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    did not get to work out last night got home late . so this morning did quick 100 pushups 20 hanging knee lifts :)

    Nice quick workout!!!! Wish I could do that many pushups!! I can do a whopping 6 girlie ones in a row :laugh: Always wanted to try those hanging knee lift things. Will have to corner a trainer at the gym this weekend to see if I can have them show me how to do it properly. It looks easy but I know its alot harder than it appears and I dont wanna stress the back by doing it wrong. Looks like it would be great for the abs also!
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    Thanks for the info and advice, adopt4...
    I do have a follow-up visit...or 2...or lots more, so I'll talk to my doctor again about it.
    No spots in front of my eyes, although I do lose my balance easily, but that's from the fibromyalgia.

    And maybe it is the stupid blood pressure cuff. I read that happens...

    So some of us are going away for the weekend, Sheila...lucky you!...soon going on holidays.

    This is holiday weekend in Canada. Is it also a holiday in the U.S?
    No plans here, except take it easy, kick back with my daughter...
    Watch the fireworks from my upstairs window, because we live close to the park...
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    Got in 63 minutes of Walk away the abs tapes today. Stayed under my calories but sodium a little over - not the 1 to 2 thousand I had been going over though.

    LI4G - I felt like you did yesterday with TOM - doubled over and everything. First bad one I have had since I started MFP.

    Adopt4 - I have been experimenting with calories also. I have reached a point where body is telling me WHOA also. I am getting very full for the day around 1500 - 1600 calories depending on amount of exercising I do. If I do alot I may eat up to 1800 cal. Without exercising I go 1200 to 1350 right now. I am trying to make wise choices of food and get in my water also. But I am listening to the body. I notice I am mainly cutting out a few snacks I take to work and eating a bigger lunch at work.

    Kristi - Hi girl. I know you ask Eriny that question but I noticed the same stuff at work. More confidence in myself and for the most part people respond more positvely to me. Some of the girls show what I would say may be jealousy cause of me losing the weight but I just ignore those.

    DWray - Hi - yes you were missed. glad you had a good weekend.

    Nitag - Hi

    Cyndeebee - you be careful girl. glad to hear you have a follow up visit

    Lulu - Hey girl!!! Busy Busy - huh. Hopefully if I don't messed the rest of the week up, I have again learn something on this MFP. Due to the fact of being sent for a drug test at work for losing weight and being determined to work through TOM , I am down 1.2 since last Friday. Looks like now we have to work on Kristi with the padded slipper.

    AJwaddleson - Hi I MISS YOU

    Sheila - it is getting closer. will u be able to post while you are away?

    Gotta go to Dad's and deliver pie. See you all tomorrow maybe. Good night all!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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    I feel a little bit better now. Spent alot of time sitting around and I think the motrin has kicked in.
    Made taco salads with everything. Instead of using hamburger to make taco meat, I used ground turkey and everyone seemed to like it better than the hamburger, which is great! I got about 7 packages on sale last weekend, so I see lots of turkey taco's in our future! :happy: The only down side now is that now Im sleepy from the turkey. :laugh:

    Indiana- Here is me today (only I aint got no ice cream :frown: )


    :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

    Dwray- Yes we have missed you girl!!! Ive been meaning to PM you my address, so I'll do that here in a few minutes.
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    ok.. 1 more post then Im done chattin yer heads off for a while....

    I just had to share these pic of my fat preggy kitty with my youngest daughter. She wont let any one else except Allie rub her belly. In fact she bit and scratched the heck out of me a couple days ago when she was sprawled on my lap and I pet her belly on accident. (physco kitty hormones I guess :laugh: ) Anyway... shes due to pop any day now so I got some pictures of her today, all sprawled out so ya can see her enourmous belly. I was telling adopt4 today that I think she is going to have 4 kittens. At least thats what the last 5 wierd dreams I've had have told me.. LOL

    Here ya go:


    Allllllll sprawllllled outtttttt... ahhhhhhhhhh!

