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40+ Club : Where the Cool Kids Are



  • Bebe70Bebe70 Member Posts: 2 Member Member Posts: 2 Member
    Hello...This looks like where I need to be! I am very new to this app, in fact I mostly use the mobile app. I look forward to the support and communication with all of you. Will post more later!
  • YouAreTheShitYouAreTheShit Member Posts: 513 Member Member Posts: 513 Member
    Count me in...
  • RenCaraRenCara Member Posts: 309 Member Member Posts: 309 Member
    I am 42, focus on eating healthy, enjoy working out and just became certified to do group fitness instruction and teach Pilates. I would LOVE to join. Just let me know how. Thanks so much!
  • djo8901djo8901 Member Posts: 2 Member Member Posts: 2 Member
    Hi All - Happy New Year! I turned 40 in December and it gave me a kick in the pants to get moving - to quit whining about having no time - and see what I look like as a healthy thin person! So far so good - I have lost about 21 pounds since the end of August and dropped 4 sizes! I, too, have started running - I never thought I could do that. I am trying to get some courage to attempt a 5k - people keep telling me to do it but I am feeling self conscious and I am trying to get over it! We'll see - I am inspired by the new year so hopefully I can try something new!

    How do I actually join this?
  • norma67norma67 Member Posts: 255 Member Member Posts: 255 Member
  • alex_dalealex_dale Member Posts: 46 Member Posts: 46
    I'm In

    I'm 41 would love to join the group

    Feel free to add me
  • Angel1066Angel1066 Member Posts: 822 Member Member Posts: 822 Member
    Hi all i would love to join this fun group.
    I'm Dee and i'm 42, my goal is to lose 30-40 more pounds and see how i look and feel after that. I'm always looking for supportive and fun people to share this tough journey with.

    Feel free to send me a friend request, looking forward to knowing you all.
  • hewhoiscdhewhoiscd Member Posts: 1,029 Member Member Posts: 1,029 Member
    Welcome to all the new cool kids! I've been part of this 40+ group for awhile now, and it's a great bunch of people :) Every season we create a new thread to reflect the season. For example, the last thread was "40+ Club: Fall Fitness Fanatics" Only action required to join us is posting in the thread, and you've already done that ;) Don't be shy about posting more.

    Since there are so many new members, I'll do an Intro as well:

    Vital Stats: 41yo, single, male, 6’2”, 72” wingspan, 34” inseam, frame size small to medium, 168-173lbs

    I turned 40 in Sept 2010, and that helped push me over the edge. I decided I had to start doing something about my health and fitness, it sure wasn't going to get any easier as I got older. I lost 40lbs in 8 months. Rather than type out everything again, here's a link to the Blog (before and after Pics included) I posted on September 2011 when I turned 41, a year after I committed to making a change:

    Since then, I've been maintaining with various workout routines. Now a days, I'm back to the basics, running outside and inline skating for cardio, and for upper body strength I am doing pushups and pull/chin ups. I will be participating in my first 5K race this coming Saturday, and I hope to be able to do a Half Marathon by the end of the year. My Avatar pic is from after running 5K on 12/25/2011.

    Hope to hear more from you all!

  • kalexander2005kalexander2005 Member Posts: 228 Member Member Posts: 228 Member
    sign me up! :)
  • lrbarrlrbarr Member Posts: 60 Member Posts: 60
    :flowerforyou: I'm in too! 43 and trying to make a change that last!
  • sylvuz323sylvuz323 Member Posts: 468 Member Member Posts: 468 Member
    40 yr old here, a few months away from 41. My stats are 5'6" and 180 lbs, my weight goal is 155 lbs, to eat fresh (which means cook for myself), and I've also started working with a personal trainer. Literally just had my first session on Saturday and my body is still extremely sore. Hoping to get some cardio in today, if my body agrees with me.

    So glad to have found this posting, will a group be created or just postings?
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