Hubba Hubba for the Holidays! (CLOSED GRP) - YES!!



  • Shirley61
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    Scarlettdawn674: CONGRATULATIONS!! on the engagement. Best Wishes!!!!

    Not a good week for me this week. I have had lower back issues and my exercise
    has been little if not any at all. I had a wedding on Saturday and my stomach on Sunday
    wasn't good so I ate at lease 3 bowls of Smart Pop because my stomach was off.
    I also had pizza earlier in the week which I never have. So all in all my week sucked. :sad:

    Kristen: I am not going to post my weight today until I do better next week. :ohwell:

    Good Luck everyone with this week's weigh in.

    Also put me down for the Easter Challenge because I really need it. I am so not focused
  • bluiz13
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    congrats.........sooo happy for you...

    Well, it's official! I have a wedding to stay slim for. I'm so engaged!!! :heart: :bigsmile:
  • Current Weight: 152.8
    Challenge Goal Weight: 141

    09/05: 151.0
    09/12: 151.8
    09/19: 153.2
    10/03:148.4 <<<mini goal weight>>>147
    10/10: 148.6
    10/17: 148.8
    10/31:148.2 <<<mini goal weight>>> 145
    11/28: <<<mini goal weight>>> 143
    12/24: <<<challenge goal weight>>> 141

    Well, I thought today wouldn't be a good weigh in and I was right, although it was even worse than I expected, LOL. Nothing to do but keep working at it. Have a date with the treadmill this afternoon. Congratulations to all those posting losses!

  • shickam062604
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    157 for me this week. I have to admit that stress and being sick has contributed some. On a really happy note: a huge nsv for me this week, while being stressed I havent turned to food to get me through. I found other things to keep me busy. :happy:
  • Scarlettdawn764
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    Thanks everyone for the congratulations! :flowerforyou: If a wedding in my future doesn't keep me motivated to get it off and keep it off, nothing will!! Hope everyone is having a great morning!
  • Jelybe
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    09/05: 125.8
    09/12: 124.6
    09/19: 124.4
    09/26: 125.4
    10/03: 125.8
    10/10: 124.2
    10/17: 125.2
    10/24: 121.8
    10/31: 123.2
    11/07: 123.0
    11/14: 122.2

    I think I forgot to post this last week. Have a great and successful week everyone! :flowerforyou:
  • kris1085
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    I have lost another pound this week to be checking in at 183.0 this week ! I am deffently in for the easter challenge !
  • Niveous
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    Stayed the same. :)

    Current Weight: 177
    Challenge Goal Weight: 170

    09/05: 182
    09/12: 179.6
    09/19: 179.6
    09/26: 179.6
    10/03: 178 <<<mini goal 179>>>
    10/10: 178
    10/17: 178
    10/24: 178
    10/31: 178 <<<mini goal 176>>>
    11/07: 177
    11/14: 177
    11/28: <<<mini goal 173>>>
    12/24: <<<challenge goal 170>>>
  • yeyeyefish
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    Did A LOT of walking at NASCAR and watching what I eat but TOM isn't helping. Bf got the hint that we need to workout together so we can keep each other honest, Hoping for a better weigh in next week.

    Current Weight: 215
    Challenge Goal Weight: 195

    09/05: 215
    09/12: 217
    09/19: 213
    09/26: 215
    10/03: <<<210>>> 214
    10/10: 213
    10/17: 212
    10/24: 210
    10/31: <<<mini goal weight>>> 211
    11/07: 213
    11/14: 215
    11/28: <<<mini goal weight>>> 200
    12/24: <<<challenge goal weight>>> 195
  • kcthatsme
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  • kcthatsme
    kcthatsme Posts: 5,136 Member
    julidav - Yay for being overweight! Congrats on getting into the 160s!

    OkieWorkout - Woo hoo for the 10 lbs!

    alisons7598 - About your mini goals... Great idea! Congrats on getting into the 170s!

    annehdavis - Congrats on getting into the 220s!

    Bearface115 - We're glad to see you here again!

    gmomlyn - Slowed down... but still a loss! :-)

    Shirley61 - I hope your back starts feeling better soon!

    shickam062604 - Great NSV this week! And a new haircut? Congrats on getting into the 150s!

    A lot of weigh ins missing this week. :-( Also, not to be mean, if the weigh in isn't posted on here, other than doing a quick look at the old threads, I don't look for it.

    Congratulations to julidav, kcthatsme, alisons7598, Scarlettdawn764, gmomlyn, OkieWorkout, and shickam062604 for being this week's biggest losers!

    Congratulations to gmomlyn for being our, overall, biggest loser of pounds!

    Congratulations to shickam062604 for being our, overall, biggest loser of percent lost to date!

    OkieWorkout - Would you please give us our mini challenge for the week?

    We have six weeks left of this challenge. Let's make them count!
  • bellamia88
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    Checking in at 192 today. I skipped last week as it was TOM which I don't count. Hope everyone is enjoying their Monday.
  • kcthatsme
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    Here is what a 39.6 lb loss looks like on me...

    Before (181.2) ~~~


    Now (141.6) ~~~


    My hips do stick out more than my waist. Apparently, not in this picture. ;-) I wish I had been documenting my progress with measurements and pictures in underwear or bathing suit also. But I haven't. At least not yet. I guess I'll do that now for the rest of my journey.
  • nekosimba
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    Oh poo! I forgot to post my weight this morning! I'm at 259.6. Down another 0.6lbs. Slow but steady.
  • alisons7598
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    WOW! KC you look amazing! Great job everyone, only 6 weeks left, hard to believe!
  • Pam3
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    congrats to all the loser...YAY!!!...kristen you look fantastic:flowerforyou:
  • Pam3
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    sorry double post
  • WOW!!! Isn't it amazing to see how we really carry weight everywhere, even your neck and shoulders look so tiny now, and look at your waist! Really really great. Thanks for posting these.
  • cmpettey
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    You are looking HOT, Kristen!
  • AmyByExample
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    Sorry this is so late! 2 kids home sick today :(

    Plus my brain is a bit scrambled as my youngest sis is getting induced in the AM for her baby - and my other sis gets the results of baby boy twin's genetic testing tomorrow.

    A wee bit stressed!

    So, I am 193 (I was 193.3 last week) - so not much change - but better than a gain!

    KC - love the before & after pics!