100 Miles in December!



  • Finallyfit1976
    Finallyfit1976 Posts: 157 Member
    I'm in girls, aining for more than 100, will come here everyday
  • :smile:
  • Tickers are great ways to show progress... track your miles this way.



    This should automatically update on MFP so it is not necessary to update every few days to the forum.

    I'm having issues adding the ticker to my profile. Do I need to copy and paste the HTML code or the other one? And where did you paste the code? As you can tell I'm not very tech savvy, at all. :laugh:
  • I am really going to try to do this! I have been inactive for a while! And I love competitions and challenges. I have started working out in the last past two months but this will really motivate me to do more! Add me guys so we can motivate each other!
  • I couldn't get my ticker to work on my page either :-( BUT I did download it for free on my IPHONE! :-)
  • I'm in!
  • sarah307
    sarah307 Posts: 1,364 Member
    i'm so excited for how many people are joining!!!

    be ready because tomorrow is day 1 !!!! :D
  • mhainlen52
    mhainlen52 Posts: 22 Member
    I'm in, too!
  • I'm in!!! Did 72 miles in November, so I want to try 100 for December!!! Let's doooooo it!!!!
  • I am in! I re-starting my journey starting today, so this challenge is perfect timing!!!
  • one more day to start!!!!
  • Stick with it, and I'll look forward to seeing you on the page. Getter'done
  • I just joined and I need a challenge like this. I don't run, but can walk the miles with my golden.
    I will hit the pavement tomorrow,
  • CarmenMSU
    CarmenMSU Posts: 24 Member
    I'm in! I did 100 miles in October and November, so I'm ready to finish the year strong.:smile:
  • Joyce1980
    Joyce1980 Posts: 7 Member
    I'm in. Just 3 1/4 miles a day. So long as I don't miss any days this should not be so hard. I will see I guess. Good Luck Everybody.
  • Hermes274
    Hermes274 Posts: 6 Member
    I'm also in! Looking forward to my first time and making 100 miles with you all!
  • I see we can't put the Tickers in our signatures anymore. So I am gonna past in this reply and see how it works!

  • bert16
    bert16 Posts: 722 Member
    I'm in again for December... thanks for organizing us again!
  • i definitely need some motivation to get me up and moving, and this sounds perfect! count me in :)
  • SarahRuth♥
    SarahRuth♥ Posts: 619 Member
    Marking the thread. November was a massive fail for me, but I was sick for a full week during the month... LOL. I never expected to hit 100, but I came in way lower than I expected to even. Trying again in December, and I will be counting all miles, not just running. Determined to make the 100 one way or another!!

    It's December 1st! Is everyone ready???