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    I wish I was close I'd take a couple kittens from ya... We just got two of them and they are little boogers...
  • Swignal – Happy Anniversary in advance! Sounds like you are blessed with a wonderful hubby this time. My daughter and I were glued to biggest loser finale. It‘s hard to believe they lost that much weight! Good job on the exercise today, keep it up!:flowerforyou:

    Reneyab – love the new photo. Isn’t it great to have an exercise routine you can stick to? I have my time after supper and my body feels good when I’m done.:glasses:

    Li4g – wow, great idea to stretch while the kids play in the park. I’ll have to try that. (hope the neighbours aren’t watching) I get lower back pain too. Hate that. Listen to us all ... hope to get to the gym, missed it. I NEVER used to say that /now exercise is part of what I do on a regular basis or try to! Lol

    Here to report my exercise/food today was good! It's nice that my body is used to eating small meals several times during the day. I get full so easily! I went on the bike instead of the treadmill and did not burn as many calories.:huh: Oh well no big deal right? This month I am doing so much better for exercise and calories. Hurray me! :love:

    Good night all, enjoyed reading all the posts.
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    Hey, LI4G -
    Went to bed early last night after watching American Idol. Read my book for about 30 minutes then I was out cold by 10:30ish. Woke up this morning with horrible, horrible back and stomach PMS cramps. So much so I was doubled over in the kitchen this morning.

    about those cramps - you should put some chocolate milk on them! :wink: :tongue:
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    Hey everyone, I will be glad when this week is over, I think I will have some time to breathe - and be my usual chatty self. Checking in with you all. Got in some exercise, but not the full workout. Its frustrating, but life sometimes happens all over you and all you can do is live it. Eating going well. See everyone later!
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    Thanks Kristi, I will try the "desk aways", LOL. Glad you're exercising and popping in to say hi. My traveling pants will hopefully be out to you guys this weekend, grrr, still have one bag to go thru to find the best stuff I had set aside (which is why it didn't hit Goodwill with the other 3 bags of clothes). Knew there was a reason I had set them aside before!

    Like losingit said, we walked and then let the kids play. I was way sore in my thighs from working out with the trainer yesterday. Not bad, just enough to make me not want to start jogging today. The stretching helped. It wore me out too, came home, put the two kiddos to bed, put the tv on for the other one, crawled into my freezing cold bedroom with the snuggly warm blankets, and took a nap. Watching that nap thing, today it just felt good to let my body rest and not work too hard, but if it continues, I will eat more. Almost ate all my cals today (89 to go) because I didn't do that much working out.

    Tomorrow I meet with another trainer... who's idea was it to meet a trainer twice a week for May/June??? What was I thinking??? But I do want to run my body fat percentage again and see if I am bringing it down this week over last week.

    Stopped by the store tonight and got some milk (so I could have milk and pop tarts for a snack guilt free because my cals were so low, even though it's junk food) and also got some bagels. I'm tired of toast, but I forgot that I "can" eat bagels. Also got some lunch meat to add protein to my breakfast, so I'm planning on a bagel (maybe with egg too) sandwich for breakfast. We'll see how that fuels me up!

    Having a "skinny" night, meaning I feel skinnier tonight. Hope the scale shows it tomorrow! I think what's really happening is my legs are so tight from the workout that they are actually a bit smaller because they're firmer.

    I still can't believe my weight and name and body fat % are on a big sign at the gym for all to see. I love my gym, none of the trainers treat me poorly, they're all encouraging and nice.. not like, there goes the fat chick, bring on the pretty people. It's because of THEM and THEIR attitude that i have the confidence to put my 250 pounds (by their scale, and it's not like I can strip in the middle of the gym! LOL) up on the wall next to my name. Too bad ALL gyms aren't like this one... there'd be a hell of a lot less overweight people in America.

    Ok time to do the "desk aways" before going to bed. Will let you know how they go!
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    Good morning, everyone...

    Let's see if I can show restraint today. Going out for lunch with my friend. But he knows, now, that I'm watching the calories...so no battered fish (all you can eat). Instead, it gives us a chance to check out new restaurants.

    Plus...I referred him to this site. He's quite interested in the fact that you can track things like sodium and cholesterol. Which reminds me...I went over on the sodium yesterday. I never use a salt shaker, I don't salt foods when I'm cooking, so all of the sodium is showing up in ready-made food - like that Extra Lean Ziggy's Ham I'm so fond of. I guess I'll have to start paying more attention.

    I think chocolate milk is a great cure for cramps...:laugh:

    Speaking of cramps...My young lady "became a woman" this morning. Lucky her...She's in for some lovely surprises...
    (Poor girl.)
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    Good morning everyone! Sorry for those of you having problems with your TOM...mine is quite the opposite this month. My TOM is 11 days late, but tests all say negative, so I don't know what's going on. Hope to know something soon!

    I've been working out in my yard this week, trying to keep up on weeding and that sort of thing before my surgery. It's been really fun!

    I'm making lunch for everyone at work today. I'm going to fix that diet coke/ketchup barbecue chicken breast dish for them. Every time I make it at home, I bring some for my boss, and she just loves it! So I thought, what the heck, I'll fix some for everyone! Not sure what we'll have with it, but the girl I work with usually makes a really good salad with fruits and stuff. Making me hungry just thinking about it!

