    Sweetzyd wrote: »
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    R255 -25th

    TBH- I give myself an “F” for this round. Food & 💦 was fine but didn’t reach my 🏋️‍♀️ or 📿 goals. Not even close. Or HB. I fell off the rails. Sure, I can blame vacation, but I brought my book, jump rope and resistance bands. They just sat in a bag. I will definitely focus next round.

    Onward to R256. I am especially thankful for this group. Thank you all!🙏🤩

    Give yourself some credit though, look how long you went without having cheat days! You still ate well on vacation and that is usually what gets most of us. And who wants to workout on vacation anyways? You're such a great inspiration!

    I'm also thankful for you and this group as well ❤️❤️❤️

    Thank you for the ❤️!! Your kind words made my heart 😊 smile and gave me a big, gentle PUSH!