where is everyone from



  • Houston, TX. Just started today too!!! Finding it hard to keep motivated when you come to work and there are breakfast tacos and bagels in the kitchen. Here I am walking out with my slimfast!
  • Belton, South Carolina - any other Gamecock fans out there? Yes I'm close to Clemson and pull for them as long as they are not playing USC - Hometown rivalry, how sweet!!
  • Leesburg VA- about a 45 min drive from washington DC. including DC traffic! ;-(
  • sassysellers
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    Arlington, Texas
  • ahertel0214
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    Born in California

    Grew up in Arlington, TX

    Spent a while in The Woodlands, TX

    And for the last 14 years I have been in Normandy Park, WA (20 minutes south of Seattle)

    I love the NW & I'm here to stay - but I do miss the Southern way of life a bit. ;)
  • reyals
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    Jackson, Mississippi
  • cardgrl
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    Coast of Maine
  • julieofthewolves
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    - - Born in Chicago
    - - Raised on Gull Lake north of Brainerd MN growing up
    - - Lived in Syracuse NY for Grad School - home of the Dinosaur BBQ (Skinnier, I think there's one in Rochester. Best ribs ever - but not good diet food)
    - - Middle of Minnesota now - St Cloud area. (about 1 hour north of MPLS/St Paul or just east of Lake Wobegon if you are a Garrison Keillor fan)
  • neverbeenskinny
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    Vancouver, WA
    The other Vancouver. I noticed that there a few people from Canada on this site.
  • lashonda
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    Tempe, AZ
  • Born and raised in Kauai, Hawaii...Aloha!

    Today is my first day, I'm very excited and motivated from seeing all of these posts!
  • J9Wright
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    Geismar, Louisiana
  • calgary, alberta canada
  • alice
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    Hi everyone
    I'm from the Eastern Ottawa area, Ottawa, Ontario Canada that is.
    I can tell ya that it's getting pretty cold out here. Lived here all my life and still have trouble getting used to the cold weather we get here.

  • julieofthewolves
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    Hey Friends in Canada!

    Calgary Flames and Ottawa Senators are two great hockey teams! Being from Minnesota the so called "State of Hockey" I follow many Canada teams closely. Your teams rock! But of course I support the MN Wild. And I have been to both of your two great cities. Hope to go the Stampede someday!
  • Central Texas here....all my life actually.
  • sassycass
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    southeast Iowa...
  • From Sunny San Diego, California
  • JulieB21
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    South Glens Falls, NY
  • aslavich
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    From Boulder Creek, CA (Santa Cruz Mountains)