What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



  • takinitalloff
    takinitalloff Posts: 2,059 Member
    @spirittrail Bravo!!! Your progress, patience/self-compassion, and cheerful attitude are inspiring :)
  • spirittrail
    spirittrail Posts: 222 Member
    @takinitalloff Thank you so much for your kind words! 💖 I am a strong believer in patience and self compassion because I have learned that progress and success is never a vacuum. It always takes teamwork. By that I mean....sometimes you have to look to YOURSELF to be your own cheerleader. I've learned our bodies are very powerful allies if we "listen" to our cravings, our pains, our signals that we are too full, there are many ways our bodies send us messages. We may SAY we want to lose 10 pounds in 12 weeks......but if we ignore thirst signals.....ignore the urge to stretch or walk for 10 mins rather than force an exhausting workout......or even just sleep for 15 hours because we are stressed...the road will be more difficult. So I'm always "listening".....I trust it much more than societies pressures. For example, my body is currently craving fruit...and is completely turned off by sodium. Just by listening and not eating out of habits...I know positive changes are happening as I slowly evolve towards reaching a "Normal" body weight. I'm not going to force it to happen, it's my very dear friend and it knows MUCH better than I do! 😊
  • JaimeLaRae
    JaimeLaRae Posts: 279 Member
    My mini goal right now is 139. I got a little sidetracked last year and gained some weight back, currently at 147. My reward will be to get my belly button re-pierced. I had a tummy tuck in January 23 and have a new one now. LOL I'm exercising daily and eating low carb.
  • nafisapreston1975
    nafisapreston1975 Posts: 15 Member
    My mini goal is a 6-week challenge to support my friend who is going to be a June bride. I've given up soda in solidarity so she isn't tempted to drink the empty calories. I'm also focusing on my 90+ grams of protein a day.
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