    Well, I better get to work. Hope everyone has a great day!
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    Kristi- :laugh: :laugh: Im so happy you are on the official chocolate milk drinkers committee! It wasnt for lack of trying that too! I havent had a really bad crampy TOM in over 4 months, so this sorta caught me by surprise. It used to be a monthly thing for me to have such a terrible time, but If it happens once every 4 or 5 months, THAT I can live with!! Thanks for the suggestion tho! :laugh: Good to see Im rubbing off on you :wink:

    I feel 100% better than I did yesterday and the sun in shining!!! Gonna do some stretching and then go do my wogging around the neighborhood. Once that is over with, Im headed to the gym to do some weights and some elliptical.

    I pulled out some steaks for dinner and making pasta salad to go with it, so I want the wiggle room to be able to eat later too.. :laugh: My daughter needs the carbs for her big district track meet tomorrow. This is the one that determines if she goes to regionals. She ran the 2 mile yesterday and came in 6th, not her best and didnt qualify her for regionals, but it was POURING during her race and she said she had a hard time seeing where she was going. She runs the 1 mile tomorrow, so cross your fingers for her that she at least comes in in the top 3 so she can go to regionals. She has worked really hard this year for track, so Id love to see it pay off for her. Unfortunately 1 race can determine if you go or not. They dont take an average of the whole season.

    Im gonna be working in the yard over the next few days myself. We are supposed to get up into the 70's and mid 80's by Sunday, so Im gonna get done what I need to before it gets too warm. Have one little area to finish up out by my shed and the back yard is DONE! It rained real good yesterday and the ground should be real easy to dig, which is what needs done. Then I get to start on the front yard. Have a pretty long area in the front that needs weeds sprayed and some bulbs dug up. Have a couple trees to plant, and then I get to spread about 4 yards of barkdust....oh joy!!! lol :ohwell:

    Check back in later!!
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    Morning team, I am pretty sure this will be the last crazy day for me this week - then back to normal, what ever that means. I have started having breakfast burritos, and I am really liking them! I am trying to shift things around so my higher cal meals are in the morning. So I used a tasty olive oil and rosemary tortilla from La Tortilla Factory as a wrap - 12 grams of fiber! (The things that excite me these days!) An egg and a white, two slices of bacon and today, green beans, radish sprouts, a slice of cheddar cheese and a little peach mango salsa. calories are up around 350. That will carry me along for a while!

    Kelli, I so appreciate your sharing the internal journey you are taking as well as the external one. Its really amazing how our outlook on life changes. At least, I am finding that I marvel at the smallest things that other people probably take for granted. Like, how much more willing I am to talk about my weight and food in terms of an addiction. How I never used to believe I ate due to stress. I ate because "I just love food." Yeah, right. And how I was apparently ignoring how restricted my world had become, and now having lost just a few pounds when you look at the BIG picture, I look back at that and I am pretty appalled. And, how I am much more confident today than I was before.

    Well everyone, I will have more time tomorrow or Saturday, and then watch out. I have been unable to ramble on and on for quite a while!

    Cyndi - feel better! Take care. and by the way, you and Morgolis make darn cute kids!

    Sheila, travel safe! See you soon.

    Renya - cool new pic! Keep it up girl!

    Anita, :drinker: good morning

    Healthy mom - you're doing great!

    Cyndee - give your daughter our condolences - er congratulations! Anyway, welcome to the club! She can take my spot, I am pretty much done. I have moved on to the power surge phase of life. (Hot flashes are for wimps. I have power surges!)

    Dwray - I will be there for lunch, set an extra plate. I like white meat. Thanks! :wink:

    Love you guys!
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    losingit4good...Wow! to your daughter! Crossing my fingers that she makes it to the regionals.

    Me, too - the power surges, although they seem to abate after a year...or two. I went through my "surges" and night sweats without the hormone supplements. Did you?

    I've only credited myself with 99 exercise calories today. I'm feeling pretty draggy. I figure that if I count the number of times I walk to and from the laundry room, go to the kitchen for something...that should eventually add up to 30 minutes of mild walking.

    Enjoy your vacation, Sheila! I hope you have a fantastic time.
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    Hi Team,

    Jamie - have a wonderful to your sister's graduation.

    Sheila - boy time is getting near - girl I can't wait

    Renayeb - way to go girl - Congratulations on the weight loss and winning.

