Last Christmas.. to this Christmas!!! (pictures!!)

okay... so i was at my boyfriend's family's annual Christmas dinner thing last night. Coincidentally we were sat at exactly the same table as last year! My boyfriend's sister took a picture of us on my phone. When i got home i remember i had a picture of us in exactly the same place, exactly a year ago..

i found the picture and couldn't believe how different I looked.. i totally understand if people on here don't see much of a difference.. but to me it feels like loads :) and i only posted it because i love reading about everyone elses success stories :)

the first picture below was me last year.. weighing around 160 pounds... at a UK size 12


this next one is me at around 122 pounds, now a size 6/8


PS.. totally aware my boyfriend is wearing exactly the same shirt as last year!!! how embarressing!!!!!! lol

so yeah.. any comments.. please feel free... but try to be kind ;) lol


  • obolton755
    also.. if anyone knows how to get my pictures working.. i would love you... forever...
  • obolton755
    never mind... :)
  • CampbellHendry
    CampbellHendry Posts: 84 Member
    How could we not notice haha?! You look awesome! Pics are working fine :).
  • squoozyq
    squoozyq Posts: 305
    That's hilarious! How is it possible that you were sat in the same place and him with the same shirt? That's crazy funny!
    You look beautiful in both, but you're glowing in the recent one. Your face is so slim and grown up, and your hair is lovely and long and shiny! Congrats!!:flowerforyou:
  • ldalbello
    ldalbello Posts: 207 Member
    Wow you are gorgeous !
  • JWmovin4ward
    JWmovin4ward Posts: 179 Member
    wow you can really see the difference in your face, awesome job!! :flowerforyou:
  • robinogue
    robinogue Posts: 1,117 Member
    you look awesome! I'm gonna leave the shirt thingy alone (but burn the shirt or hide it so he won't do a 3-peat) :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:
    STR0NGisSEXY Posts: 128 Member
    you look beautiful!
  • klmnumbers
    klmnumbers Posts: 213 Member
    Definitely a noticeable difference to your face!

    Also, your hair looks gorgeous in the second shot.
  • tnturbomama
    That is an awesome accomplishment. You look fantastic and so much happier!
    And yes... there is no way someone could look at these pics and not see the huge difference I see.

    Great job!!!
  • iwosmo
    iwosmo Posts: 8 Member
    You look great! its a big difference,,
  • paulwgun
    paulwgun Posts: 439 Member
    Brilliant work, you look fantastic don't be to harsh on your other half us men are in to recycling Ha Ha
  • PeeTeePee
    PeeTeePee Posts: 235 Member
    It's his favourite shirt, why wouldn't he wear it!
  • Crystal817
    Crystal817 Posts: 2,021 Member
    It's his favourite shirt, why wouldn't he wear it!

    ^ :laugh:

    You look great!
  • dodger7977
    dodger7977 Posts: 108 Member
    You can see a big difference in your face! You look happier and much slimmer. I hope I looks that good when I do some comparison photos in a few weeks. :)
  • jam1010
    jam1010 Posts: 183 Member
    you look a lot different and more beautiful and younger now. you did a great job.
  • kylexii
    you should be so proud! you look gorgeous :) oh, & I love what you're wearing in the second picture! :)
  • Galletakek
    :) you look stunning mama :),,, also love the long hair on you <3
  • mamalula
    Well done you look amazing!
  • SwindonJogger
    SwindonJogger Posts: 325 Member
    fantastic job, well done.
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