    LI4G - TOM struck here too - wow three of us on same day. Recipe on the bread sounds real good. Definitely will be trying it soon.

    healthymom - nice to read your post. feel better when exercise too.

    Adopt4 - thanks for posting info - very interesting and informative.

    Hi to all you others. Work is becoming a big bear. I was going to post last night but DS and DDIL came by to leave a rhubarb pie for me to take to my dad today. And I have no problems with this delicious pie being in my refrigerator. They marveled at my weight loss and let me brag and was really interested. So last night - no posting - no exercising but that is all right I stay within my calories. So I am totally happy

    Take care all - off to log food and do my exercising.

    Thanks Indianagrammy! Hope work gets better for you! :flowerforyou:
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    You guys have been busy since yesterday! Just stopping by to say hello, work day has been hectic! Trying to get everything completed before I leave. I am only somewhat packed...basically I am not pack, I just have stuff sitting on my bed that I think I want to take. so immediately after work, I have to run home and through it all into the suitcase (hope it fits) and head to the airport. We live in PA but most times fly out of MD.
    Adopt4 - Thanks for sharing your knowledge! :smile:
    Li4g - The pregnant kitty is cute. You will have to take pictures when the babies are born.
    Sheila - Safe travels!
    (thats all I got to read so for...have to get back to work!)
    Hope everyone else is having a great day! :happy:
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    Hi All...
    I've had a busy day today.. I didn't even have a chance to work out this morning.. : (

    I just got done logging breakfast and lunch and my 2 snacks. Now I have a min to take a breath.. Sorry Kristi I missed coffee with you this morning : )....

    Its hot here.. Going to be in the 90's this weekend.. WOW and last week we had snow.. Go figure.. Well I am off to run to the bank.. I am off tomorrow thank goodness..

    Check in tonight...
  • swignal
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    Good Evening Team...

    I havent left yet.. I will be leaving early Sat Morning.. Tomorrow I will be packing and doing last minute laundry and running... I had my Dr. appt This morning and then Meet my mother at the hospital cuz my step father had to go have the angioplasty... everything went well they found one blockage and so they put a stent in.. and he gets to come home tomorrow... My Uncle has to have a triple bypass while I am away so please keep him in your prayers.. It is actually on our Aniversary the 20th that he has to have it done..

    Anita - I have been going to this Tanning place trying to get a base tan before I go.. I had to pay 70 for this lotion and it turned my hands orange I asked for something different and they said they dont do that... I was kinda mad but I just wont go back there after my membership is done.. I will go somewhere else..... I guess I will have to travel to your house lol... good reason for a visit... lol

    Kristi - make sure you stay focused and working out while i am gone you dont want me to come there and use lulu's slipper!!!! good luck on the power surges...

    Indianagranny - see you when I get back.. keep kristi focused

    Reynab - Love the new pic, keep up the good work...

    Thank you all for the safe Travel wishes... I am taking my laptop with me, I am hoping to be able to go on the internet... not sure how busy my days are going to be as of yet.. I do know that we will be seeing hubbys family on Sunday we are all meeting at his sisters... cant wait she just had her house built.. cant wait to see it.. the rest of the week is kinda up in the air what we are going to do on what day...

    so anyway I will prob stop by to weigh in tomorrow...between my running around...

    Li4g - take care of the preg kitty...I am gonna try and take pictures like you!!! like I said TRY!!! maybe you should go with so you can be the photogrpher!!! lol

    LuLu - dont be afraid to use that slipper on Kristi while I am gone!!!

    Love ya Team I am going to miss alll of you.. hope to use the computer while I am gone...at least to check in once a day at least..... my water areobics instructer gave me her instructions so I can do them while I am gone.. I also plan on using their workout facilities...

    I miss you all already.. dont forget to pray for my uncle my auntie durning his triple bypass let you know how it goes as soon as I know...Thanks

  • indianagranny
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    Hi Gang

    Just a quick HI!

    Kristi and Cyndebee - I am jealous - if you both have moved on to another phase - WHY CAN'T I!!!!!!!
    - Time for this TOM to quit with me.

    Kristi - where are your exercises girl? you better be chatty this weekend with them

    LI4G - Loved the picture - that is exactly how I feel without the ice cream too. Ask the people at work - is how I look too. I too would take a kitty. Best wishes to your daughter on her qualifications.

    Sheila - Jamie - Oh have so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well got to run do a walking tape, shower and eat. Then work tonight. We have to pull 50 to 60 store orders. I am praying they are small ones so maybe we will get out of there in 5 - 6 hours..

    Have a good night.